Chapter 123:

Dinner Gathering (3)

My Demon Queen

ShinXian restaurant, located at Gilgamesh tower, the second tallest building in Gilgamesh. Boasting a height of 520 meters, it is one of the national landmarks and must visit tourist spots for foreigners. Surrounding the tower was the largest metropolitan park in the city, various imported trees from various countries, each species blossoming at different peaks of the year, turning the park into a dynamic garden, providing tourists with different views throughout the seasons of the year.Bookmark here

A tunnel walk from the closest shopping mall, connecting to the large auditorium below the tower where orchestras would be performing.Bookmark here

Currently, we were grouping up just below the entrance. Under the shade of the building, the sky continued to glow in a cloudy orange as droplets of water continued to fall. I wonder if this is due to the rainy season? There's an awful lot of water in the sky, I wonder when it would end.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry but my elder sister said she would be late," Nine, cheking his phone, said.Bookmark here

"Hm.. then how about we split into two groups. One group will secure the spot inside while the other waits together with Nine?" My mom, Diana, recommended.Bookmark here

"I thought you booked a spot?" My sister, Novelle asked in confusion.Bookmark here

"We did, but it's rather inappropriate to come later than the scheduled time," my mom said with an apologetic look directed towards Prune's parents, Ugine and Georgia. Rather than being impolite to the restaurant, it would be impolite for Prune's parents to wait out here for so long.Bookmark here

The time was 8:21 pm, about twenty minutes since we started waiting. The atmosphere was turning more and more awkward by the second.Bookmark here

"Dear, could you accompany Nine, I'll guide them inside first," my mom whispered to my father, Dylan.Bookmark here

"Sure, take care alright."Bookmark here

"You too dear."Bookmark here

After their short honey filled talk, they turned to us kids-- technically kids since we're under 18.Bookmark here

"Liliath, do you mind if you go together with us first?" my mom asked.Bookmark here

Liliath turned to me, I nodded.Bookmark here

"Let's go together big sister Liliath!!" Novelle held her arm and swung it around.Bookmark here

"Don't go too far okay. You'll break her arm," I said to the little devil.Bookmark here

She tilted her head and replied with a smirk, "Is it just me or has big brother become over-protective."Bookmark here

"Both," I said and looked away, towards Nine who had a troubled look on his face.Bookmark here

To be honest, Nine's male form gives off an entirely different atmosphere. Unlike his female form, his male form is well-- quite powerful, giving off a musculine air that can be felt just by being close to him. His serious look and unapproachable vibe made him all the more attractive-- if only he were taller. Comparing him to everyone here, he's even shorter than the little devil, my sister.Bookmark here

Like, what's up with his height anyway? I pity him from the bottom of my heart..Bookmark here

Mom's group, together with Prune's family, Novelle and Liliath went to secure the already booked seat at ShinXian restaurant located on the upper floors.Bookmark here

Standing outside, the only three males here, father, Nine and me, we stood there silently.Bookmark here

A couple holding hands under an umbrella, a nice pair of matching scarfs around their necks. A family of three, the child still an child, the mother wearing a nice curve dress while the father wore a suit. They looked like they had just finished work.Bookmark here

"Have you come here before, Nine?" My father broke the ice and asked.Bookmark here

"A few times-- when I was younger." Nine said.Bookmark here

"How's school? Noel is behaving himself with Liliath correct?"Bookmark here

I raised my eyebrows in retort. I know he meant that as a joke since he's grinning at me.Bookmark here

"I think it's better to just show you the evidence," Nine tapped his phones a couple times before tilting the screen to my father. I drew closer to confirm this bad premonition I'm feeling.Bookmark here

"This is them? To think their relationship has developed to this point. Good job keeping an eye on them," my father laughed.Bookmark here

What.. when did you..Bookmark here

I said nothing obviously, but my face contorted. There were a myriad of photos and videos of me petting Liliath, me hugging Liliath, me helping Liliath in the kitchen, me hanging their panties, me giving Liliath a princess carry and the last one being a professionally taken photo of the four of us huddled together as we ate our dinner. A smile on everyone's face as Nine had a look of cute contempt.Bookmark here

Wait.. hold on. When did Nine install secret cameras?! Call the police! CALL THE FBI! Oi! Trespassing other people's privacy! She didn't install any such cameras inside the bathroom did she?! Was that how she got to know about the hickeys?!Bookmark here

"Who is this girl?" My father pointed at the female Nine.Bookmark here

"That's me. I haven't explained my TALENT to everyone here yet, but you can probably understand the gist of it from the picture," Nine said in a somewhat somnolent voice.Bookmark here

"Don't be offended when i ask you this but.. are you straight or gay?"Bookmark here

Nine choked on a breath of air. He probably didn't expect such a 'straight' question from my father.Bookmark here

"I don't know? It depends on my gender," Nine's pitch was raised an octave. "If I'm a female, I'd find males more attractive, it's the reverse when I'm a male."Bookmark here

