Chapter 5:

March 5: A Guest at Home

One Month to Figure out my Future

The following day as I was changing my shoes at the school entrance, Miss Kamuro approached me: “Good morning Kamizaki, everything ok?”Bookmark here

“Yes as usual.”Bookmark here

“Good. You know, the teachers’ council wasn’t really happy with you joining the club. I stood up for you explaining how you were really interested in joining the club, but it wasn’t enough. They want proofs that the literary club can do something. You follow me?”Bookmark here

“Yes, you want us to finish the website as soon as possible so that the other teachers can acknowledge us. We will do our best, thanks for the advice.”Bookmark here

I started walking away to get to my classroom but Miss Kamuro stopped me.Bookmark here

“Kamizaki. Remember to study for the finals, don’t wear yourself to much, remember your priorities. Helping others is always a good thing, just… don’t overdo it. If you need help you know where to go.”Bookmark here

I slightly nodded and kept on going while Miss Kamuro was still leaning with her back on the lockers at the entry. I wasn’t worried, every night studied enough for me to pass every exam with a reasonable score. The website? A week at maximum and we would be done.Bookmark here

Hayato and Rihoko were already in the classroom.Bookmark here

“Hey Satoshi, how is the website coming along?”Bookmark here

“Yesterday there was a problem, the teachers threatened to close the literary if nobody were to join, so I joined. Today we will continue the website.”Bookmark here

He looked at me with an expression of total confusion.Bookmark here

“Are you joking right?”Bookmark here

“Nope.”Bookmark here

“But why would they want to close the club?”Bookmark here

Let’s see. How can I put it as simple as possible?Bookmark here

“Budget reasons.”Bookmark here

“And so you decided to join.”Bookmark here

“That’s right .”Bookmark here

“Well, finally, it seems someone was able to break trough that ice cold heart of yours.”Bookmark here

Again with these stupid suppositions, I’m not the type of guy who falls for a girl so easily. Bookmark here

“I started so I might as well finish, it would be a cowardly move to step back now. Don’t you think?”Bookmark here

“I couldn’t agree more, good job Satoshi.”Bookmark here

For one time I wasn’t getting mocked, that’s good to hear.Bookmark here

Remember this morning? I was sounding pretty confident and positive right? Screw it. As we were working on the website, the computer just died on us. Rihoko told me the IT club let her take it because they weren’t using it anymore. I can imagine why!! It was already looking unstable but I thought it could hold on just enough for us to finish our project but, as it turned out, I was wrong.Bookmark here

I checked and tried everything. There must have been a short in that really old motherboard. Replacing it with a new one was certainly useless considering how old it was.Bookmark here

“I have a laptop at home, it’s way better than this piece of junk. I should have time to go and get it . You can wait me here and come up with other ideas if you want.”Bookmark here

“You really want to go all the way home and then back here??”Bookmark here

“Yes, I don’t think I have other options.”Bookmark here

“We could ask the IT club if they have another spear computer.”Bookmark here

Not a chance, I’m not their rubbish guy.Bookmark here

“I’m not going to work on another of their computers with the risk of losing our job.”Bookmark here

“Let me come with you.”Bookmark here

No thanks I don’t need someone slowing me down.Bookmark here

“There is no point, just wait me here.”Bookmark here

“I mean… we could save some time.”Bookmark here

As I said she would just slow us down, not the opposite.Bookmark here

“And how exactly?”Bookmark here

Red face activated, it was her second superpower after vanishing.Bookmark here

“If it’s not a big problem, we can work at your place for this afternoon and then you can bring the laptop tomorrow morning.”Bookmark here

I mean… it wasn’t a bad idea, it’s just that…, I would have to explain to Miyo. What do I do?? I took a minute just to think about it.Bookmark here

“Ok fine, but you should leave before 6.”Bookmark here

“No problem. Sorry for causing you so much trouble.”Bookmark here

“This time you are actually helping me, let’s go.”Bookmark here

I also grabbed the hard drive from the dead computer because we had saved some useful stuff locally that we might need later.Bookmark here

We quickly left school and I noticed that as we were going down the stairs Rihoko put her messy bun back, one day I should ask her why she cares so much about it.Bookmark here

I didn’t know anything about Rihoko’s house, mine was just a typical small Tokyo apartment, nothing crazy. Once at home the countdown started, I had to be ready to basically force Rihoko to leave when it would get too risky for her to stay.Bookmark here

“You want something to drink? Everything but tea, I’m a disaster even when it comes to brewing.”Bookmark here

“Just some fresh water will be enough don’t worry.”Bookmark here

As I was grabbing some water in the kitchen, Rihoko said: “It really feels like a cozy home, is that your sister?”Bookmark here

I came to check out while holding a glass of water for Rihoko. She was pointing at a photo of me, my parents and my sister that was taken a couple of years ago during summer break.Bookmark here

“Yes, her name is Miyo.”Bookmark here

“I’ll grab a chair for you, I only have one in my room.”Bookmark here

“Oh we are going to work in your room?”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry I don’t have anything to hide.”Bookmark here

That’s right, at least nothing that you can physically find. Being a computer nerd has many advantages. Come on don’t judge me, I’m still a teenage boy.Bookmark here

Once we settled down I recovered all the essential data we needed from the old hard drive while Rihoko was watching me work with astonished eyes.Bookmark here

Using my laptop made things even easier since I didn’t have to be bottlenecked by the slowness of the computer. It was five o’clock, I was starting to get a bit nervous but I still had enough time. I just didn’t’ consider that my bad luck wasn’t done with me yet.Bookmark here

