Chapter 3:

Ashya's Determination

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

The Next morning, outside the East Japan Railway Company, a lot of people gathered and were talking about the train issue when they got to know or some were protesting like shouting and throwing the banners.Some guards were preventing them from going inside because of their berserker.Bookmark here

The Chairman was watching them from his office.Bookmark here

Then Rasya says, “Sir, I told you that we should not have informed them.”Bookmark here

Without answering, he gets up from his chair, wearing his coat, and says, "Follow me."Bookmark here

They came down with a mic in the Chairman's hand, and the chairman said, "We'll do our best to find all of your family members - who were in the train. I will even contact the GIA - the global investigation agency - for helping us. So please be patient and I know - It's going to be tough, to get on a normal day, as thinking that someone from our family is still missing. But I promise I will bring them back, no matter what." he saysBookmark here

Everyone starts throwing bunches of questions at him like how can you be so confident - if you are hiding something then spit it out - perhaps you are the one behind this incident, gaining money from smuggling.Bookmark here

He leaves without saying anything. Rasya called the police. When Police came, everyone started running from there.Bookmark here

Rasya says,"Don't worry, Sir! I took care of them."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about me. just don't let anyone come to the office room until I give the signal."He orderedBookmark here

"Yes,Sir" Rasya answersBookmark here

Now after being separated from each other, entering compartment number twenty.A voice came from nowhere, "You all must be wondering what happened. I am going to tell you the same. My master has not named this game at all. So without wasting any time, I am going straight to the game information and its rules."Bookmark here

"First of all, I'm Reina, and the host of this game, all three of you are placed in separate cells. After that I'll spin a roulette, whoever gets number one in their cell screen, has to play this game and the other two will act as hostages. Game is in two parts - first you have to come out from your own cell and then second you have to release your other two friends." She introduced herself and explained the game.Bookmark here

She adds, "The first layer of this game is to find a code number from the sound that I will play. Then you have to put that number on the screen towards the door of your cell and that will lead you straight to the compartment door.There you will find a riddle at the door of your friend's cell. After solving it, they will also be free from their cell. Now I will explain the rest of things and the rules to whoever will play this game."Bookmark here

Each room had a roulette on the top of the ceiling. She starts the roulette and everyone's watching that. Roulette stops, then the number one cell appears where Ashya was, Jon and Germon get numbers two and three. "The one who's going to play this game is Ashya," she says.Bookmark here

From his cell, Jon sighs, "Good! Then I'm going to sleep." And he really lay down on the surface.Bookmark here

And Germon say "All the best, Ashya"Bookmark here

Reina says, "Jon and Germon can watch Ashya play, but the wall is sound proof, so your voice won't reach her. Now, The speaker will only turn on in cell number one and once the game starts, the roulette screen will turn into a TV, so you can see how your precious Ashya is playing the game."Bookmark here

As Reina said, the speaker will be closed on cell number two and three, they are turned off. Now she is explaining things to Ashya, "So I'll play a total of ten sounds. Each sound, I will play only two times. You have to figure out a four digit code number from it. And For that, you'll have thirty minutes. If you clear the first part then you will find the riddle at the door of your friend's cell, you will get five minutes to solve it and if you can't clear the first part, you can sacrifice your friends and can go ahead ."Bookmark here

Ashya confidently says, “I will not do this to any of my friends and I will definitely clear it.”Bookmark here

"Okay! So let's get started." says Reina.Bookmark here

Now in Jon and Germon's cell, the roulette turns into the TV. As Reina plays the first sound, "di di di di" it was only for a few seconds and Ashya couldn't figure out what was that.Bookmark here

As Germon hears the sound, he recognizes it and says, "Hope you know it, Ashya."Bookmark here

"You didn't tell me about the duration of the sound," says Ashya.Bookmark here

"Oh! Sorry, I think it slipped from my mind. By the way, do you recognize this sound or not," Reina replies with a laugh.Bookmark here

"Of course! It is Morse code.Once my friend taught me" Ashya says.Bookmark here

Reina says, "So that's good. The duration of the sound is ten seconds. Now I'll play the last one again and then I'll move on to the next one."Bookmark here

Reina played the sound last time - di di di di.Bookmark here

Ashya says, "Okay! Next."Bookmark here

Reena asks, "Are you sure? You have memorized it very well."Bookmark here

"You just told me next." She answers.Bookmark here

Reina plays next - di dah di. Ashya asked, "One more time."Bookmark here

Reina plays again - di dah di.Bookmark here

"Okay! Next." Ashya saysBookmark here

Reina keeps on playing sounds, the third sound - dah dah. Fourth sound - dah di di. Fifth sound - dah di di dah. Sixth sound - di di di dah. Seventh sound - dah di dah. Eight sound - dah di. Ninth sound - dah dah dah. Tenth sound - dah dah di di.Bookmark here

Ashya keeps memorizing sounds as it was playing and then has a doubt, so she asks, "Every code tells that it is an alphabet not a number. And you have asked for a code number."Bookmark here

Reina laughs and replies, "Now, It's up to you to find out the code number. Now it's time for me to leave."Bookmark here

After this Reina leaves. Ashya mumbles, "That bitch. Alright keep calm and see if there's a pattern or not."Bookmark here

Ashya is examining the code in her mind and trying to find a pattern.Bookmark here

The chairman and Rasya in the East Japan Railway Company were talking about the matter. Just then a woman appears at the door with her twin daughters in their school uniform.Bookmark here

The Chairman saw her, and he allowed her in. She enters, sits on the chair and asks, "I just want to know if my daughter is safe or not."Bookmark here

Rasya says, “The Chairman has already answered that point. Were you not there?”Bookmark here

