Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Beginning Of A New Story

Death Zone

A world with lots of mysteries, unseen and undiscovered places and power.Bookmark here

A world with Superpowers and skillful fighters. The world is called "Death Zone".Bookmark here

In the time of spring,Bookmark here

It is a nice sunny morning. While Keven was practicing with his sword, “Hey Keven, come inside the food is ready.”Bookmark here

Keven is practicing and says, "Sorry, wait a minute, I'm almost done."Bookmark here

"Don't make me repeat myself"Bookmark here

"Yeah I am coming"Bookmark here

Keven heads inside the house and sits on the chair to eat.Bookmark here

While eating Saika asks, “So Keven, how is your training going on?”Bookmark here

Keven replies while having food in his mouth “It’s going great.”Bookmark here

“Are you still trying to become the Immortal King?”Bookmark here

Immortal king. The man who controls the whole world.Bookmark here

"Yes!, I am still aiming for that" – Keven.Bookmark here

"Hey Keven, you will start as a rookie, right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, everyone starts as a rookie.”Bookmark here

“There will be more rookies like you, some are stronger and some are weaker than you. Do you think you can make it?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, That makes me more excited." - KevenBookmark here

They were about to finish their breakfast but suddenly a phone rings "ring, ring, ring, rin-"Bookmark here

"Hello?"Bookmark here

"Hey Saika, is Keven home?"Bookmark here

"Yes, hold on a second."Bookmark here

Saika shouting "Keven, come here."Bookmark here

"Yeah coming"Bookmark here

“Here.”Bookmark here

Keven takes the communication crystal from Saika, "Hello, Who?"Bookmark here

"Long time no see, Keven"Bookmark here

Keven makes an uncomfortable face and says “It's you."Bookmark here

“There isn’t much time left for the ‘Knight’ test.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know.”Bookmark here

“Let’s have a duel before the test. Who knows maybe I will never see you after I ace the test.”Bookmark here

"Yeah, you are just annoying as always Nick."Bookmark here

"In 2 weeks, Forest of Zilhan. Don’t forget."Bookmark here

The Forest of Zilhan is one of the legendary forests in the world.Bookmark here

"Don’t get angry when I beat you." - KevenBookmark here

Keven cuts the call.Bookmark here

"So what is he talking about?"Bookmark here

"Nothing, just normal talk." – KevenBookmark here

I am Keven Wilson. I am 15 years old now. I live in a world where some people can use Magic. Everyone has different abilities. But around 69% of the people can use abilities. Peoples who have Mana can use their abilities and Magic. I have the ability of sword. I named it "Dark Divinity". I can craft swords with this ability. I can make swords as the same quality as legendary swords. My favorite sword is Enma. It's like a katana with a lilac and gold color scheme.Bookmark here

I can also control lots of swords at once. I call it ‘The Sword of Betrayer’. It also has a downside. The swords break very easily.Bookmark here

Right now I live with my sister and my master. I don't have a mother. My mother died when I was a kid. I don't remember her face that much. My father abandoned me and my sister when my mother died. My Grandfather raised me and my sister. When I was around the age of 7 my grandfather passed away.Bookmark here

His name was Harold Wilson. He was a very strong Knight. His swordsmanship was good. When he was young he used to work as a "Knight". His ranking was "Grand Master".Bookmark here

After he passed I was trained by his best friend 'Gabriel Jonas.'Bookmark here

Gabriel Jonas was also a Knight and one of the Grand Masters. Nowadays he is an old retired knight. My grandfather and master were partners. People called them the 'Phantom Duo'. When they were young they almost destroyed 'The Forest of Zilhan'.Bookmark here

This World is a mystery. Only a few people know about the true history of this world. Nearly 1000 years ago something big happened. But only the Royal families and a few people know about the incident. My grandfather and my master also knows what happened. But they never show any interest in this thing. When I asked them they ignored my question.Bookmark here

I am from the first country 'Aiokibara'. I want to become the 'Immortal King'. To become the 'Immortal King', I have to have the power to rule all 13 countries. I still have a long way to go. I train every day with my master. He teaches me how to control and use my ability. Right now I can only use roughly 24 percent of my ability.Bookmark here

In this world, there is a person who is the strongest Magician and has the strongest ability. He is the ruler of "ALL". The ruler has 12 Generals who govern the 12 countries under the ruler. The main country is governed by the 'Immortal king.'Bookmark here

The Knight Ranking-Bookmark here

RookieBookmark here

VeteranBookmark here

CaptainBookmark here

MasterBookmark here

Grand MasterBookmark here

GeneralBookmark here

TranscendentBookmark here

Immortal KingBookmark here

1 Week Later...Bookmark here

"Tomorrow morning I have to fight with Nick.”Bookmark here

The Next Morning...Bookmark here

Saika standing in the yard and thinkingBookmark here

"Looks like it's a sunny day"Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

