Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

I'll become your knight

"What do you mean? We were going to the same school remember; where are you going then, I'll just go there-"Bookmark here

"No. I'm going somewhere else to become a knight."Bookmark here

"A knight... but we have been friends for years, you've always said knights is for laying down your life pointlessly."Bookmark here

"I was wrong, I'm going to become a knight, and one day when I'm an elite fighting in wars you'll have a nice strong friend you can brag about right?"Bookmark here

"That's not...I don't want-"Bookmark here

"It's getting late now. I guess it's goodbye. I'll see you again, Haruto!"Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

That was just over a year ago, my childhood friend chose to become a knight out of nowhere and moved away.Bookmark here

Ever since we were kids she had been picked on by others or getting hurt, so hearing that she wanted to become a knight was too hard for me to wrap my head around.Bookmark here

I guess that why I chose to be a knight myself so that one day when I make it to war I can be there to protect her.Bookmark here

My name is Haruto Koboyashi and I'm a first-year in Kenshi Academy, an elite school for knights in South Japan. There aren't many schools in each region but Kenshi is among the top in the country.Bookmark here

Knights are warriors that use magic to manifest armor and weapons they use to perform inhuman feats. Knights have been around for only 60 years now but ever since the great war they have not been needed in any large scales wars.Bookmark here

Although some like myself train to become knights so we may protect our countries in case a threat does make its way here.Bookmark here

I should probably make my way into the building, I have been standing here for a while now.Bookmark here

Walking towards the door I was stopped by a stranger crashing into me from behind.Bookmark here

"Aahh!!"Bookmark here

"Thump"Bookmark here

"What gives, are you...ok?"Bookmark here

A girl right behind me is laying completely bent over with her but towards me.Bookmark here

Are those stripes...Wait no focus!Bookmark here

"Are you ok?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I'm fine thank you."Bookmark here

Looking at her now she's quite small standing up, is she a foreigner. She didn't sound like it but with those blue eyes and yellow hair. She kind of has that little sister of the school look no matter how you see it.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! "Bookmark here

"It's ok... I'm just glad you're not hurt. Hi, my name is Haruto Kobayashi, I'm a first-year."Bookmark here

"My name's Ayako Sasaki and I'm also a first year. I'm sorry for tripping into you!"Bookmark here

She seems very apologetic, so she's the clumsy type huh. I haven't even entered yet and my high school days are getting interesting.Bookmark here

"Let's go in, I wanna find out what's what while it's not too busy."Bookmark here

"Right!"Bookmark here

Just like that, I made a friend, seems I won't be heading in on my own for now.Bookmark here

There seems to be a commotion inside, a crowd of people is gathering around.Bookmark here

Oh, it seems they are clearing for someone to walk through.Bookmark here

"Hey is that really her?"Bookmark here

"I heard she was attending but I thought it was a lie."Bookmark here

"Woah!"Bookmark here

"Can it be?"Bookmark here

A girl walked out of the crowd, she gives off a prestigious feeling as if she is above everyone around her. Her long flowing purple hair is in such great condition it looked almost like it was nurtured carefully for years.Bookmark here

Ummm... am I the only one who's left in the dark here? Looking over at Ayako even she seems pretty surprised.Bookmark here

"Hey, Ayako who's that?"Bookmark here

"Do you mean miss Sakurai?"Bookmark here

Miss? Is she a second year, I wonder why she is here then.Bookmark here

"She is the fourth child of the Sakurai household, a family line who are elites who all grow to be powerful knights."Bookmark here

That makes sense as to why I wouldn't know her then, I have never been interested in anything to do with knights.Bookmark here

"Why don't we go say hello to her then if you're a fan then?"Bookmark here

"No way, someone like her is not in the same league as me."Bookmark here

Even though she's smiling I can tell in her voice that she doesn't like that. Is this kind of hierarchy really normal in the world of knights?Bookmark here

"Attention all first years, please make your way to the outside training area ahead of these doors please!"Bookmark here

Standing beside the doors was a woman with blue hair down to her shoulders, she wore a short skirt and was waving her arms around playfully getting the attention of all the learners.Bookmark here

She's definitely the cutesy, ignorant type no doubt, I wonder if she's a third-year helping out.Bookmark here

"Now that everyone's gathered up allow me to introduce myself, I'm ms Hayashi and I am a teacher, NYA!"Bookmark here

She's a teacher! And what's with the nya at the end?!Bookmark here

"Usually we use this area to perform demonstrations but we'll be using it to perform all of your limit breaks, teehee."Bookmark here

"What's a limit break..."Bookmark here

"I should probably start with the basics, nya!Bookmark here

Knights are able to summon weapons and armor by using magic, although all humans have magic, our capabilities differ. We are able to use these powers after performing a limit break, which is where you allow the ability of magic to flow outside your bodies and to your will.Bookmark here

After you receive your limit break you will be assorted into classrooms depending on your academics and magic level.Bookmark here

"I hope we are in the same class Koboyashi."Bookmark here

She seems a little nervous, maybe about being alone.Bookmark here

"You can call me Haruto, we already got closely acquainted outside remember. Also, I think I called you Ayako without thinking before, I have a habit of that sorry."Bookmark here

"Don't be, I'm...glad. Then I'll call you Haruto."Bookmark here

"Yeah, haha. I wonder what type of rating I'll get on my magic, are you nervous?"Bookmark here

"I just hope It's not too low, my grades weren't very high so it wouldn't help to have low magic."Bookmark here

It's not too far off from me, I would say I'm fairly clever but I'm pretty lazy when it comes to studying. I got in with good grades but I have no idea what kind of magic score I'll end up with.Bookmark here

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