Chapter 0:

Purpose to Life



Summer night around 12 a.m. in a field of flowers and grass flowing in wind. A pond is in the near background.Crickets, frogs, and cicadas are all heard. A dragonfly zips by. Mr. Dragonfly lands onto a cattail in the pond. The plant sways as the bug lands.

Katsu off screen(child)
Purpose to life. Is there such a thing? Does everyone really have a purpose?

A frog snatches the dragonfly and eats. The frog hops into the water and swims. It’s swimming passed fish and underwater plants. The camera stops following the frog and focuses on the passing school of small fish. It follows the fish and a bigger fish is then seen eating the majority.

Katsu o.s (child)
Purpose to life. What if that purpose was for only a second, would you think life is worth it?

Frog pops his head from the water and an owl snatches the frog. It takes it to a nearby tree and eats.

Katsu o.s. (child)
Purpose to life. Does it always mean sacrifice? Is it positive? Does one’s purpose effect another’s? Has anybody’s death been in vain?

The owl flies towards its nest and feeds the baby owls its regurgitation. The tree begins to shake. Momma jumps back and begin to flap while the babies helplessly are unable to fly.

Katsu o.s. (child)
Purpose to life. Humans seem to be the most confused about that purpose. Some think “tomorrow” is the purpose. Some of them work their lives away for more and better things, for themselves or their loved ones, some a deity, or… for humanity. Most animals know their purpose at birth but humans seem to make their own purpose throughout their lives. Sometimes that purpose changes, while the rest stay on the same path.

A man wearing lumber jacket, boots, and jeans, watching the 15 ft tall tree crash down. Birds fly from nearby trees. As the man starts dragging the tree back home sweat dripping from his face it starts to snow lightly from the cloudless sky. The man looks confused and looks around.

Katsu o.s. (child)
But what would happen if humans were forced into a purpose?

A meteor is shown falling from the sky behind the man. A trail of blue/purple fire following. A blue and pink aura is coming from it. The sound of wind and crackling fire is heard as the camera is following at a close angle. It falls creating a huge impact. (BOOM) The ground shakes and the man carrying the tree falls. Unknowing of what happened the man continues home. Several miles away from an above angle the meteor is in a mile-wide hole and is a few hundred feet into the ground.

Katsu o.s. (child)
Forced to fight, forced to live, forced to save humanity.

 Zoom in slowly towards the giant meteor. As the meteor gets closer it starts to crack like an egg.

(whispers) Purpose… to life.

Joe Gold