Chapter 22:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

We are on the search for other potential sleeper cells. About five per cent of the surface has gone through a thorough examination – very slow from our end. In the same timeframe, there could've been a fivefold increase in land clearance if we sped it up, but that is not a priority.  Reward will not be gained. Oversights will occur if we’re not meticulous. Beings from the sky were there to scan the environment and relay the data to us to make our job more targeted. We double and triple check to validate they are not there. To not do our task well will mean the stowing away of more Gloup.Bookmark here

Earlier, the Bokels crafted the compartments for the levitation cables and for their installation tomorrow once cut to suit. The mobility that will be available will be of immense benefit. To have that with my bolstered arsenal would make me more of a danger to the Caxhels than before.Bookmark here

For the vocabulary exercises, there was some progress. For Japanese to Makupuu, it went up by one per cent while English to Gloup went up by one per cent as well. However, this was underwhelming. The pace we would have liked to go at wasn’t happening. By sleeping on it, my mental and emotional state had lessened, but it will take a bit longer to rectify itself. At least this set of exercises had a better outcome. Yesterday was a mess that didn’t help anyone.Bookmark here

Loud noises put me on alert. Some of the Gloup had discovered something. As more gather around, I rush before they were able to block what they have found. It was a neck collar, one that can wrap around my waist and become a piece of eccentric fashion for the runway. They pick it up and store it in the pouch of the largest one. This being also had a chin, a from its belly that it uses to glide on sludge, and a pressurised fluid blaster that can cut through bone.Bookmark here

The collar got everyone for any other clues that would help in tracing us back to the owner, and possibly to a sleeper cell. These patrols on the surface are so tedious. For them to be underground wouldn’t make much sense. For the Caxhels to dig into Me’blenxclan to create secret bases would’ve got them found out a while back. The disturbances it would cause would expose them and their attempts.Bookmark here

The most logical conclusion would be for them to have their Harvester to be above ground and invisible. The last one we caught was revealed through accident from the vomit of a Gloup breaking its illusion for a short moment. Usually, the flying creatures would scan the planet’s surface, waiting for one to do something that would tip off their visors, and prompting the military for a search and destroy. But many would remain undetected even with the best air-to-ground scanners.Bookmark here

In the time before the Bokels’ arrival, the Caxhels would slip through, land, snatch, and escape with a bounty of organic matter with little trouble. They would spam Harvesters with the expectation that some would get through the Makupuu Ship Guard’s blockade even with many of them being blown to bits. It would be inevitable that a few would get through in order to steal Gloup. With our limited numbers prior, this was the case. This has reduced with the beefing up of our defences, but this had led to the increased launching of Harvesters as a counter.Bookmark here

It has been about a week since the last Harvester snuck in. It was stated that this period is tied for the longest we have gone without a mass kidnapping. That’s exceptional. To not have Gloup, especially those who are innocent, to feed, to play, and to move about without the threat of being whisked to a place where they'll be violated for their genetics is good. But it can’t last forever. They need to be pushed out of the star system with a defeat so blatant, they will have to pack up shop and count their losses.Bookmark here

“Place clear. We can move ahead.” We can move to the next area after a quadruple check – the procedure that is done if there is a lead.Bookmark here

We check the next area, and the next one and the next one, but all were devoid of Caxhels, their infrastructure, or their machinery. My HUD displays that in total from all the groups on search, we have cleared five and a third per cent of the surface. That statistic proves the inefficiency of this method, but being this fastidious is the best we got to combat the level of camouflage in operation.Bookmark here

I trudge ahead, dreading the upcoming location. Then space around me distorted. Confusion gripped and guided me to take a look from all directions. Seeing this brought a topic I threw aside to the forefront: balance. Is this the obscure force known by few? The fantastical show came to a swift finale, one that was so phenomenal, so spiritual, so out-of-this-universe, the words ‘What the fuck?’ had to be said for this spectacle of mush.Bookmark here

That couldn’t be it. There has to be more. I need to learn what is this thing since it’s now affecting me. I’m hooked on its true nature. The others acted like something significant didn’t just happen. Going to them one by one, they all said no to me. I was the only being to see this.Bookmark here

These Gloup are either one of two things: ignorant or secretive. I don’t think I have met one with both. When I do, a furore will be unleashed that will be a sight to run away from. Most of them are truly mindless drones that follow orders and nothing else. I’m convinced of it.Bookmark here

Or… Am I the chosen one of legend like all the shounen and isekai I’ve read and watched? Maybe I am destined to save this world from an enemy most despicable? That’s why I’m here.Bookmark here

No, that’s preposterous. I shouldn’t be a fool to something that illogical. This place is the opposite of a power fantasy no matter how much I would love it to be.Bookmark here

I’m here to suffer; any joy is short-lived.Bookmark here

But I should do some digging on that recent phenomenon. If it’s related to the balance, considering that it has impacted me, and can come back to do even more mind-bending stuff, then I am justified to do an investigation on this oddity.Bookmark here

And lucky for me, I have a team of researchers to deduce the truth. While walking, I contact them to see if they could begin research on this. They were willing to do it, but it would require them out on the field for a comprehensive examination, possibly requiring the building of the equipment necessary for detection and experimentation.Bookmark here

But to do that before their departure would not attainable. Waityuix alleviated my worries by saying they will request an extension. I’m sceptical they will get it, but clearance is as probable as refusal.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

If they do get the opportunity to remain longer, it will be the closest to having neighbours – even though it’s temporary. I can have the conviction that next morning when I peel back my eyelids, they will be here. But, the wait and see approach is all I can employ. Bookmark here

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