I hear the door unlocking. Crap! My heart stops. What do I do? Why is she already here? How am I going to explain this?Bookmark here

I whispered to Rihoko: “Wait here.”Bookmark here

I quickly got out of my room and went to greet Miyo trying to figure out something.Bookmark here

“Oh hi Miyo, already home? What happened?”Bookmark here

“You are the one who is early.”Bookmark here

“Well you see the computer we were using broke so we had to cancel today’s working session.”Bookmark here

At least it was the truth.Bookmark here

“Are you sure you are telling me the truth? You usually fix computers, furthermore it’s already the second consecutive day you come up with excuses.”Bookmark here

Yes I fix computers but I’m not god, when they are dead, they are dead period.Bookmark here

“I actually brought home the hard drive of the school computer so I can work from home, but now it’s your turn. Why so early?”Bookmark here

“I wanted to try a new recipe for today’s dinner so I went shopping and wanted to have a bit extra time in case I screwed up.”Bookmark here

You might be asking if she noticed Rihoko’s shoes, I took care of it hiding them in the shoe cabinet between my mum’s shoes. But now I had to find a way to make Rihoko sneak out, maybe I had a chance.Bookmark here

“Waaaaaaaaaait a second.”Bookmark here

What? What did it happen?Bookmark here

She asked very suspiciously: “Do you smell that?”Bookmark here

I didn’t know what she was talking about.Bookmark here

“I don’t think I smell anything different.” Bookmark here

“It’s perfume, girl perfume. What game are we playing? Did you bring a girl at home? That’s impossible.”Bookmark here

What the hell? Is she some kind of hound? But at this moment I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t consider the smell factor, being used to it I totally forgot.Bookmark here

Then suddenly my room’s door opened and Rihoko came out with her usual messy bun even though I remembered her undoing it when she got in.Bookmark here

“Hi, nice to meet you. You must be Miyo, Satoshi’s sister. I’m Rihoko, the literary club president.”Bookmark here

This situation was really embarrassing and I just wanted to run as far away as possible from home.Bookmark here

“So you did bring a girl at home, and she doesn’t seem to be tied up. It’s impressive.”Bookmark here

Then she spoke directly to Rihoko.Bookmark here

“Sorry if my brother is not good at introducing people. Yes, I’m Miyo, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Now if you excuse me, I have work to do, plus, I don’t want to interrupt whatever you two were doing.”Bookmark here

Miyo reacted in a really different way than what I was expecting, but it was certainly not over yet. Now that we got busted, we decided to at least finish a couple more things.Bookmark here

Once back in my room I asked Rihoko: “Why did you decide to come out?”Bookmark here

She gently smiled and answered: “It seemed like you needed some backup so I stepped in. I get that, even if you usually seem pretty confident, it’s still difficult for you to face people. I think that, regarding that aspect, we are quite alike.”Bookmark here

I guess… she was right.Bookmark here

“Thank you, it might have been worse if you didn’t step in. I didn’t want Miyo to draw any conclusions and I overreacted.”Bookmark here

“Which kind of conclusions?”Bookmark here

I think we can stop our conversation here, there shouldn’t be anything more to add.Bookmark here

“Weeell, let’s finish our work for today.”Bookmark here

Rihoko had a little laugh and said: “I was right about you.”Bookmark here

After half an hour Rihoko stopped me: “Look like it’s pretty late, I should go home.”Bookmark here

I saved our progress and lead Rihoko to the door but Miyo from the kitchen stopped us.Bookmark here

“Where are you guys going?”Bookmark here

I replied: “Rihoko is leaving.”Bookmark here

“Hope we can meet again Miyo, have a good night.”Bookmark here

“You know, we have plenty of food, if you want you can have dinner with us.”Bookmark here

I have never see Miyo so kind to someone. It wouldn’t be a problem if she stayed for dinner but, you know, I wouldn’t know how to act properly.Bookmark here

“I would gladly accept your offer, the thing is, I really have to get home.”Bookmark here

“I see, take care then. Looking forward to seeing you again.”Bookmark here

Miyo went back to cocking while I decided to, at least, accompany Rihoko out of our building.Bookmark here

“Miyo is such a sweet girl.”Bookmark here

I didn’t really have anything to say back so I just stayed quite waiting for the elevator to get to the bottom floor.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I have been causing you, as I said, I will pay you back.”Bookmark here

“We already had this conversation, you don’t owe me anything.”Bookmark here

The elevator stopped and we got off.Bookmark here

“See you tomorrow then, Satoshi.”Bookmark here

“Sure, be careful.”Bookmark here

And just like that she disappeared.Bookmark here

I got back upstairs and as I opened the door Miyo was waiting for me with a really angry face.Bookmark here

“Look I’m sorry it happened all so quickly, I shouldn’t have.”Bookmark here

“That’s not the problem! You should have told me she was coming home so that I wouldn’t show up! Sometimes you just don’t get it.”Bookmark here

Trust me I get it perfectly, but I don’t want anyone to stick their nose in what is all just a misunderstanding. Having said that, I couldn’t just tell her to mind her own business. So I stuck with something simpler.Bookmark here

“I appreciate you worrying for me but, now that’s not my priority.”Bookmark here

“Uff you are so stubborn. Dinner is ready come on.”Bookmark here

Before going to bed I checked my phone and I noticed I received a message quite a while ago. It was from Rihoko and said: “The club president reminds you to bring you laptop at school tomorrow. Good night.”Bookmark here

That was a rather useful reminder; I put the laptop in the bag so I wouldn’t forget it and went to bed.Bookmark here

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