Chapter 43:


Inescapable Consequence Series

During the six hour of buffer time, World Federation with the helps from Killer Incorporation had successfully relocated all of the humans from World Federation Settlement in Kensington to the southern seaport – Victoria Harbor City. Meanwhile, Secret Societies had launched a massive attack to all of the countries in this dimension. Most countries were at war with the Army of Secret Societies. But, some of them had decided to surrender themselves to Secret Societies and had become the vassal states under the Secret Societies’ administration.

This World War had been given a name – Reversi War as the darkness period in human history. Human beings not only became hard labor for Secret Societies. But they were also becoming as the eatables for the Army of Secret Societies. Since, most of the Army of Secret Societies were not from the human race. Therefore, certain numbers of people would be chosen as human sacrifices in order to keep those non-human soldiers happy by the process of natural selection.

The rule was simply and easy for the humans to understand. They just needed to kill each other during the daytime. For those who survived would become the elite class within the human race, which would be given food and fresh water supplies from Secret Societies. By pushing the human race to its edge of extinction, some of the humans had secretly gathered up and formed an underground alliance. The goal of rebellion was to resist Secret Societies as much as possible, and helped the World Federation Armed Forces to launch the counterattack in order to liberate the humans from the devils.

However, Secret Societies had already taken measure to reinforce their absolute sovereignty. They had announced a second rule as the supplement of the first one. This second rule simply stated: For those who got killed as a victim, his/her assets’ ownerships would instantly be transferred to the killer. By this second rule, it had drove most of the human begins despaired or even became the mad serial killers. The greediness and desire within the certain human begins had been fully motivated by this announcement. It seemed this dimension had drove into the madness. People were killing each other not just because of the survive. But instead, any profits had also taken into consideration.

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Victoria Harbor City
World Federation New Settlement
The Meeting Room

There was a girl with a purple maid uniform dress, who was standing in front of a telepresence. In this video conference meeting, there was a group of human beings. These human beings called themselves the Committee of World Federation. The girl was trying to explain her concern about the war in the meeting. However, the committees were not being able to comprehend on the whole situation. The girl had left the meeting with a look of stern and grim, while an elder man had running after her in the hallway. Finally, he caught up with her near the exit of the building.

“Please wait up… Ms. WF.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune turned around.

“Oh, is you – Ambassador.”

The Ambassador spoke, not being his natural self. His voice was jerky with agitation.

“Please accept my apology. That would be my fault. I wasn’t being able to persuade them…”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked into his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Ambassador. You had done your part… It is so unfortunate that even though at this moment, some of the human beings were still blind sighted… I understood their worries, and without any benefit. It is hard for them to make any decision based on the current circumstance.”

The Ambassador gritted his teeth.

“But, it is now at the emergency state. The terrorist threat is for all mankind.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune shook her head.

“Unfortunately, certain humans only worry about the result rather than the current situation.”

“What result?”

“Which countries will be in power after this war is ended. Although, World Federation isn’t supposed to act like that. However, it seems within the committees. There are people who consider that is more important on the current agenda.”

He lowered his voice.

“I believe Secret Societies had infiltrate the committees.”

“That’s possible.”

“But, what is their gain?”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked heavenward and said.

“Honestly speaking, this war isn’t related to the mankind. It is simply a war in between the Ancients’ power struggle. Human beings were only bystanders. Unfortunately, the war is breakout in this dimension. Such that, the mankind had caught into it. Meanwhile, Secret Societies had taken this as the great opportunity for the reconstruction of this world. They believe in the New World Order shall be in charge of the Brave New World. That’s why they would incorporate with Mr. Joker and his Killer Incorporation. Although, even Mr. Joker hadn’t foreseen the uprising of Mr. Weirdo and Solstice. However, The Fool had already got a backup plan for that. Nevertheless, Mr. Weirdo not only wanted his revenge on his brothers. But, his real desire is about Tower of Babylon…”

The Ambassador was puzzled for the moment.

“Tower of Babylon?”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune glanced around and replied.

“I should go back… Goodbye, Ambassador.”

The Ambassador shook hands with her.

“Goodbye, Ms. WF.”

Later on, Ms. Wheel of Fortune had left the World Federation’s premises.

