Chapter 44:


Inescapable Consequence Series

At the northern edge of White Desert, there was the legendary tower complex. The local people called it as Tower of Babylon. Although, its sounded like there was only one tower. However, it actually was a group of towers, which were located at north of Eden. In total, there was thirteen of them within Tower of Babylon. Each tower was variant in its height. Some of them had only ten storey high, and some of them were at least over a hundred storey high. In Ancients’ historical record, that had indicated the main tower of the tower complex was around six hundred sixty-six storey high. However, no one could be able to reach that specific tower due to the mist surrounded the area. Of course, there were some local treasure hunters who seek for fortune. But, all of them had never return alive.

The local folklore said that there was a queen who was living in there. The whole area was under her ruling. Until one day, there was a guy who challenged the queen’s authority. At the end of their battle standoff, he had conquered the queen. But, the most important outcome was that he had also captured her heart. He promised the queen he would be her king and stayed with her forever and ever. Unfortunately, this love story did not have a happy ending.
Once, the First Millennium War had been breaking out all over the dimensions. The Rebellion Force had overrun the tower complex. In order to save her king, the queen sacrifice herself in exchange of his immortal lifespan. Since, the king had obtained all the great power from the queen. He could easily defeat the Rebellion Force. At the end of war, the Rebellion Force got exiled out of all dimensions. Afterwards, they had become dimension drifters. Later on, the king had left the tower complex and promised himself that he would never return.

Several hundred thousand of years had been passed, this story had become a folklore instead of a part from Ancients’ history. Nobody knows what had happen to the king after his departure. But, Tower of Babylon had become a desolate area of land.

<<< === === >>>

Fortress City was the only city which stood among the towers. Its purpose was to protect the tower complex. When the tower complex was under attack. Massive troop of soldiers would send out from the fortress and advanced towards to the battle front. Previously, it was one of the most prosperous city on this continent. After the First Millennium War had ended, it was abandoned by the king and his people. The descendants of the king’s people had relocated themselves to Eden. Since then, they were living in a quiet and peaceful life; until Mr. Weirdo and Solstice had took over the whole area.

The newly recruits from Solstice had occupied Fortress City. This group of recruits had stationed just behind the outer city wall. Their mission was to destroy anything which stepped into the tower’s premise.

There were two shadowy figures which were standing at the allure. One of them glanced over the surroundings, then turned to the other one and asked.

King Astaroth, it seems kind of quiet though?”

Astaroth was the field commander of Solstice, who was in charge of the fortress.

“General Draghignazzo, please be patient. I’m sure, they will come here. This place is our destiny. Once again, we will finish our business with them right here.”

“I understood. Berith and her associates definitely will come here. But, what about Ms. Graceful? What shall we do?”

Astaroth shut his eyes and replied.

“Just let her pass through.”

Draghignazzo inhaled a sharp breath.

“But, our order is to kill in sight…”

Astaroth gave a half smile.

“Did you think we could stop her?”

Draghignazzo gritted his teeth.

“Umm… Argh…”

“Our order is to protect Tower of Babylon from the outsiders. Am I right?”

Draghignazzo glanced at Astaroth.

“What did you mean?”

Astaroth turned to Draghignazzo and said.

“We cannot stop the owner of it…”


“Let’s meet up with the others. I could feel that Berith and her associates are heading towards here.”

Draghignazzo had replied with an evil smile on his face.

“Then, we shall crash them like ants…”

Astaroth turned his look towards the distant horizon and said.


<<< === === >>>

On the balcony of First Tower, there was a gentleman. He was wearing an oversized dark grey hoodie with a chained-up coffin on his back. The hoodie covered his entire upper body and barely could see his face. Within Solstice, he was the only person who had no face since he was in a skeleton form. His name was Duke Gothor Achard.

Duke Achard was one of the member from the royal family circle. He was the granduncle of Mr. Weirdo. During the First Millennium War, he was the financial supporter behind Mr. Weirdo’s rebellion. Although, he also got exiled after the First Millennium War as same as others. But, he had not travel in between dimensions like others. He was actually hiding inside First Tower. He was waiting for his last apprentice to show up. For all the years that he had been waiting for. Finally, she had come.

