Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 [Broken Child and a Demon]:Part 2

The Only One Left

After Darya sends the Direwolf flying smashing into a tree, a huge pain can be felt on his leg causing him to breathe heavily.

'That was a bad idea, my body still not recovered yet, I need to find a weapon to fight this monster' Darya think to himself.

Darya looks around him surrounding and saw the little girl shaking under the tree, Darya looks closely and saw a look of hatred not on him but toward this monster.

He ignores the girl to focus on finding a weapon to fend off the remaining two of the Direwolf.

Then a light reflected on piece metal shine on Darya's eyes, a hatchet is laying on the ground beside a dead male body under a Direwolf snout.

Darya dashes toward the hatchet, he slides under the Direwolf grabbing the hatchet then he turns his body swinging the hatchet.

The hatcher blade buries itself into the Direwolf neck, causing it to howl in pain.
Darya holds to the handle of the hatchet while the Direwolf start to thrash around trying to shake the hatchet off of its neck.

The hatchet disconnect from the neck and throwing Darya in the air. While in the air Darya use the momentum when falling to plant the hatchet directly on Direwolf head causing it to stop moving and die.

Darya pulls out the hatchet with enough force that causes him to stumble backward. The Direwolf took this time to charge toward him, Darya notice this then he steps slightly to the right aiming the hatchet blade on it.

The blade meets the Direwolf stomach using the monster momentum cutting the dire wolf stomach wide causing it to roll and fall to die on the ground.

Darya exhales greatly, calming himself and head toward the girl. As he getting closer to the girl, he notices a pair of cat ears on her head.

"You're a beastkin? never met one in my life" Darya smile and holster the hatchet then try to reach out to her to see if she fine. As he about to touch the girl suddenly the girl slaps his hand and scream in fear.

"STAY AWAY DEMON!!!" Erine yell in fears then starts to cry while hugging her knees.

Darya shock to hear those word again, even after 70 years. He stumbled back a bit.

"DON'T HURT ME DEMON BECAUSE OF YOU...MY PARENT!!!!" Erine yells again at him but this time, Darya close in fast and hug her trying to calm her down.

"It okay, I won't hurt you," Darya say softly her, she thrashes around as she was being hugged.

Erine grabs a piece a rock and starts hitting Darya with it, she keeps hitting him but Darya still doesn't let go. She hit and hit then suddenly stop, dropping the rock and cry on Darya's shoulder.

The crying went for hours and she fell asleep while crying, feeling exhausted of what happens today.

Darya lay her under the tree and head toward the bloody mess.

Darya scavenges all the supplies he can find but stop at the auto-carriage admiring it, as he never seen one in his time, as he was about to wonder how it works Darya shake his head and focus on the task on hand.

After, Darya scavenge the supplies he stumbled upon two bodies of a female beastkin and male beastkin.

"This must be the girl parents" Darya sigh and grab both bodies placing them under the tree then continue to dig a hole and buried their bodies there and place a grave marker for them.

After that, Darya grabs three of the Direwolf bodies toward the auto-carriage, he mutters -Dark flame- setting the dead monster auto-carriage on fire, burning it to avoid the scent of blood and death to attract other monsters to the area.

Darya head towards to girl and proceed to sit right next to her, he looks at girl evens in her sleep the pain she felt still linger in her making her cry evens in her sleep, she is scared, hurt and angry.

Even Darya has felt this pain time and time again throughout his life, he can sympathize with her, it never gets easy.

Darya shakes his thought and begins checking the supplies that he found, a bag of coins, some foods, two bed-roll, a pair cloth for the girl and a hatchet for a weapon.

Darya stores all the supplies back in the bag and carries it on his back, he looks at the girl wondering what should he do.

From a deep his mind he can hear Zakiri voice saying "take responsibility".

Darya replied by sighing and proceed to carry her carefully and slowly to not wake her up on his arm. Darya take a step heading down the roads hoping he stumbles a village soon that can he take her and the village people take care of her.
After a long walk, the day begins to turn into night quickly and Darya has set up camp for the night.

Erine cat ears wiggle around, her eyes redden from the weeping finally opening after a long sleep. She found that she laying on bedroll and cover in sheets while a warm campfire rage beside her.

She about to call out to her parent when she sees the dark skin man sitting and eating while looking into the sky opposite of her and camo fire between them. The memory of what happen flood into her mind, remembering what happened to her parent she screams in pain.

But then the pain stop and warmth felt around her body, she opens her eyes and saw the man that was sitting earlier hugging her, the warmth turns into sadness and begin to cry again as the realization came.

The cry finally stop after a few minutes and Darya let her go continue eating with her.

"Are you feeling fine now, Erine?" Darya asks Erine.

Erine surprise as the man knows her name.

"How you know my name?" Erine asks Darya.

"There a stitch of your name on your clothes that I found" Darya answer her question.

Erine found that her cloth has been changed into cleaner one, she blushed a little but it doesn't change what she felt right now, the despair and pain are still in her heart.

"Are you a demon?" Erine gulp while asking this question.

Darya grunt in annoyance "do people still call me that?" Darya retort and Erine wince as she was about to get hit then nod slowly.

"I'm not a demon" Darya say to Erine to assure her that he is not a demon, this cause Erine to relax.

"Can I ask you a question?" Darya asks her then Erine respond by nodding her head.

"Am I the only 'demon' you have ever see?" Darya asks her.

Erine answer "yes, says that the demon has extinct for a long time"

A look a pain can be seen on Darya's face, the felt of despair crept into his heart and Erine begins to worry about the man in front her but the despair quickly disappear.

Erine relaxes as the man in front of her seem to calm down and back to normal.

"Can I ask your name?" Erine asks Darya.

Darya looks at her and smile warmly "my name is Darya, nice to meet you" Erine felt a warmth from that smile and her heart finally felt safety and warmth for the first time today, a small drop of tear fall from her eyes.

They both eat together under the night sky and spend time talking until tomorrow morning, Erine felt that she gonna be fine if she sticks to this man and maybe she can become strong like he is one day.

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