Chapter 1:

New Transfer Student

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"Aww man be quiet you dumb alarm. Let me sleep!" said Makoto as he tries to go back to sleep.Bookmark here

Someone's footsteps are heard heading to the door of Makoto's. "Hey, Makoto it's time to wake up. You're going to be late." Bookmark here

"Alright! Man what's someone got to do to be able to get some sleep here?" Makoto begins to get up and turns to look at his alarm. Bookmark here

"Aaaaahhh!"Bookmark here

"What's wrong?!" said Makoto's mom while bursting into the room.Bookmark here

"Aahh! Get out what are you doing! Knock on the door first!" Makoto yelled while trying to put on his clothes fast.Bookmark here

Makoto doesn't have time to get completely ready only enough to put on his uniform and get his backpack. He runs out of the house without eating breakfast.Bookmark here

He was 15 minutes late.Bookmark here

                                                                          ~~~~~   Bookmark here

Meanwhile in Makoto's new class the teacher is waiting for him so Makoto can introduce himself to the students.Bookmark here

"It seems the new transfer student is running late. Just hold on a little longer."Bookmark here

Makoto has finally arrived on school grounds and runs in the hallway. He stops in front of the class door and opens it.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry I am late sensei."Bookmark here

"Oh, Haku-san you've arrived. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."Bookmark here

Makoto gets in front of the class and stands up straight. "Hello everybody my name is Makoto Haku I've moved to this city because of my parents new job. I hope I can become friends with all of you."Bookmark here

"Ok Haku-san why don't you sit behind Nakahara-san."Bookmark here

Makoto makes his way to his seat behind a blonde hair boy. Nakahara quickly turns around to look at Makoto.Bookmark here

"Hey my name is Kota Nakahara. Let's be friends."Bookmark here

Makoto looks back at him surprised on how fast someone wanted to be friends with him.Bookmark here

"Ok Nakahara-san."Bookmark here

Nakahara changes his expression. "You can call me Kota and drop the -san honorific. We're friends now."Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm sorry. Then you can just call me Makoto then."Bookmark here

" Alright students you can address me as Tanaka-sensei and I will be teaching you as your first period teacher. Let's go onto the lesson."Bookmark here

After first period ends while the teachers are switching the students in the class are looking back at Makoto and talking about him. Makoto notices this and thinks to himself what they are possibly talking about.Bookmark here

"Don't pay mind to them."Bookmark here

"Aah Kota you scared me. Don't worry I don't care what they're saying."Bookmark here

"Anyways are you interested in joining any clubs?"Bookmark here

"Maybe, I'm not sure yet. Are you in a club?"Bookmark here

"No I'm not into clubs I like to stay home and play video games and read manga."Bookmark here

Makoto stares at him in awe of what he just said.Bookmark here

"So what you're saying is you also play video games and read manga."Bookmark here

"Yeah why?"Bookmark here

Makoto grabs Kota's hand and says, "We are going to be great friends!" while crying tears of joy. Kota stares at Makoto with a confused face.Bookmark here

A new teacher comes in and everyone settles back down. The classes go by and Makoto is listening while looking outside the window. Now it's time for lunch and since Makoto woke up late and rushed out of the house he left without his bento box.Bookmark here

"Oh no!"Bookmark here

"What's wrong Makoto?"Bookmark here

"Since I was so late I left my bento box at home!"Bookmark here

"Looks like I'm not the only one that left their bento box." said Kota while laughing.Bookmark here

"How did you leave your bento box if you weren't late?"Bookmark here

"It doesn't matter now. Come on let's go to the cafeteria to buy something."Bookmark here

"Alright." said Makoto while getting up to leave for the cafeteria.                                                                         Bookmark here

Joshua Lundquest
Joe Gold
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