Chapter 1:

The Family


10 min before impact.

 In MC #1 Katsu’s home, in his room. Katsu, slim, 14, black messy hair medium length, green eyes, a small scar on his right eyebrow, wearing a white shirt, striped boxers and no socks. He gets up from his bed and yawns. He walks to the door. Opens his door into a hallway. His room is the farthest down the hall. He walks down the stairs to get a drink. His footstep dragging can be heard on the wood floor. Still half asleep he turns the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Looking down from atop the stairs a pre-pubescent  scream is heard. 

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He falls on his ass and looks up in pain. A (not so) scary (at 2nd glace) doll with its eyes hanging out is propped against the wall. A young female laugh is heard. Shelly, 16, long blonde hair, blue eyes, cute features, in a night gown laughing against the wall behind him. She is talking while laughing.

AHAHaHAhA you thought I was just going to let you get away with dropping my phone in the toilet? Since you said your weren't afraid of me I made something that you would be.

Katsu blushing picks himself up and looks at Shelly with a stink eyed look.

It was by accident besides it still works. It just has a liiittle bit of my dump water in it.  And it wasn’t that good of a prank anyway.

Shelly laughs again.

Yea that’s why you were on the floor screaming like a girl. *giggle*

Katsu’s parents come out from their room. Katsu’s father is slim but a well built man ,32, 6’3, dark hair like Katsu, 5 o’clock shadow and green eyes with bags under them wearing his older military sleepwear. Katsu's mother, 34, 5’6” long brown hair, large bust and wide waist with purple eyes that grab the attention of anybody who saw them.  Wearing boy shorts and a tank top.

Dad *non-sealant* What’s going on out here you two? Your mom woke me up while I was trying to sleep through your girly screams Katsu.


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Dad *trying to itch that one unreachable back spot*
Cuz' Shelly isn't the type to scream before fighting even in a surprise attack.Bookmark here

Mom *sternly*
Its Sunday- No, Monday morning on a school day. You two should have been asleep over 2 hours ago. 

Katsu But mom I was, she wa-|

No buts. The only one I want is yours in bed.

There is a muffled explosion that can be heard from outside and everybody looks toward the window. Nothing

Probably just the night construction crew across town.

Shelly(To Dad)
Can I get some water before I go back to bed please?

Katsu’s father chuckles and rubs her head

Sure sweetie lets go get some.

He turns the corner and gets scared by the (not so) scary (at 2nd glance) doll. He falls on his ass just like his son.


As he rubs his coccyx in pain the doorbell rings. Katsu’s father gets up and walks toward the door. He opens it and two (not so) decorated military men are standing there wearing the same outfit. It has already started snowing in the summer night over the house. 


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