My father's jaw dropped-- like literally. I imagined a bug shooting towards that opening. Unfortunately no bugs came.Bookmark here

Nine who still wore her clothes had a chest that bulged upwards, hair that reached her shoulder and an impressive girly vibe. I could almost see a star appear as she gave my father a wink.Bookmark here

Seeing that, I unwittingly smirked. Tapping on her shoulders, she gave a curious look.Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Are you trying to seduce my father? Liliath's concealment barrier isn't activated you know?" yup, as sinister as can be.Bookmark here

"What?!" Her girlish voice broke the sound barrier as she looked around flustered. Sure enough, everyone who was looking at her turned away at that instant. Serves you right. Bitch. "You should have told me!"Bookmark here

My father started laughing again.Bookmark here

In the next moment, as a vivid animation of a girl transforming into a magical dress in reverse came upon me, Nine reverted back into a male-- showing everyone a look of indifference.Bookmark here

Huh? I was sure he would glare at me or something.Bookmark here

"Do you need one of those anti-Noel documents? I can ask my wife to prepare one for you."Bookmark here

"You read my mind. I can't imagine myself falling for him but as the womanizer I know him as, it's a good safety net," Nine said with a proper smile. He looked genuinely happy.Bookmark here

I kept my silence, or rather, should I say I was pouting.Bookmark here

But what he said in the next breath had me rethinking my thoughts, "What a nice family."Bookmark here

For a moment I saw a flash of Nine's despairing figure.Bookmark here

"Nine, do you mind if I ask something personal? I'd just like to get to know you better," my father asked, I guess he also noticed that.Bookmark here

"Hm? Yeah, go ahead? I don't think there's anything all too much to know about me."Bookmark here

"How's your relationship with your family? I don't blame you, since not all parents are equal."Bookmark here

"That huh. I didn't think you would care. I think I'll just rant if I gave you the answer, but even then I'm already ranting. In short, I just want to separate from them," Nine said in a serious tone.Bookmark here

So Nine had a rough childhood huh? Totally different from me. I understand that I'm among the lucky ones to be born in my current family. Not every other kid is as fortunate as me. It's not like I can really sympathize with them either, the best I can do is empathize. Since a pity party does nothing. I'm sure Nine wouldn't want a pity party either.Bookmark here

Speaking of which, if his relationship with his parents is that bad-- though I'm not sure to what degree, how could he be living with us and paying the rent? It's about 30 percent more expensive than the monthly rental of the school dorms.Bookmark here

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding.Bookmark here

"No hard feelings but I can understand you. However, remember to continue to respect them as your family. I don't recommend cutting ties with them, the best option is to just limit your exposure," my father advised.Bookmark here

"I know that.. All I can do is not bother them so much. I would even bet that whether or not I'm around, nothing will change about the family."Bookmark here

"It's incredibly difficult to change someone, especially in your case, your parents. The best you can do is accept them as is. You can continue to love them without liking them."Bookmark here

"Thank you for giving me hope."Bookmark here

"Hm? What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"Nah. Seeing how you're able to raise someone like Noel despite being a good family clears up some of my doubts. I've always wondered how proper parents should be-- things like would being kind to your kids actually be a good idea? Since there's always this concept of 'don't let your kids step on your head' that runs in my family," Nine let his shoulders fall at a sigh. Smile appeared on his face.Bookmark here

"If you're that desperate, it's a good idea to join seminars and read parenting books. Most important of all, pick a suitable spouse."Bookmark here

"Thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind in the future."Bookmark here

"Though I'm really curious. Are you going to pick a male spouse or female spouse?"Bookmark here

"I think Noel is a fine example."Bookmark here

"That's not a joke you know?"Bookmark here

"What? You can't accept a cute daughter like me?" Nine said in his DEEP male voice. Ew, disgusting... Seeing a boy ask a father to accept him as a daughter-in-law.Bookmark here

Yep. Must be the effect of my TALENT. No doubt about it.Bookmark here

"Noel, did you give Nine some forbidden love potion or something?" my father finally turned to me, who had a dead expression and asked.Bookmark here

I shook my head left and right-- this bitch! Shit, the impact isn't all that great when said in the current situation since she is currently a male.Bookmark here

"Ah, excuse me! Nine!"Bookmark here

Nine turned around to face the source of that voice. A girl with hair tied into a ponytail, height taller than him, black framed glasses, a black handbag around her arms.Bookmark here

"Big sis! It's been a while!"Bookmark here

They greeted each other with a wave. It's anticlimactic seeing how Nine's elder sister ran as if she was about to pounce on Nine just to see her stop and wave at a distance less than 3 meters.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you Tiffany. I'm Daniel, and this is Noel, my son."Bookmark here

"Ah yes. I'm sorry I came late. Had some late projects I needed to work on. Nice to meet you Daniel, Noel," she lowered her head, which looked more like an apology than a greeting.Bookmark here

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