Chapter 42:


Inescapable Consequence Series

A thick garden of grass was enclosed by uniform bushes and shrubs. A lone, wide tree stood near the left edge, its trunk and crown rose like a pinnacle of the garden. The smaller flower bushes were slightly overgrown, but looked otherwise in great shape; they were growing in all sorts and sizes. The bushes and shrubs reached four feet high, but they would grow at least twice as large if left to their own. A single path, marked with round stones, curls around the garden, leading people through the garden, and making sure all the best spots are marked. Grass were sticking to their own domains for now, but were no doubt craving to stretch these boundaries.

The pond was for all intents and purposes the center piece of this garden, and therefore the most appealing part. The rows of flowers made sure they're paid attention to as well, and the bushes and shrubs usually look amazing, but the spotlight would always be on the pond. There was the boy who dressed up with a red vintage gothic swallow tail jacket had spoken to the girl beside him.

“We are almost there…”

The girl who wore a black gothic Lolita noble dovetail lace dress had replied.

“I can’t imagine even the garden of this place is so plain… kind of depressing...”

The boy glanced around and checked his surroundings.

“Umm… That is the reason why everybody said Atlantics sucks.”

Her eyebrows knitted in a frown.

“Who said that?”

His forehead puckered.

“You said that!”

She shoulders lifted in a shrug.

“Did I?”

He expelled his breath in a whole.

“Sigh… Why is this always happened to me?”

She stuck out her tongue and then answered.

“It’s because you are my husband…”

He was pondering for a moment. He looked into her eyes and said.

“You had changed.”

She pursed her lips and waiting for a kiss.

Suddenly, a man who covered with a huge black cloak with a mask had spoken up from behind.

“Could you two cut that? I really want to vomit for a little bit.”

The girl grimaced at that man.

“Oh no, I totally forgot you are back there, Mr. Juggler.”

“Excuse me, Ms. Traitor. You should put yourself into others’ shoes.”

Mr. Juggler turned to Mr. Death and said.

“Mr. Death, you should ask her to stop acting cute.”

Mr. Death stared at Ms. Traitor for a moment. She gave him a slow and sexy smile in return.

“Umm… I can’t. It’s because she is really cute.”

Mr. Juggler rested his chin in his palm and said.

“You two are the perfect match in Killer Incorporation.”

Both of them laughed together.

Meanwhile, a man who wore a suit of Samurai armor had walked past the couple, then followed by a lady who dressed up in a red fancy queen dress with a long tail. Mr. Juggler was puzzled for a second. When he turned around, he saw a lady who dressed in a white caped trench coat with a pair of black frill flared trousers and a gentleman who wore a golden coat of chainmail. Mr. Juggler couldn’t hold back his curiosity and he decided to ask them.

“Hey, Mr. Emperor. You guys should be wait outside the garden and wait for our signal…”

Mr. Emperor and the other members from Big Four had stopped. Meanwhile, Mr. Emperor had turned around and stared at Mr. Juggler.

“A moment ago, Ms. WF ordered us to advance into the garden. She said there is a possibility of…”

All of a sudden, a teleport portal had been opened not far ahead from them. There were two French maids with red collars on their necks had slowly emerged from the portal. Mr. Death glanced over them for a second, while he took out his Double Sins from his back.

“Mr. Emperor, our time is up.”

Mr. Emperor drawn his Demon-muramasa from its sheath.

“It is a good day to die, Mr. Death.”

Ms. Traitor summoned Shin King Kuma beside her, while Ms. Empress took out her polearm weapon – Rhongomiant. Then, she looked at Ms. Traitor and said.

“This is our first time that we are fighting side by side with Origin Six.”

Ms. Traitor cocky winked at Ms. Empress with a confident smile on her face.

“There’s always a second time, Ms. Empress.”

The two French maids had advanced forwards until they arrived in front of Killer Incorporation. One of them pointed at her armband and read her introduction.

