Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 [Journey Begin]

The Only One Left

Three Day Later.
Darya brushes the dust off his black rusted chest piece that once was a part of his armor and then he places the chest piece on the ground with the rest of rusted piece he was wearing 70 years ago.

He kneels and offers his prayer to the armor as a sign of respect, this armor has been with him since the beginning even if the armor has earned him a reputation as a demon or a monster.
In this three days, Darya has built his skinny body up with food that provided and harsh body training.

Darya stand up from the ground and dirt off the news pant that been made for him by the Dryad, Darya didn't know dryad can make cloth from the plant and it is comfy too.

Darya turns around his head toward the Dryad as he thinks about his new clothes, the Dryad has been sitting under the tree for about three days and only move when it about time to provide Darya food.

As Darya stares toward the Dryad, suddenly a root sprout out of the ground in front of her and surprising Darya. The tip of the root open like a flower then the Dryad grab something from it after that the root retract back to the ground.

The Dryad make a gesture for Darya to come closer, as Darya see the gesture he move closer toward her. As Darya getting closer. The Dryad would stand up and nod happily toward him.

"Is it time?" Darya asks the dryad.

Again the Dryad just smile and nodded but this time she gestures him to give he arm to her so Darya did it.

After Darya lay out his arm toward her. She would make a small cut on his arm and shove a seed inside his cut then The Dryad would place her hand on the cut and it would emit a green light.

Darya found his cut has been fully healed after the Dryad removes her hand.

"A warning next time would be nice.." Darya said to the Dryad and she would only reply with a smile.

"What you put in me?" Darya asks the dryad.

The Dryad would point her finger toward the tree behind her, Darya immediately remembers the request that Dryad made to him and he agrees three days earlier.

Darya nod in understanding toward the Dryad gesture.

"So what I should do now?" Darya said to the Dryad.

The Dryad move her finger toward the hole gesturing him to begin his journey.

Darya nod and move toward the makeshift satchel under the tree he made, the satchel is filled with food for his journey.

He tied the satchel around his body and make his way toward under the hole on the ceiling of the cavern.

Darya waves his hand to the dryad and she replies with a small smile.

Darya position himself toward the hole and mutter -Fade-

He dashed like a lighting to the wall of the hole then hitting his shoulder to the wall he bounces but in quick timing, he grabs the piece of rock that protruding from the wall preventing him falling off.

He positions his leg to step on the stable platform.
Darya sigh in relieved.

"Well, that could be worse than I thought" Darya mutter to himself.

The Dyrad below sit near the pond looking up at Darya as he climbs onward to the outside world, another smile appear on the Dryad face but this time it shows something that has never appear in a long time.

... a smile of freedom...
Darya climb as quickly as he can with two legs and one hand.

It might be hard but he keeps going the resolve in him pushing him onward.

Darya climb for what it felt hours until he sees a light shine from the top of the hole.

Darya quickly climbs and he finally reaches the top of the hole after he reaches the edge he felt the grass on his hand.

He reached to top and climb out and the first thing hit him is the warmth of the sun ray hitting on his face.

Darya breathes in the clear air and exhales out the air. He felt relieved because he managed to climb out of the hole without any problem.

After he takes in the sight of the sun he looks around him and saw a kingdom in ruin and covered by plants then he saw what on the ground full of rusted armor and weapon and grass growing out of it, this once field was once a battlefield now it turns into a beautiful field of grass.

Darya looks to the south of the field remembering that a human kingdom is located south from here.

As he about to take the first step, he sees a black legion rusted shield and he recognizes that it belongs to one of his soldiers.

He felt the sadness of the people who sacrifice themselves that day but it was long until he starts to compose himself.

As a commander of the trinity army, the feeling of losing a soldier under his command has become something familiar. The only thing he can do now offers his prayer to the soldier that fall that day.

After Darya pray for the soul of his soldier he collects the shield of his fallen soldier when he found it.

Zakiri Warhammer on the ground rusted but surround by a small flower.

Darya smile as he recalls the memories of the older man name Zakiri then a small teardrop to the Warhammer.

If Zakiri was here he would say to stop crying and keep fighting. Darya chuckles slightly as he imagined Zakiri saying that to him.

Darya grabs his Warhammer plant it on the ground making makeshift tombstone then he looks to his left seeing the other makeshift tombstone he makes for the soldier fell on the battlefield.

After that, he moves forward leaving the battlefield into the forest heading south to the kingdom.
Darya has been walking for hours in the forest and the sun is beginning to disappear signaling for night time to appear.

When Darya sight beginning diminished as night time came.

Darya mutter -Sense enhanced-

Then all the sense Darya had begun to enhanced, his touch, sight, smell, hear and taste to begin to explode with information about his surrounding.

Then suddenly a scream can be heard from the southwest of Darya position.

Darya was about to ignore the scream and didn't want to risk himself if he is dead how can he found his family the thought keep playing on his mind.

Until another thought cross his mind what if his family was in that situation, will someone help his family or will they ignore them like what he about to do?

Darya curse himself and mutter

Darya moves as fast as he can toward the scream.

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