Chapter 9:

A Gate Which Leads To Infinite Gates

The Netherworld : Awakening

After Luemon pushes the gates open we find ourselves in a dark gate alley. No, we didn't even move an inch. As Luemon pushes the gate the scene in front of us changes in an instant. The dark gate alley which we are currently in, keeps on continuing both in front and back.Bookmark here

There are gates in our left, right and instead of a ceiling or roof there are only gates and we are standing on gates, which keeps on going for as far as my eyes could see. There are small gates and gates which are as big as the gate we came in through or more like teleported through. Every gate is different from each other in design, size and structure. This is place filled with gates and gates only, and nothing else.  Bookmark here

Luemon says something and then gives a small evil laugh with a smug face.
Bookmark here

"Oh! So, this that place--hehe."Bookmark here

"Is she okay?"

I asked with a concerned face.Bookmark here

"Pay no mind to her. She is a little wei--ahem, totally weird demon. Ignoring her would be the best thing for you and the entirety of this netherworld."

By this statement and what has happened until now, I clearly understood that Satori hates Luemon and Luemon hates Satori. They both can't stand each other. It means it's going to be rough for me with these two.Bookmark here

"Well, I can't do that because I did half an hour ago and you pushed me from--you know what? I am not buying any of your shit from now on. So, tell me about this place."Bookmark here

Satori takes a deep sigh and then speaks.

"Fine. I will tell you as we walk."Bookmark here

And again we started walking--just how much are we going to walk. Well, whatever this for my life, next life to be exact. Bookmark here

Satori starts his explanation about this place.

"First let me tell you that the gate we just came in from is called the gate to infinite gates. As the name suggests it is a gate that leads to infinite gates and those infinite gates leads to different places. Places like a library, halls, houses or any place you can think of. But you can only access places which are in the netherworld."Bookmark here

"Does that mean you can enter--"

I wasn't done talking but Luemon cuts me in between.Bookmark here

"Hey, satori! Which one of these gates is the gate which is connected with Ixion's wife's bathroom gate? There are so many gates in here. I wonder how the hell he knew which one was the gate which led to her bathroom?"

Luemon asks this question while touching several gates one by one.Bookmark here

"Ignore her. So, you were asking something?"

Ignoring Luemon Satori asks.Bookmark here

"No. I already got my answer."

Seriously! One of these gates leads to someone's bathroom, a women's bathroom. It means-- Bookmark here

you have no privacy whatsoever. Something is wrong with this place. No, actually this whole place is wrong.Bookmark here

After reading my mind, Satori says.Bookmark here

"No. It's not like that."

"What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"These gates indeed lead to several places but you can't just access them that easily. You need to know the routes which lead to that place."

"Knowledge of the Routes?"Bookmark here

"Yes. If you open one of these gates it will lead you to some different place. But if you think it's easy to sneak into someone's room or palace just by opening a random gate then let me tell you that you are completely mistaken. Every gate you see here are gates which leads to places which is just like this place...filled with many gates, actually infinite gates."

Infinite gates? This place seriously has infinite gates, that's shocking.Bookmark here

"This place is both time saver and life taker. If you enter through a gate with the knowledge of the routes then it will save you hours, days or even years but if you enter without the knowledge of routes then you will be left with only one gate to pass through, a gate which only leads to death. One wrong step and you will be lost and once you are lost in here then give on any hope to ever make it back out of it."Bookmark here

"I-Isn't it kind of risky to use these then?"

"Yes, they are but no demon without the knowledge of routes would even ever try to stand at the entrance gate. The only demons who use these are those who know routes."Bookmark here

"Seriously man, imagine if you are using these gates and forgot the route in between. Not that any--"Bookmark here

"It had happened in past."

He says it with the stating-the-obvious look. Bookmark here

"wait, really? You got to be kidding me."

Maybe we should head back. Yes, we should definitely head back I don't want to die here.Bookmark here

"Oh! That's the gate."

Satori then holds the handle.Bookmark here

"Are we seriously going to pass through these gates?"

I instantly grab hold his right hand with my left hand, so he doesn't pull the gates open.Bookmark here

"Yes, that's the only way we can reach him."

