Chapter 6:

March 6: Miss. President

One Month to Figure out my Future

It was Saturday. It usually meant spending time at home. But no, today I was at school because I was a member of the literary club and we needed to maximize our time in any possible way.Bookmark here

As we were facing the hard dilemma of choosing the right colors to customize the forum section of our website, we were suddenly interrupted. A girl smashed the door open without even knocking, she came in and looked at us with a sort of disgusted expression. It was scary and unconformable at the same time. Paying a bit more attention, I noticed I had already met that girl…Bookmark here

She exclaimed: “So it’s true.”Bookmark here

The calligraphy club president! That’s who she was. How is this even possible? The other day she looked pretty innocent, nothing like the girl I had in front now.Bookmark here

Satoko quickly replied: “Miss. President, what brings you in today?”Bookmark here

Satoko had a really tense smile on her face and the atmosphere in the room was degenerating quickly. One more thing, why did she call her “president”? Yes she is the president of a club but you don’t refer to someone as “president” unless you are part of their club.Bookmark here

“You and your friend here are the problem!”Bookmark here

Me too? What did I do wrong this time? Did I sleepwalk the other night and unconsciously caused trouble? Hardly possible but, at this moment I was really confused.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry did we do something to upset you?” Satoko’s smile now started to look more provocative but still really tense.Bookmark here

“Stop playing around. You know what I’m referring to. Trying to act as heroes, resurrecting this useless club, wasting the school’s money!”Bookmark here

Why did she care so much? She seemed to have a pretty populated club, wasn’t occupying the old literary club room enough to make her happy? While I was still asking these questions to myself, Megumi, was her name Megumi right? Anyways, Megumi focused her attention on me.Bookmark here

“So, how did she convince you to join? Did she promise something to you? I can’t believe guys are so easy to trick.”Bookmark here

“I don’ know what you are talking about, but I joined the club on my own.”Bookmark here

Now her expression was the perfect representation of disgust.Bookmark here

“What a shameless poppy you found, Sonoda. Don’t go thinking this is over yet, I promise, it’s not.”Bookmark here

After this supposedly intimidating speech she left without closing the door.Bookmark here

“Soooo… that was weird. Do you mind telling me what’s going on?” Bookmark here

“I think the president didn’t like you saving the club at the last minute.”Bookmark here

I figured this much!Bookmark here

“But why? And why you call her president? I know she is the president of the calligraphy club but still…”Bookmark here

Rihoko now was looking at me with the expression of a really curious little child.Bookmark here

“Do you know her name?”Bookmark here

“Megumi, if I recall it correctly. Is it important?”Bookmark here

“Yes Megumi, Megumi Takano. Does it sound familiar?”Bookmark here

“Well I met her the other day, she introduced herself so I guess I already knew.”Bookmark here

“Satoshi you are unbelievable! She is the student council president! Don’t you remember the elections?”Bookmark here

To be honest I was never interested in the elections of the student council president. Usually only the smartest and snobbiest kids get that position regardless of their plans for the school.Bookmark here

“Now that you mention it…”Bookmark here

“She has been playing this game from day one and now it all makes sense. Being the student council president she knows the intentions of the school, which are to save money by reducing club budgets. I remember one day, she came in the old club room saying something like that it was a shame that such a beautiful big room wasn’t fully utilized due to the lack of members in my club.”Bookmark here

“So, what you are saying is that, she pushed for the closure of the literary club?”Bookmark here

“Exactly, moreover, the student council is mostly composed by friends of her, so I’m sure it didn’t take her much time to get her idea approved.”Bookmark here

“But this is insane, isn’t she supposed to be helping her fellow students instead of digging a deeper grave?”Bookmark here

“Well, you really don’t know anything about her, don’t you? It’s ok, I will fill you in. Her family is an old style really rich Japanese family, fully committed to maintaining traditions. That’s why she is president of the calligraphy club and why she wants to be the centre of the attention. If she can help the teachers, they will recognize her efforts and probably support her reelection for the next year.”Bookmark here

“It seems all a bit excessive but I think I get it. Aren’t the elections something that gets managed only by students? I’m sure the teacher can’t interfere.”Bookmark here

“Yes, but nothing prevents them from praising her hard work, and the majority of students who don’t care about the elections, just like someone I know…, would vote for her trusting what they heard from the teachers.”Bookmark here

That was… that was accurate unfortunately.Bookmark here

After that we continued working until it was time to lunch and we decided to have a little break.Bookmark here

As I was pulling out my bento box Satoko quickly jumped out of the room exclaiming: “Wait there!”Bookmark here

I waited as instructed and she came back with two cans of soda, just like the other day. I really appreciated it.Bookmark here

“You should let me pay for it next time.”Bookmark here

“Not a chance, I’m treating you because you deserve it.” As you probably guessed, yes he was red as hell in the face.Bookmark here