Duke Achard glanced down from the balcony and saw a girl was approaching. Hence, he jumped down from the balcony and had landed in front of her. He stared at her while his face had twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile. Then, he unloaded his chained-up coffin off his back and said boldly.

“Finally, you had arrived. My last apprentice – Ms. Graceful.”

Ms. Graceful glanced over him for a moment. Then, she put down her chained-up coffin and curtsied.

“Duke Achard, my previous life’s… Sensei…”

“My last apprentice, I am expecting you to come here…”

“It is my pleasure to have a match with my Sensei…”

“Let me give you my final lesson, and this will be your graduation ceremony…”

Her mouth curved into a smile and answered.

“Pandora Box! Deactivate – Grand Seal of Zeus!”

Instantly, Pandora had replied with a digital female voice.

“Affirmative… Grand Seals of Zeus… Deactivated… Ritual of the Summon now initialing…”

Meanwhile, Duke Achard had also gave a command to his chained-up coffin.

“Osiris Coffin… Deactivate – Grand Seal of Ra…”

Osiris had answered with a digital male voice.

“Affirmative! Grand Seal of Ra deactivated! Ritual of the Summon now initialing…”

Afterwards, both of the coffins’ covers had opened by themselves. At this moment, Duke Achard was chanting in the Ancients’ mantras.

“…Come thou to thy temple, and fear thou not! Travel thou through the land among us, odorous at thy coming forth. Rebels behold us gazing upon thy face, glowing in its marvelousness. Behold the gods existing in the Place of the Dead! Behold the gods existing in the expanse of the universe! Come to me, thou unifier of heaven to earth, who caused his shadow daily in the land, messenger of heaven to earth! Behold the lord Set…”

On the other hand, Ms. Graceful was also chanting in the Ancients’ incantation.

“…Mighty, majestic, and radiant; You shine brilliantly in the evening; You brighten the day at dawn; You stand in the heavens like the sun and the moon; Your wonders are known both above and below, Obedience to her who is pure, consciousness, bliss. As power, who exists in the forms of Time and Space, and all that is therein; Who is the divine illuminatrix in Ancients. To the greatness of the Ancients, to you Pandora, I sing…”

Once, Ms. Graceful had finished her chants. The clouds above her oozed and billowed across the awakening sun, casting the meadow into a shadowy darkness. A bolt of white hot lightning broke the utter darkness, cleaving the dark clouds in parts. Thunder came like the prelude to a great song, impetuous rumbling the air every bit as much as the violent wind. The sudden change of weather’s condition had declared to all the mythical power of Ms. Graceful and gave fair warning of the wrath that was to come towards Duke Achard.

At first it was a crack, violent to the ears, but after came a rolling sound that dissipated into the surrounding towers. It was seeming to crack the world in half and reveal the fury of the gods. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared. Two shadowy figures were standing in between Ms. Graceful and Duke Achard, while both of them had entered into the trance meditation. Later on, one of the human alike shadowy figures had started the conversation.

A male throaty voice had spoken.

“Tsk… Finally, we had meet.”

A female silvery voice had responded.

“I don’t understand why did my master summon me to here. But, when I saw your presence. Hehe... Then, I know the reason behind it.”

“No matter what is the reason. This is the end of your kind, Pandora!”

Pandora jutted her chin.

“Set, I can’t believe after all these years. You are still so simple and naïve. You knew that the Egyptian’s gods cannot compete with the Greek’s. Hehe…”

Set glanced at her, while his face was crimson with fury.

“Tsk, let’s find out now.”

Pandora pulled out a war scythe from her coffin, while Set took out an ornamental staff from his. Set’s staff was a stylized animal head at the top of a long, straight rod with a forked end. It was named as Was. On the other side, the name of Pandora’s scythe was Chronos. It was a harvesting scythe consisted of an adamant blade paralleled to the snaith. Both weapons had a long Ancients’ historical background, which were represented the two different eras of Ancients’ religious beliefs.

