Chapter 8:

Chapter Eight

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid was grateful that it was finally Friday. He was looking forward to seeing Gwen tonight and hopefully dragging it out to a weekend engagement.Bookmark here

Cid had just locked up the store and was heading home when he got a call on his phone from Gwen.Bookmark here

"Hello," He answered
"Hi, don't suppose you could come to get me, I'm kind of trapped" Gwen inquired
"Socially trapped or physically trapped?" He asked
"A bit of both, a friend of mine invited me to this wedding and now I can't leave because my friend drove me here and can't take me home also there are so many drunk people here I can't get through the crowd"
"Alright where is it I'll be right there"
"The Cherry Hill winery"
"Okay I'm on my way be there as soon as I can"Bookmark here

Cid hung up the phone and raced to his car. He pulled out of his parking spot and onto the road. He made his way out of town and was driving through the rural countryside nothing but grassy hills and farms for the next few kilometres.Bookmark here

"Cherry Hill, thank god it's Friday and not Saturday or Sunday otherwise the roads would be packed with day-trippers who don't know where they're going" Cid mused to himselfBookmark here

Cid found the winery and managed to snag a parking spot despite the large number of cars parked at the venue.  He made his way into the venue and despite the fact, all the attendees were fairly drunk, he still felt incredibly underdressed in only a jumper and black pants as he walked around in his converse high tops. He pushed his way through the crowd and managed to find Gwen sitting on a chair towards the back corner of the venue. She looked gorgeous in a dark blue dress with a hem that stretched down to just above her knees and on her feet, she wore a pair of dark blue heels, her long black hair flowed freely down her back and around her shoulders.Bookmark here

"Hello gorgeous" Cid greeted
"Greetings good sir have you arrived to rescue me," Gwen said
"As a matter of fact, I have, as I believe we had a date scheduled for this evening"
"I'm sorry, I completely forgot I agreed to go to this thing and figured I'd be able to make it back in time for our date, unfortunately, my friend is a bit preoccupied to drive me home, so alas you had to rescue me"
"Well let's get going before something goes wrong"
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Cid grabbed Gwen's hand and together they started to make their way towards the entrance. He succeeded in pushing their way towards the entrance thankfully without starting a fight and they got out the front door and into the fresh air. Cid thought nothing was better after escaping an overcrowded room than that first big breath of fresh air. Bookmark here

They made their way to the car and once in the car Gwen took off her heels and threw them in the backseat.Bookmark here

"I hate wearing heels," said Gwen
"They didn't look bad on you but I much prefer you in your big black boots," said Cid
"So do I, It sucks you can't wear boots to a wedding or black, I was lucky I had this dress in the back of my closet otherwise I would have gotten a lot of grief for turning up in black"
"People will give you grief regardless, I for one think you showing up to the wedding in a black dress and big black boots would have been great, like that scene in Girl who kicked the hornet's nest where Lisbeth Salander shows up to court with the mohawk and in full punk attire"
"That is a good scene and can I say it is a relief to be around someone who has good taste in books"
"I believe you mean excellent taste, but thanks"Bookmark here

Cid drove out of the venues parking area back onto the main road. They made it back to Cid's house without too much trouble. Cid and Gwen headed inside and Gwen immediately crashed onto the couch while Cid walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of Rose and two glasses he poured himself and Gwen one each then joined her on the couch.Bookmark here

"So what do you feel like for dinner?" asked Cid
"I gorged on food at the wedding so I'm not hungry, do you mind if we just sit here and watch TV" Gwen answered
"I have no problem with that what so ever"Bookmark here

Cid turned the TV on and started to stream Daria. They just sat there on the couch drinking wine and watching Daria until they both were laying on the couch with Gwen fast asleep in Cid's arms. He hoped that when Gwen's wedding day came about she'd be wearing a black dress and big black dress and hopefully he'd be the groom standing at the altar.Bookmark here

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