When I finished eating I decided to go for a walk, I know it doesn’t really sound like me, but my objective wasn’t walking, I wanted to have a chat with Miss. Kamuro.Bookmark here

Once I got to her office I knocked and waited. Shortly after, she opened the door with a burger in her mouth.Bookmark here

“Oh hi Kamizaki need something?” At least I think that’s what she said.Bookmark here

“Yes, can I have a quick word with you? I’m sorry if I’m interrupting your lunch.”Bookmark here

She waved me in. I sat down, Miss. Kamuro sat on her desk while still eating her burger.Bookmark here

“Megumi Takano, do I need to be worried about her?”Bookmark here

She laughed while still chewing.Bookmark here

“Why you say that?”Bookmark here

“I heard things about her. Things like her being the trigger for the club risking to close for good.”Bookmark here

“Yes, that girl is pretty powerful, everybody knows that. But, you have to remember something; we do things following strict protocols. She still needs our approval and, as cruel as we might look to you, we are also fair. The closure of the literary club has been a theme of discussion for a long time, Takano just was the final nail in the coffin. Then, you came in. They are allowing the club to redeem itself even if this means taking a gamble. Do your work as you usually do, maybe keep an eye on Takano and I’m sure you will be fine.”Bookmark here

That’s what I wanted to hear, as long as we delivered, we would be safe from that snobby girl.Bookmark here

“Thank you, sorry for having bothered you.”Bookmark here

“Not at all, come whenever you feel like it. One last thing, next week exams will start. I know you will be working hard, just remind Narukami to study as well.”Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

After my conversation with Miss. Kamuro I went back to the club room and Rihoko was still playing around with our website.Bookmark here

I finally decided ask that question…Bookmark here

“I noticed you really care about your hairstyle, you change it pretty frequently. Why is that?”Bookmark here

She looked more serious and stopped using my computer.Bookmark here

“It’s something personal, but… it’s ok I can tell you.”Bookmark here

“You don’t need if you don’t want.”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, just, it may sound a bit childish. You see, I like to wear a messy bun because it’s how my mother always used to do. She was a strong hard working woman, until…”Bookmark here

At that point I saw a new side of her as she was trying to hide the tears.Bookmark here

“..she passed away because of… cancer.”Bookmark here

Now I felt really bad, at the same time I felt… empathy.Bookmark here

“Whenever I feel I need to be strong just like my mother, I put my messy bun back, whereas If I want to feel free and carefree, I let my hair loose.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be so nosy, I shouldn’t have asked.”Bookmark here

“Don’t sweat it, I’m happy you know something more about me.”Bookmark here

“I don’t think it’s childish at all, it shows how much you loved your mother. I’m sure she would be proud of you.”Bookmark here

Rihoko couldn’t hold it anymore, she burst into tears and I thought I made the situation worse, but immediately after, she jumped and hug me while saying: “Thanks.”Bookmark here

She was latched onto me with all the strength possible, making it impossible for me to move. I didn’t really know what to do but, it seemed like, for one time, I didn’t mess up. That moment, It felt… good.Bookmark here

When I was about to lose blood circulation she decided to let me go and after wiping her tears away we moved on with our work.Bookmark here

It was 4pm when we agreed on finishing our working session to go back home so that we would have more time to study for the exams. I would have liked to ask her if she wanted me to walk her home, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.Bookmark here

On my way back home I noticed that Hayato was sitting on a bench at the basketball court we had on our block. He was looking at the sky and didn’t even notice me sneaking right alongside him.Bookmark here

“Mr. Narukami I shall remind you to study for the upcoming exams!” I tried my best to mimic Miss. Kamuro’s voice.Bookmark here

Hayato was awakened from his daydream and looked at me almost scared.Bookmark here

“Oh it’s you Satoshi, are you trying to make me have a heart attack?”Bookmark here

“I’m just reporting what Miss. Kamuro told me.”Bookmark here

“She wants me to study?”Bookmark here

“Yes, and she is not the only one.”Bookmark here

He didn’t reply. I guess Mr. Satoshi has to pull out the big guns.Bookmark here

“You know when you are tied at a basketball game, and only a few seconds remain? What do you do in this situation? You push as hard as you can, you don’t want to lose, and nothing can stop you. School is the same. You worked for an entire year, and now, only a couple of weeks are left. I’m sure you have plenty of energies to get trough. Certainly you have more energies than me. Focus and then you can let yourself go.”Bookmark here

Hayato looked at me and slightly smiled.Bookmark here

“Why are you always right?! Damn what was I thinking? Just a couple more weeks you say? Come on I can do it!”Bookmark here

“Yes you can. Now I really have to go because I need some studying too. See you on Monday.”Bookmark here

We both waved at each other as I was heading home.Bookmark here

I guess, after all, I have some talent in being a moral supporter. Should I study psychology? Nah, it’s cool but I don’t really feel like meeting too many crazy people. My career plan was still on the bottom of my bag, surely Miss. Kamuro will kill me after I give it back all wrinkled.Bookmark here

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