Chapter 0:


Otaku in a Fantasy World

Waking up, I can see the blue sky without a single cloud passing by in it, and... a chest?. There was a chest of a woman blocked my view.Bookmark here

"Good Morning" A woman with pink hair and blue eyes greeted at me.Bookmark here

I glanced behind my head, It was a lap of a woman's legs. Holding my surprise, I get up from the place and squats.Bookmark here

"You seem calm, Even your about to burst inside" The woman teased.Bookmark here

I cough. "Who are you?" I ask in a cold tone.Bookmark here

"My name is Uriel, A Archangel" She introduced.Bookmark here

"..." I tilted my head looking at her.Bookmark here

She smiled. A white angelic wings flapped and a light formed as a halo in her head.Bookmark here

"..." I stared at her.Bookmark here

"It seems you still wont believe" Uriel just smiled.Bookmark here

"I'm a person who's lack in trust. This might be just a prank. Anyway, Where are we?" I asked looking around to the place. It was plain, I was sitting but more like floating. Below us, Clouds can be seen passing by. Above us, Not a single cloud, Its purely just light blue.Bookmark here

"This is the Divine Realm or can be called Purgatory, where dead spirits will be judged" The Angel spoke calmly.Bookmark here

I stared at her.Bookmark here

"You looks like don't believe me again"Bookmark here

"It seems I should believe you now, As I remember I got hit by a bus and died, Am I right?" I asked.Bookmark here

She nodded.Bookmark here

"I see, So do I go to hell or heaven?" I asked.Bookmark here

"I never expected you were not shock even a bit and go straight to that conclusion" She spoke as she squat just like me, She summon a wooden circular table. She also summon a teacups and teapot placing above in it. The teapot floats, Automatically put a tea on both teacups. The teacups move close to us.Bookmark here

"Have a drink" She sip her tea with relaxed face.Bookmark here

I reach to the teacup and have a bit sip.Bookmark here

"How's it?, Taste good right?. Tea here is pretty delicious" She spoke calmly.Bookmark here

"Actually, I don't know. It taste good but I don't know if this is really the most delicious tea. This is my first time drinking one" I spoke as I sip the tea.Bookmark here

"Ohh right"Bookmark here

"The problem is-, What would happen to my parents now?, I'm the only son they have" I asked in a low tone of voice. Actually, I don't want to leave my parents.Bookmark here

"I'll be supporting them secretly"Bookmark here

"I see, That's good" I sighed in relief.Bookmark here

"You really cared your parents"Bookmark here

"Well, Without them, I would not be born in this world, They raise me until the very end" I spoke, Looking to my own reflection in the tea.Bookmark here

"You also become a good person due to them, Of course there's a bad side of you but, Its normal since humans are not perfect" She spoke.Bookmark here

"Does that mean I will go to Heaven?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Your too fast to that conclusion. Anyway, There is more than that" She spoke.Bookmark here

"Is that Reincarnation?" I asked laying my head to my hand.Bookmark here

"Yep, As expected from an Otaku. Its a fantasy world so, You'll decide what power you want, Also I will help you. So, Do you want to go another world?" She asked.Bookmark here

"Yes" I nodded.Bookmark here

Then we plan about magic and everything. Also, I select transmigration.Bookmark here

[Later]Bookmark here

We finally decided.Bookmark here

"Its time to say goodbye now, Take care in your adventures. Also please guide your self to a normal life. You are send there not to be a hero. You can do there anything you want your life gonna be that you see fit" Uriel bowed.Bookmark here

"Yes, I will" I bowed.Bookmark here

Light starts to cover my vision.Bookmark here

"Also one thing, Your race will be random" She spoke.Bookmark here

Random, I wish I wont turn to a scary monster.Bookmark here

I thought as my vision completely got covered. My consciousness fades away.Bookmark here

[Meanwhile]Bookmark here

In the black castle somewhere in the volcanic region, It was peaceful. Inside, A woman with red hair and crimson eyes can be seen sitting in the throne.Bookmark here

Demon Lord of Wrath P.O.VBookmark here

Sitting in my throne. I called one of the Minotaur General.Bookmark here

A full armored Minotaur approach, He's one of our army, The general of Minotaurs.Bookmark here

"The products is done, Send one of your soldiers to bring the products!, The Demon Lord of Pride is probably waiting now. I placed everything in the Divine Tree. The Divine Tree is where no single species can enter, But thanks to the new product, We will now can. Give this ball to the Soldier you will send" I spoke.Bookmark here

"Yes"Bookmark here

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