Chapter 7:

Hushed Tones

Demon Neighborhood Kid

I hid under the table only to see their Dada’s face. I met his eyes, but he seemed not to meet mine.Bookmark here

“You know, I don’t see them clearly, but I’m sure that this is human shaped. Is this Tommy?”Bookmark here

I ran from the table into their rooms. I try to lift my feet to be quiet, but I’m too nervous and would stumble on a step. Tony and Toby were yelling so loud that it didn't even matter how loud I was. The brothers were trying to persuade their parents that it was just the weather, a trick of the light, and some other thing.Bookmark here

“Dada! You need to go to the doctor! This might be cancer!” I heard Tony yell.Bookmark here

“Dada! There’s nothing there!” Toby yelled after.Bookmark here

I hid under Tony’s bed, One of his contingency plans and wanted everything to die down. I waited for what felt like forever, until I saw their feet come in view. They closed the door behind them.Bookmark here

Toby’s face appeared in my view. “It’s okay now, he’s good.” He whispered to me.Bookmark here

I peered out from the bed. “But how?”Bookmark here

“I don’t know, but maybe it’s my persuasion skills.” Tony whispered.Bookmark here

“He had cancer?!” Toby hissed at him. ‘That scared me!”Bookmark here

I don’t think this worked. Their Dada’s eyes looked like it was piercing through me, soon enough I’ll be found.Bookmark here

I cut off their whispered arguing. “Guys, I think I should go.”Bookmark here

“No, don’t it’s fine. Dada left for the day.” Tony whispered to me.Bookmark here

“Really it’s fine,” Toby reassured in hushed tones. Bookmark here

They assured me, and I pretended to go along.Bookmark here

We talked in hushed tones until it was time for me to leave.Bookmark here

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