Chapter 23:


From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Another day of patrols. More walking, more searching and more snail-paced progress. But the mystical balance is nowhere near losing me in its potent wizardry.Bookmark here

The levitation cables are in after what was forever. I am taking it for a spin in the most exciting way: flying. This, in combination with the boosters stuck to my soles, has given me the most horrendous experience in the air, showcasing I have to train on how to use both of them for flight.Bookmark here

Excitement led to plummeting and an impromptu rescue by those with the innate ability to be comfortable in the place I struggled. After a robot arm lowered and fitted the cables into the compartments they made the day before, I decide to try them out by going outside, unfurling their compacted states and took off for the current search zone my group would be at.Bookmark here

Flying does make this task easier and more exciting. With the cables spread out like a bird’s wingspan, I was cruising at a stable altitude. To have a distinct perspective of the planet and those on it wouldn’t be something I would conceive. This is a testament to the talent of Delume and the brilliant guidance of Waityuix. The one thing I can complain about can be blamed on me: my battle with landing.Bookmark here

For wind to stir and speed to gather is pleasure abound, but in the several instances I have to get to the surface, my butt or face plunged into sludge – embarrassments I wish to leave behind.Bookmark here

Being airborne gave the impression that I would see and react to any anomalies quicker. Waiting for the balance, or anything of note that can be considered strange did not come. I spend most of the day with the same feeling I had when I was on foot: disinterest.Bookmark here

All the loops, spins and sharp turns lost their lustre, becoming mundane. I thought the newfound agility and sight on offer from an alternative viewpoint would prevent boredom from holding me, but I ended up returning to square one.Bookmark here

This was the case while working. That had to be the reason. When I did it for fun, there was a smile I couldn’t contain. Of course, the bland landscapes the planet has in spades didn’t help. Most of it was endless plains of slime with some variation brought by features such as sinkholes and cliffs.Bookmark here

Earth’s valleys, mountain ranges, deserts, rainforests, volcanos, tundras… This is some of what Me’blenxclan lacks. It’s a harsh comparison to have these two realms be similar. That’s an unfair expectation. But it would be nice to see a location that isn’t mo…Bookmark here

My head hurts. I force my eyelids to stay open, but the opposite came with no discretion, creating darkness.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

These sounds… What are they? They instil a fright I can’t comprehend… Was I captured? There’s no way the Gloup can have me in their clutches… unless they snuck up on me… Or I could’ve been saved by my allies from whatever mishap befell me. It could very easily be one of them. Either way, someone has to be held to account for my light-headedness.Bookmark here

There is also the balance – it could be the cause as well, but I don’t think energy not understood by most could be making noises that weird.Bookmark here

I’ll open my eyes to the count of three, then I start blasting with my concentrated energy laser if it’s the Caxhels.Bookmark here

One… Two… THREE!Bookmark here

I awake ready for combat, not seeing the inside of a Caxhel warship. I was home. And Braltui was right in front of me.Bookmark here

“Oogoo Ul Trasku Spbilfi Ka Salcotoe.”Bookmark here

My head was moved to the side before a searing pain got me to bawl. It went as fast as it came. Braltui placed her hand over my face. I didn’t get why it was done.Bookmark here

Explanations were needed for the many questions I had. I wanted my helmet to ask them but I felt a familiar feeling encompass my head and neck. There it was. Now I can say what I want to say.Bookmark here

“How did I get back here?”Bookmark here

Braltui gave a response – a long-winded one. “A whole section from some crappy flying lifeform fell off and hit you from the back of your head, causing you to make a big smack. They said it shattered once it made contact. Then they carried you to the Bokels but they didn’t have the resources nor expertise to deal with you. After doing what little they can for you - which was nothing, to be honest. All they did was take off your helmet and put everything above your neck in some clear casing that conformed to it real good. When they did that, we were informed that you were coming injured, so we were on standby until you came and from there we treated you until you woke up.”Bookmark here

“How long I’ve been out?”Bookmark here

“What would be considered four days, boo.”Bookmark here

Oh, the slang came back. Perfect.Bookmark here

“What did you say, Sato?”Bookmark here

“Oh, nothing. I said nothing at all.”Bookmark here

“You’re lying to me, aren’t you?”Bookmark here

“I would never do such a thing. I’m barely conscious.”Bookmark here

It pushed her face into mine. I heard what you said. Don’t fool me with your lies, okay?Bookmark here

“Give him some room, Braltui. He may be up, but he’s still recovering. Don’t make his condition worse.”Fruisolp got it to impose self-restraint.Bookmark here

“So a little over one zlax-tlloi, huh?” I get up.Bookmark here

“You should be thanking Delume and Waityuix for giving you this improved armour before the hit you took. If that were to happen before you got this one, you would be in some serious trouble.”Bookmark here

“Would I be dead?”Bookmark here

“No, you would be out for twice as long, maybe three times at the longest. And your head injury would be a bit more severe. Even with the older versions, we did the best we can to make them of the highest quality.”Bookmark here

“That’s great to hear. I should’ve never doubted your talents with the probability of me dying.”Bookmark here

“Trust me, if the build integrity was lacking, you would be dead within the first year.”Bookmark here

As Frusiolp relishes in the craftsmanship of each suit and Braltui and Haibul asking it to stop obsessing to annoyance, I wonder if they got permission to stay a little longer.Bookmark here

“We got clearance, metal suit.”Bookmark here

“For how long?”Bookmark here

“The equivalent of an entire week.”Bookmark here

“Good, we should get started on figuring out that energy once I’m at full strength.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I lay back down, staring at the ceiling. I have to see it again; to keep away isn’t possible.Bookmark here

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