While eating, Saika says "I think Nick will beat you today. "Bookmark here

Keven gets annoyed and says "Hmm, let’s see what happens"Bookmark here

After eating, Keven gets ready to go to the Forest of ZilhanBookmark here

"I wish you good luck for the fight" -SaikaBookmark here

Forest of Zilhan is not far from Keven's house.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Keven enters the Forest of Zilhan.Bookmark here

After he enters the forest, a few crows attack him and he saves himself by using his swordBookmark here

Suddenly Nick tries to sneak attack with his bow from behind but Keven blocks it.Bookmark here

Keven thinks "Oh crap, his annoying ability"Bookmark here

Keven Says, "When are you going to stop attacking me from behind?"Bookmark here

"It's my style."Bookmark here

“Style? It’s a cowardly move.” – Keven with an angry faceBookmark here

"…" – NickBookmark here

Keven draws his sword and attacks Nick.Bookmark here

Nick Blocks it with his sword.Bookmark here

"So you learned how to block?" – KevenBookmark here

Both steps back.Bookmark here

"Dark Divinity: Air Slash"Bookmark here

"Dragon Row: Brutal Swing"Bookmark here

"STOP FIGHTING"Bookmark here

A girl suddenly appears between them and stopped both swords with her bare handsBookmark here

"What th-!!" – NickBookmark here

The girl stops both of themBookmark here

"Who are you"- Both saidBookmark here

"That doesn't matter. Why are you fighting each other?"Bookmark here

"Wow, she's strong. How did she stop us without a weapon?" - Keven thinking.Bookmark here

"Why do we need to tell you? Get out of here.'' - NickBookmark here

The girl hits Nick.Bookmark here

"Why did hit me?" – NickBookmark here

Nick tries to attack her with his knife but Keven stopped him and asks her "Who are you?"Bookmark here

She replied "You look like a good person. My name is 'Maria Stark'. I live nearby with my family."Bookmark here

"What are you doing here?"- KevenBookmark here

"I came here to pick some vegetables and herbs but I saw you guys fighting here, so I came here to stop you guys"Bookmark here

"We are just having a friendly duel"- KevenBookmark here

"Now get out of here"- NickBookmark here

"Why should I?"- MariaBookmark here

"Hey, Keven ignore her. Let's just continue with our fighting."Bookmark here

"You can go, we are just doing a friendly match” – KevenBookmark here

“Oh, ok then. Take care” – MariaBookmark here

After that Maria leaves the placeBookmark here

“Let’s do this.” – Nick with an evil smirkBookmark here

Both steps backBookmark here

“Dark Divinity: Air Slash " - KevenBookmark here

"Now here we go, Dragon Row: Brutal Swing" – NickBookmark here

They clashedBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

1 hour laterBookmark here

Nick was sitting under a tree and Keven standing beside him and laughingBookmark here

They were both sweating.Bookmark here

“Looks like I win this time” – KevenBookmark here

"Fine, fine, whatever. I will you beat you next time for sure." – NickBookmark here

"We will see."- KevenBookmark here

A few weeks laterBookmark here

"The day has finally come to go to 'Paradise of Madagascar'"Bookmark here

"When are you going?"- SaikaBookmark here

"I will be leaving soon. First I have to meet with the old man again."Bookmark here

Keven went to master Gabriel's house.Bookmark here

"It's you, Keven"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I will leave the house soon and head for the journey to becoming the 'Immortal King'."Bookmark here

"I am still saying it won't be easy. For many years, thousands of people like you aim to be the Immortal King. Some die in the mid-way some achieve their goals. Can you make it?"Bookmark here

Keven stood silent, unable to answer his question, and asksBookmark here

"Master, did your master stop you when are you leaving?"Bookmark here

"What does it have to do with this?" – Master said.Bookmark here

"Answer me" – Keven.Bookmark here

"No" – Master.Bookmark here

"Did he have faith in you?" - MasterBookmark here

"Yes" - master.Bookmark here

Keven smiles and saysBookmark here

"Then have faith in me too" and leaves the place.Bookmark here

There is a light rain outside.Bookmark here

“Saika I am leaving. Take care of yourself.”Bookmark here

Saika makes an emotional face and starts to cry.Bookmark here

"Stop crying I will be back when I achieve my goals."Bookmark here

Saika mumbling "Father said the same thing when he left the house" and she starts crying.Bookmark here

Keven sets off on his journeyBookmark here

Bookmark here

...TO BE CONTINUEDBookmark here

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Death Zone

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