Chapter 20:

Loose Ends and Cut Roots, The Beginning of the End

Setting Sun Story: Beta

The Training Hall, Fallen - Julian - Evening


Blessed by the Savior.

A boon of which the Baustas people know to be holy. A holiness most incomprehensible. Less of a blessing, more of a faith. A promise. A promise that many hold dear in their hearts… 

A promise that supposedly grants those who carry it, those blessed by the Savior, true protection.

Yet they all die. Every, single, soul.

When the ax falls, no shield, no blade, no divine light, no mystical inner power, not even a coincidental meteor comes to the aid of the Baustian, blessed by the Savior.

Less of a faith, more like a hunch. A hunch that, without any need or show, not even a sliver of evidence, the Baustians all feel deep down in their gut. A hunch… or maybe even a ruse.

The enemy has long moved past this place.

Our bodies lay about on the floor, slowly pulled and piled by tired soldiers to be lit ablaze, I'll die a fiery death as a tool to their scheme.

For awhile it at least felt we were able to die with the civilians protected… but I chose not to look as they finally opened that door, and the desperate hush that had lay so heavily in the locker room exploded into countless cries.

I’ll die owing Adam an apology. I pray for an afterlife, one guided by the Savior, at this point I do not know, but nonetheless, let there be a place I can see him again.

South End - Taron - Evening

The red of the world: the Savior’s Chaos.

A never ending haze that coats all of the world’s light.

It cascades down to every minute detail… it is within all.

The people of Baustas have never been skeptical. Seeing the Savior’s Prophecy as truth.

It is not my place to question, but will they see it differently now? They know not the real power of the Savior’s Chaos.

Fighting on in the South End, the army doesn’t seize.

As the invisible Sun begins to sink, the Baustians are pushed back into the city on all sides.

Through the power of monstrosities and the effects of the gems encrusted in their weapons, the bolstering fire that is Saturated into the blood of a Baustian through the red air is nullified.

Even Taron is on his back legs.

All begins to converge at the city’s Central Square… a once beautiful feature crushed to pieces by a chase that lay waste hours prior, when three young survivors sought a means of escape.