"No! I had to pick up my daughters from their school. This company is between their school and my house. So I thought about coming here after picking them up." She answers.Bookmark here

"Don't worry! Your daughter is safe. And I will do my best to get her back as soon as possible at any cost." He answered simply.Bookmark here

"I don't know how you would do that, but my girl got really hard working after her father's death.But she was sacrificing her youth days. And The moment she got a chance to breathe some fresh air, she got into this trouble." The woman says with tears in her eyes.Bookmark here

The Chairman replied, "Please believe me, that's all I can say for now."Bookmark here

"Okay! Then, I'm leaving, my daughters must be feeling hungry." She says and leaves with her daughters. Bookmark here

Ashya was trying to find the pattern by repeating each letter as time was also flying.Bookmark here

"Okay! Ashya, you have to do it. No time to be clueless." She tells herself.Bookmark here

She repeats more code, "First letter H followed by R, then M, then D, then X, then V, then K, then N, then O, and lastly Z, there must be a pattern hidden in it."Bookmark here

Confused, Ashya shouts, "Argh! Why can't I see the pattern?"Bookmark here

"I have to do this for Germon and Jon. After my father's death, I couldn't spend that much time with them. I know they've also planned this trip to give me some fresh air. Germon who always checks me whether I am doing well or not. Helping me with all problems and standing shoulder to shoulder. Even though Jon annoys me, I still want to know a lot about him. I will never forget the talk I had with him. That day I saw something else in him, I want to see him again like that. " she reminded herself of something and got fired up.Bookmark here

Ashya looked at the time and said, Bookmark here

"Okay! There's still ten minutes left."Bookmark here

"Let's highlight some letters or some odd sign, and then find the pattern." She says. She saw something that was really well hidden.Bookmark here

She smiled, went to the door, opened the screen and wrote down the code number. After that the door opens.She was really happy from within that she cracked it but still it was not over.Bookmark here

So, she rushes to the door of cell number three and looks at the riddle on the door screen. She read, "What you got , he is already centuries ahead of that."Bookmark here

"Huh! What the hell is this?" she says.She understood the riddle again and wrote it down as she said in mind,"Today, you won't be able to stop me. I'm in my super form." Then she chuckles and says," Huh! I'm sounding like Jon."Bookmark here

Germon sees that the door is open, so he walks out.Bookmark here

Without saying anything to Germon, Ashya rush to door of cell number two, read the riddle "He already ate the octopus but there's still a lot left for you."Bookmark here

"Okay! Got it" Ashya says and writes the code.Bookmark here

The door opened but Jon did not come out. Ashya went inside and saw that he was sleeping. So she screams, "Wake up! Sleepyhead."Bookmark here

"No need to shout! I'm already awake" says Jon.Bookmark here

"Okay then come out" Ashya says.Bookmark here

They came out and Germon asked, "How did you clear the first part? Means all code was just an alphabet."Bookmark here

So she says, "It wasn't such a big deal."Bookmark here

"Just explain, don't get high to crack it." Jon said, placing his head on Germon's shoulder.Bookmark here

"Hmph! Well, I'm assuming you know the letters as you both heard them too. So if you look at them clearly, you'll find four Roman numbers in sequence. M, D, X, and V. If you combine them as a sequence the code number will become - one five one five." she explainedBookmark here

"What about our door riddle?" Germon asked againBookmark here

She also explained, "So first Germon yours - what you got, he is centuries ahead of that. Meaning I got 1515 and you are centuries ahead of it. Here I just had to add the century - means hundred to my cell code number - which makes your cell code - 1615. "Bookmark here

"Then Jon - he already ate the octopus but there's still a lot left for you. Here he ate the octopus..Bookmark here

Jon interrupted, "Ew! I'll never eat an octopus."Bookmark here

"Oh! You get your sleep." Germon pats on Jon's head, while his head is resting on Germon's shoulders.Bookmark here

She adds, "There he ate the octopus and still had a lot left for me. That meant I had to subtract 8 from my code number - then Jon's cell code became - 1507."Bookmark here

"Hmm! that was well twisted." German exclaims.Bookmark here

Jon takes his head off Germon's shoulder and says, "I'm hungry!"Bookmark here

As soon as he saw two glaring eyes on himself, he changed the subject and said, "Okay! Let's go to the other compartment."Bookmark here

As they enter compartment number nineteen, they see a young lady, perhaps only two or three years older than them. Lying on the surface but unconscious. They run towards there.Bookmark here

On the other side, an unknown boy taunts, "Reina, that girl got that game, she cleared it."Bookmark here

"Hmph! First thing, I didn't come up with that game. And next time I'll definitely have that Girl." She says as holding grudges against Ashya.Bookmark here

"Whatever! You'll never get that chance, because I'm the next host." He says leaving from there.Bookmark here

When Jon and his friends went to see that young lady. They saw that her leg was chained, they tried to wake her up.Bookmark here

When she finally wakes up, they let her rest before saying anything.Bookmark here

Then Jon asked her a question, "What's your name?"Bookmark here

Germon says, "Let him rest perfectly, Jon."Bookmark here

"No! I'm fine" she says then introduces herself, "I'm Kyora Nakamura"Bookmark here

"Oh! Kyora, nice name," says Jon.Then Ashya from Jon's behind says, "No one asked for your opinion."Bookmark here

Kyora Nakamura is a college student and an employee at the call center in Ikebukuro. Being from a middle family, she had a lot of necessities, so she started doing a part time job. But the most frightening thing is that she is too shy to talk. After introducing herself, she is unable to speak properly. Her family used to live in Shimbashi, her mother passed away then she started to live with her stepmother. Let's see how helpful she proves to be in this game.Bookmark here

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