Both entities were chanting their top-tier Ancients’ magic spells. Once, those magic spells had been unlashed. Their destructive powers could be seen from miles away. Especially, for the girl who was waiting at Last Tower.

<<< === === >>>

The girl who dressed in gothic black brocade euro court princess Victorian dress was slowly walking towards the balcony. Once, she stepped into the balcony. She took off her black pillbox hat. Then, she glanced over the horizon for a moment. She shook her head several times.

“It is so disappointed. What are you doing, Ms. Graceful?! Don’t you think, it is way too early to use your trump card?! This is just only the beginning…”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man in a dark red tailored suit with a Ahoge hair style had stepped into the balcony. He smirked at Ms. Lovely and said.

“Ms. Lovely, as you just said so. This is just only the beginning though. Maybe, this is her strategy. Nevertheless, we are looking forwards to see the potential within her.”

She narrowed her eyes and said.

“Hmm… My love, whatever!”

Mr. Weirdo smirked at Ms. Lovely again, while she pivoted on her heel and took off.

“Sigh, my teenage wife…”

Doctor Mistfang just arrived, when Ms. Lovely had left the balcony.

“My lord, it seems our lady is kind of…”

Mr. Weirdo turned to him and said.

“You mean jealous?!”

Doctor Mistfang did not reply at all. Afterwards, Mr. Weirdo had changed the subject.

“Never mind… By the way, Doctor… How is Comtesse?”

Doctor Mistfang lowered his voice.

“Umm, about Comtesse Vhampir… I could say right now; her vital signs are stable. But… I believe it might take a while before she could use her magic again.”

Mr. Weirdo looked at him and pondered for a moment.

“Is it because of that cursed dimension blade?”

“Maybe or maybe not… I’m still investigating that… However, there’s one thing which made me worry… Umm… It seems Ms. Graceful isn’t Aoi anymore.”

“Doctor, what do you mean?”

“My lord, I believe something had got into her mind. Umm… It could be Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia… It seems that she had transmuted into a different kind of person… However, I can’t say for certain at this stage.”

Mr. Weirdo rested his chin in his palm and was pondering for a second.

“Umm… If so, then who is she?”

Doctor Mistfang shook his head.

“Actually, the question is… what is she?”

“Umm… Interesting… Haha…”

Doctor Mistfang looked over the horizon. He saw the aurora above First Tower. Its streams had ascended towards the zenith of First Tower. The streams had assumed from a pale red to a deep color, which turned the sky into a bloody red curtain. Nevertheless, Doctor Mistfang had turned to Mr. Weirdo and continued.

“I believe the answer will be there… Let’s see what would happen afterwards.”

Mr. Weirdo’s mouth curved into a smile and said.

“Certainly… Haha…”

<<< === === >>>

Several structures within First Tower’s premise had been collapsed during the battle between Pandora and Set. Although, both of them were using massive destructive magic spells and tried to annihilate each other. However, it was the surroundings which got disintegrated completely. Nevertheless, both entities continued their destruction.

Pandora glanced over the surroundings and said.

“Umm, at this rate. We probably would destroy First Tower before one of us had gone down.”

Set glanced at her.

“Tsk, maybe.”

Pandora smiled at him.

“Let’s change the rule… Just a little bit… Shall we?”

“What do you want?”

“How about no magic… Just pure melee?”

“Skills and Techniques?”

“Of course, those are allowed… We aren’t caveman, right?! We won’t just hit each other with a club…”

“Hmm, whatever…”

“Okay, let’s start. Are you ready?”

“Tsk, whenever…”

Pandora’s face twisted into a horrible rictus of a smile, while she was dashing towards Set.
When those mythical weapons had clashed to each other, the energy forces that they had released were so powerful such that the whole tower complex was shaking simultaneously. Hence, Set had taken several steps backwards. Meanwhile, Pandora kept on the pressure and had successfully forced Set into a defensive stance.