“I’m Belphegor – the Sixth Maid from Deadly Seven. I represented the sloth of my lord and my lady. And I had come here to crash you into pieces.”

The second French maid had also pointed at her armband and said.

“And I’m Asmodeus the Seventh Maid from Deadly Seven. I represented the lust of my lord and my lady. And I had come here to tear you into pieces.”

When Mr. Juggler, Ms. Popess and Mr. Pope took out their weapons and ready to get into the battle. Mr. Death had ordered them to stand down.

“Mr. Juggler, you better stay out from this. From now on, you are the field of commander of this mission. So, the three of you now… Go!”

Although, the three of them didn’t want to do so. However, they knew they had an important mission. A mission that could change the tide of this Reversi War. Without any hesitation, the three of them had left the group and took another route towards the mansion.

<<< === === >>>

Shortly after their dismissal from the garden, they had arrived at the moat of the mansion.
From outside the mansion looked grandiose. Ten narrow, round towers dominate the sky line of this massive mansion and were connected by big, wide walls made of dark red stone. The refined windows were scattered here and there across the walls in a seemingly random pattern, along with same-sized holes for archers and artillery. The mansion was shaped like a short U. The two extensions were linked by cloth sunscreens.

Statues of Ancients kings were lined up outside of the mansion gates, serving as reminders of the past. This mansion had clearly stood the test of time, the rocks of the walls were aged and vines and plants grow inside the cracks, but this mansion would last for ages to come. A vast gate with broad metal doors, a regular bridge and various artillery equipment guards the only easy way across the moat and it was the only easy way in, any other side would be futile.
There was a French Maid who was standing on the bridge. It seemed she was expecting someone. Once, Mr. Juggler, Ms. Popess and Mr. Pope arrived at the bridge. The French Maid was slowly walking towards them, while she pointed at her armband and read her introduction.

“I’m Mammon, the Fifth Maid from Deadly Seven. I represented the greed of my lord and my lady. And I had come here to wipe off your existence.”

Mr. Juggler glanced over her for a second. Then, he sneered and flicked lint off his cloak.

“I’m Juggler, the Number Six from Original Six. I represented the foolishness of my lord and my lady. And I had come here to beat the shit out of you…”

Hence, Ms. Popess and Mr. Pope shook their heads vigorously.

Mammon stared at him and had puzzled for a minute.

“What do you mean – beat the shit out of me?”

Mr. Juggler was pondering for the moment. He was trying to find a deeper meaning. But, he actually was an illiterate.

Ms. Popess rolled her eyes and said.

“We are suggesting that your beating will result in death and rectal discharge of fecal matter.”
Mammon’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, I see… I learn something new for today.”

Mr. Juggler tilted his head to the side.

“She definitely is an airhead.”

<<< === === >>>

All of a sudden, a smartphone’s ringtone had alarmed everyone within Atlantics. This ringtone had sounded very odd. Since, it was not a music nor a voice at all. It was a sequence of beeps and pauses.

- .... .. ... / .. ... / - .... . / - .. -- . / - --- / - ..- .-. -. --- ...- . .-.

The sequence had been broadcast for several minutes until Ms. Popess and Mr. Pope were killed by a single blow from Mammon’s battle axe and decapitated in the presence of Mr. Juggler. Afterwards, Mammon had dashed over to Mr. Juggler and her battle axe was positioned near to his neck. But, Mr. Juggler had not been surprised. He rocked back and forth on his heels and said.

“Mammon! You stole my kills!”

Mammon smirked at him.

“Did I?”

His eyes narrowed to crinkled slits.

“Anyway, just put your battle axe away please. I don’t like sharp thing. Especially, near my neck.”

Mammon smirked at him again.

“Sorry about that. Hehe…”

Mammon lowered her battle axe, while Mr. Juggle glanced at his surroundings.

“So, what now? I mean according to the plan, what should I do from now on?”

Her mouth curved into a smile and answered.

“Eliminate the obstacles.”

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