So, it's been decided that we will die here.Bookmark here

"I know. You said these gates lead to places in the netherworld doesn't that mean the demon we want to meet is actually somewhere else and we are just using these gates to save some time?"

"Well, you are wro--"Bookmark here

"I am willing to walk miles and miles but let's not do this."

"At least liste--"Bookmark here

"I know you are just a burden because you are weak but you don't have to worry about that, Luemon will carry you."

"Don't call be a burden. You idiot. And listen to me before jumping on to some conclusion." Bookmark here

"No, you listen to--" 

Satori punches on my face.Bookmark here

" hurt. What are you doin--"Bookmark here



Satori takes a heavy sigh.Bookmark here

"The demon we want to meet--you won't find him anywhere. This gate you see it's the only gate that can lead you to him. There is no other way to meet him other than this." 

So it means we have no choice but to--Bookmark here

"Yes. We don't have any other option."

"Hey! Stop reading my mind as it's the most common thing you can do."Bookmark here

Satori ignores me and opens the gate. After Satori opens the gate we follow him.Bookmark here

"Now...which one?"

I ask seeing hundreds of gates in front of me.Bookmark here

"Let's open every single one of them."

Luemon gives her not-worthy-to-even-consider suggestion and as Satori advised me earlier I ignore her. Bookmark here

"Follow me."

Satori orders.Bookmark here

Satori walks straight for few steps and then stops in front of a gate that looks kind of grand even from a human's perspective. He then opens that gate and we arrive at our destination. The demon we want to see is sitting on a pile of books right in front of us. 

The pile he is sitting on is approximately 2 meters high.Bookmark here

That demon asks while looking directly towards Satori.

"What do you want Satori? Don't tell me you again need some personal advice or maybe you want to know how to make love potio--"Bookmark here

Satori cut him in between. I think I know why.

"Ahhhhhh! I-It's such nice weather in here today."Bookmark here

Satori panics immediately.Bookmark here

"Weather? Did you get hit on your head or someth--"

He wasn't done talking or was interrupted in between. He just looked toward Luemon and then stops immediately.Bookmark here

"Oh! So, that's how it is. Didn't I tell you to maintain your distance from that Mother-of-all-idiots? If you want idiocy curing medicine then go to Bathym and to me."

"Hey! Did he just called me mother-of-all-idiots?"Bookmark here

Luemon says it, unsure of what she just heard was correct or not.Bookmark here

"No. He didn't say anything like that. He just stated some facts that's all. Nothing to offend you though."

Satori says it Luemon with a straight face.Bookmark here

"Oh. I thought he insulted me. Sorry."

She bought that excuse and she even apologized. What's wrong with her?Bookmark here

"So, who is that human with you? Or maybe I should say ex-human."

"I am Yukio Ichiro. Nice to meet you." Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you? You don't say something like that when you meet a demon."

Well, he is not wrong. When you meet a demon you are supposed to scream and panic and not greet them. Bookmark here

"Well, whatever. I am Dagon a demon who knows everything related to forbidden knowledge. So, what do you want from me?"

"I need you to tell me something related to this fellow."Bookmark here

Satori points his left index finger towards me. I am standing on the right side of satori one step back.Bookmark here

"Him? I don't get you." 

"Let me explain it, then you will understand."Bookmark here

"Can I explain?"

Luemon volunteers.Bookmark here

"No. I think you should let Satori handle it."

I don't want what happened to Le'en same happen to him. I doubtBookmark here

After that Satori starts explaining to him about what happened until now. 

"Oh! I understand so that's why you are here?"Bookmark here

"Yes. So, do you think it is possible to do something about it?"

I say it with a low voice but enough to be heard by Dagon.Bookmark here

"Yes, there is but only one."

"Seriously? what is that? Please tell me."Bookmark here

"You have to go back to the human world."

"Huh?"(*2)Bookmark here

Both Satori and I express it at the same time.Bookmark here

Go back to the human world? I don't think I am allowed to. 

No, I am sure of that. He said this is the only way. Does that mean I don't have any other option other than to accept my fate? You've got to be kidding me.Bookmark here

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