<<< === === >>>

Victoria Harbor City
Seaport District
Dock Number 07

Victoria Harbor City was built on the banks of a large natural harbor and was truly an extraordinary sight. Its uniqueness had matched by the backdrop of several waterfalls which had helped shape the city to what it is today. The climate these waterfalls brought were of great importance, but they were also influential when it came to architectural designs as the vast majority of buildings not only use water from those waterfalls, they often incorporated some form of falling water as part of their architecture.

In the Seaport District, there was a short young girl wore a pink Lolita dress. She was standing at the Dock Number 07. Once, she had spotted Ms. Wheel of Fortune’s arrival. She immediately shouted with her high pitch tone.

“You were five minutes late!”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune waved and smiled at the short young girl.

“Hello, Ms. Angel. How have you been doing?”

An elderly man in a full plate of silver armor who stood beside Ms. Angel had answered.

“She is bored... Bored emoji…”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked at him.

“Hi, Mr. Tower… Is everything ready?”

Mr. Tower looked around.

“Yes, we are… Cocky emoji…”

The three of them looked at the vessel, which was anchored in the dock. Then, Ms. Wheel of Fortune turned to Mr. Tower.

“Is everybody ready?”

“Aye, aye, captain… Pirate emoji…”

Meanwhile, Ms. Angel gawked at the vessel and asked.

“Ms. WF, where are we going? Do we need this vessel?”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune rested her chin in her palm and looked thoughtful.

“Of course, we need this. Especially, when we are sailing to that place.”

Ms. Angel widened her eyes.

“But, this is a nuclear submarine!”

“I notice that.”

Ms. Angel turned around and stared at Mr. Tower.

“Actually, where are we heading to?”

Mr. Tower answered boldly.

“Bottomless Pit... Devil emoji…”

Ms. Angel was shocked for the moment. Afterwards, Ms. Wheel of Fortune started to explain.

“Ms. Angel, Tower of Babylon has a back door, which is located inside Bottomless Pit… According to his backup plan, we will enter the tower through its back door. Then, we will meet up with Ms. Graceful and others… By the way, Ms. Batons, am I correct?”

Ms. Batons looked down from the nuclear submarine’s sail.

“Let’s go! I just received a message from Beri. She said they are now engaging with Asta and his associates.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune looked up to the sail.

“Where are they now?”

“Fortress City.”

“Did she find Ms. Graceful?”

Ms. Batons was fighting back tears and replied.

“Kind of… Aoi… Ms. Graceful ran passed them and had entered to First Tower.”

“Dang! Everyone gets onboard. We are going there now.”

<<< ==== >>>

Three thousand meters below sea level
Bottomless Pit
Romanche Furrow

The atmosphere was tense within the nuclear submarine. It was because of several red lights were flashing on the control panel, which had indicated there was an incident. Everyone was staring at each other due to the fact that the incident was caused by a sabotage.
Finally, Ms. Batons had break the silent.

“A torpedo was running while inside its tube. Definitely, somebody in here doesn’t want us to reach Tower of Babylon.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune glanced the surroundings.

“Who’s caused this ‘hot run’? Speak up now!”

Nevertheless, nobody answered the question. Then, she turned to Ms. Batons.

“Ms. Batons, could we resurface?”

Ms. Batons shook her head.

“No, and we are heading towards the crush depth.”

Ms. Wheel of Fortune glanced at everyone and said.

“Who is the turncoat… Huh? A smartphone’s ringtone?”

All of a sudden, that ringtone from a smartphone had alarmed everyone within the nuclear submarine.

Hence, Ms. Wheel of Fortune stared at everyone when she heard the ringtone.

“At this depth, I don’t think any smartphone could have a reception here… So, who is the turncoat?”

Suddenly, the nuclear submarine got black out. It was pitch dark inside there. Nevertheless, the no holds barred fight between Killer Incorporation and the turncoat had started.

But, before the nuclear submarine had reached its crush depth. It had crash-landed into the back entrance at Tower of Babylon. Everybody got ejected from the nuclear submarine into the underwater passageway. When Ms. Batons slowly got back on her feet. She had realized the Twins were arguing against Ms. Angel and Mr. Tower.

Ms. Angel was pointing at the Twins.

“You two are the turncoat.”

Ms. Judgement stared at Ms. Angel.

“I believe the turncoat is you and Mr. Tower.”

Hence, Ms. Batons shouted as loudly as possible.


The four of them had stopped and then looked at Ms. Batons, while she raised a question.

“By the way, where is Ms. WF?”

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