The intense combat between Pandora and Set had just started to heat up. Both entities were trying to destroy each other with their fast and furious attacks. However, it seemed none of them was being able to gain any advantages at this moment. This battle was a totally deadlock. After several rounds of fights, both entities suddenly stopped.

When Ms. Graceful had break out from her trance meditation, Pandora had transformed into a mist and vanished. Time seemed to be at halt in this moment. It seemed Set was not being able to move freely, while Duke Achard had been frozen in time.

Ms. Graceful glanced over her shoulder. Then, she turned her attention towards a shadowy image that had stood behind her.

“Why are you here?”

“You need my help.”

“Did I?”

“Of course.”

“You are only a hallucination of him.”

“Oh, really? Ms. Graceful…”

“Am I wrong?”

“Only you can answer that question.”

“What do you mean?”

“You love me?”

“Yes, I love you so much that I would like to kill you in person.”

“Haha…Good enough… However, you cannot simply defeat Ms. Lovely by summoning Pandora.”

“I’ll deal with that on my own… By the way, you shouldn’t underestimate your wife’s abilities.”

“I’m always looking forwards to see your full potential.”

“I will find my way.”

“Then, I will be waiting for you in there.”

Her mouth curved into a smile and said.

“Very soon… We will meet again… My love – The Fool…”

The Fool had walked closer towards her. Then, he looked into her eyes with a half-smile.

“Good hunting… My dearest – Ms. Graceful.”

<<< === === >>>

As Time had float by once again, Set had also transformed into a mist and vanished. Meanwhile, Duke Achard had realized that he was awaken. Hence, He starred at Ms. Graceful once he had noticed she was standing in front of him. Then, he shook his head in disbelief and said.

“I will stay out of this war… By the way, before you left… I must reminder you that Ms. Lovely got the same abilities as yours. However, I believe that you have the upper hand... But, there is a drawback…”

Ms. Graceful picked up the chained-up coffin and carried it on her back, while Duke Achard continued.

“Can you suppress your curse? Otherwise, it will draw your lifespan quickly. Your ending would be the same as The Fool…”

Ms. Graceful paused for a moment, then she turned to Duke Achard.

“My concern is Ms. Lovely… Anything other than that would be pointless…”

Duke Achard pointed at those towers, which were behind him.

“Ugh… You still have a long way to go… There are thirteen of those… At Last Tower, Ms. Lovely definitely had notice your presence.”

Ms. Graceful gnashed her teeth.

“I’m looking forwards to meet her…. There shall be only one, AOI HAMASAKI in all of the Seven Dimensions.”

<<< === === >>>

Once, Ms. Graceful had left First Tower. Duke Achard looked heavenward and said.

“Everything is still under our control… According to our plan, Ms. Graceful would be awaken very soon and the potential within her would be unleash. However, I always want to ask you this question. Why are you doing this to her? Very soon, she will find out the truth about everything.”

Duke Achard glanced over his shoulder, while a dark figure hiding in the shadows of an archway had suddenly started to speak.

“She is the chosen one since that day she was born. It is her responsibility to fulfill the prophecy of Ancients.”

Hence, Duke Achard bowed and then he explained his concern.

“But, don’t you think that she might not be able to do so. Since, she is too human for this.”

“There is no need to worry about that. Once, she had reached Last Tower. Everything shall be revealed.”

“Umm… However, I’m not so sure about that. Since, our obstacles aren’t only coming from Solstice. Basically, you should foresee other parties would attempt to intervene our plan. Especially, for those who are coming from Killer Incorporation.”

“Haha… My dearest granduncle, you are just thinking too much. Just remember one thing… She is my wife and I believe in her. By the way, she is also your last apprentice.”

Duke Achard was pondering for a moment, then he lowered his head and said.


“You should go and tell everyone to get ready. It is the time for us to turnover our Reversi Disks.”

“As you wish, my lord…”

Duke Achard bowed and sallied forth once more to fulfill his final task.

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