Chapter 4:

Chapter 1 Part 2 The Awakening

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)

Mayu ran through the village towards the shipment port in a frenzy. As she neared the dock, she noticed a strange creature dodging in and around the containers on the right-hand side, of the dock floor which faced the Valley. Mayu, a very particular, but unique individual, foolishly let curiosity get the better of her, so she decided to check it out.

The creature was small and moving fast, Mayu tried to catch up but It crested the hill and disappeared as though descending into the valley below. Mayu stopped and looked back at the spaceport,

“Oh! This will only take a second.” Mayu said as she dropped the package and ran, following the creature into the valley.

Trying to make as little noise as she could manage, Mayu followed the creature to the edge of the clearing and into the forest. Mayu was so focused on making sure she did not lose her little friend, that she didn't realize how far off the travelled path they had come until they rounded the corner and the ruins lay directly in front of her.

Not wanting to scare the little guy, she hid behind a huge oak tree and watched as the creature stopped at the doorway of the main entrance, as though sensing that it was not alone, or perhaps, she thought, it was waiting for her to reveal herself. Mayu's heart pounded as it dawned on her that he/she/it knew that Mayu was hiding behind the tree.

It took Mayu a split second to process that the creature reminded her of a squirrel. There was something curious about the look of this particular squirrel. It stood on its hind legs and tilted its head to the side, waiting, at the same time studying Mayu as she approached. Its eyes beckoned for her to draw closer, and so she did, ever so cautiously.

"Hey, little guy, what are you doing all the way out here? " Mayu inquired, scratching her head, but still pretty confused.

The creature studied Mayu some more, not moving, or blinking. It stared intently at her face, encouraged by its calmness Mayu kept talking,

"you know, we're quite alone out here. It's a good thing I know this place from the, inside out. Believe it or not, I used to play here all the time with my friend Lilly when we were little. We would hunt for treasure, and discover a bunch of new things, those were the fun times, and you know what,”

Mayu stopped speaking and paused, she slowly turned her head to the left and looked away from the squirrel, and began to mumble,

“but we don't really get to hang out anymore, it turns out she's a super busy person, but she's very nice," She rambled on, hoping to appear as casual and as friendly as possible.

The squirrel remained standing on its hind legs but this time shifted its head to the other side and squinted its eyebrows as if considering what Mayu had revealed. Mayu could tell that it was listening, so she continued talking as if she had found a long lost friend to tell her stories to.

"I have something to show you", she volunteered. "It's the unique treasure that Lilly, and I found when we were little."

Mayu had been dying to tell someone but didn't want her precious secret taken away from her. She had an idea to tell her new friend.

As if sensing what was about to happen and wanting a closer look, the squirrel scurried up on Mayu's right shoulder and sat there waiting. Mayu reached into her pocket and pulled out the strangest looking rock. Measuring about 3 inches in diameter and weighing about 12 ounces, this particular rock was unlike anything she'd found in her treasure hunting days.

All around the outer edge ancient symbols looked to have been meticulously carved and evenly spaced. The inner rim just before the center was perfectly smooth and transparent and reflected a certain glow like a faraway star. The stone did this on every third day. It was Mayu's secret that she kept to herself, the glowing rock that is.

Lily knew about the rock, they'd found it together, she thought it a strange looking thing and had let Mayu have it. What she didn't know was that it glowed, bloomed like a flower, but then died, like the fall of a sunset.

"Okay, here it goes!".

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