Chapter 25:

Balance (Part Two)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

The search for balance is underway. We decided not to take part in the sleeper cell search. There wasn’t a need to do it when amply drenched in the otherworldly force. Numbers were high, but no detection of an apparent source. This showed us it’s everywhere, potent as it can be, with all the information transmitted to our HUDs.Bookmark here

Adding an internal limiter would permit ever-increasing amounts of energy without collapsing into a miniature bomb like its predecessor. We wanted to see if going to areas outside Tememanda would be the same. And sure enough, they were consistent. But if it encompassed Me’blenxclan, even in all nooks and crannies, this would prove to be a major challenge. For us to unravel the cause, we have to cover an even bigger area.Bookmark here

The Tenkep Research Squad followed me wherever I went. The beeps were guidance for all of us. We kept going until we stumbled on a group. They were on the hunt for possible sleeper cells. Many were curious about the object that served to be their disturbance. After informing them of it being an invisible energy detector, they became part puzzled and part interested. A few had a basic idea of what it is, but most had no concept of this fabled force.Bookmark here

We move forward until a fang cliff came into sight. Reaching the very edge, the noise went into a reduction. This was quite interesting for it go down. A decline displays a weakening the further from the ground, almost as if it dissipates. Also, it infers that it comes from the soil and the sludge. This gave the idea to place it closer, leading to an activity spike. However, bending down for miles to come wasn’t something I fancied. Therefore, I was willing to relinquish the detector. Someone else can take it.Bookmark here

Braltui wrangled it from my grasp and walked back to flat land to continue the search. The Makupuus’ structure makes them suitable to do my idea more directly with them being on all-fours. This would be to their advantage.Bookmark here

Being nearer to where the balance emanates drives us to a sinkhole. Here, the noises mellowed. The sun at high noon did little for light to enter this cavity. No slime came close either. It dried up well before reaching it. Actual soil, lifeless and brown, was visible from three hundred and sixty degrees. You could not conceptualize the details of a figure in this impenetrable shadow.Bookmark here

We stepped away from the edge and took a break to talk about the data collected so far. There was some progress, that was for certain. To have even a slight increase in understanding in how it functions is great, but our time was running out. For that reason, we had to speed this up. If we don’t, we would have to break up on a footnote - which isn’t the worst thing ever, but I would like to have a clearer picture of what we’re dealing with before this eventuality.Bookmark here

The sunlight is deteriorating. Returning to Tememanda before dark takes hold should begin in earnest. There are two days to gain as much as we can.Bookmark here

“Hello to you, metal suit.”Bookmark here

What is that voice? It sounds like someone choking on a chicken bone. Turning, I see three lifeforms. One was like a knife’s edge bathed in pink with what looks like fingers propping it up; its sides were occupied by a tall but thin hovering being that has its small set of organs outlined and a brawny being that had a head that was bigger than the remainder of its frame.Bookmark here

“How you be today? Good?” The knife’s edge speaks again.Bookmark here

They got us defensive. We were prepared to attack if needed. I ask who they are and the knife’s edge told us this: “We had to follow you. You were on the search for the balance.”Bookmark here

“How do you know that? I did not tell another being besides the ones here with me and those from the group we passed.”Bookmark here

“We were with that very group. You should’ve recognized us. We met before.”Bookmark here

“I don’t think we have.”Bookmark here

“We’re in accordance with Kawlt.”Bookmark here

The Gloup seem to be more articulate. It must be the increased power.“Huh. Wouldn’t have guessed.”Bookmark here

“Once we got a call from a lower level Gloup detailing a conversation between significant members of the Gloup military about you and your recent actions, we had to follow your every step.”Bookmark here

Haibul wanted them to reveal their names and intentions to which they said it’s not important but they will do it soon. Something about them was off.Bookmark here

“Who can it be?” The memories of restraining those who fought against industrialization came to me. “I think I know who they are.”Bookmark here

“So you know there are those that seek to preserve the balance, even resorting to violence to keep it hidden.”Bookmark here

“Well, with these recent developments, I have an understanding of the situation.”Bookmark here

“Just make sure to not have those who have these interests find out what you are doing. To cause trouble is not nice. And if that isn’t enough, you should listen to this message. We promised to deliver it as intended as the enemy would most likely track any call.”Bookmark here

“But all I have to do is to change to the Makupuu frequency and that should throw them off.”Bookmark here

“It is still a risk on Kawlt’s end. One it does not want to take. So please listen to this message.”Bookmark here

The tall and thin one stepped forward. Metal suit, you are well? I do hope so. This is Kawlt. Take note of lifeforms that don’t like what you are doing. That item you have will bring problems. Many of them.Bookmark here

“Why does it sound so foreboding? Could it be less serious?”Bookmark here

“Serious is what I have to be. To not do it that way means you won’t get it.”Bookmark here

“I see. Still somewhat unnecessary, but I get it.”Bookmark here

“So you get what it says?” Knife’s edge regained the discussion. “Stop doing what you’re doing. You will get into trouble.”Bookmark here

“But when I asked Kawlt about this very thing, it couldn’t give me a solid answer.”Bookmark here

“Well Kawlt is more aware now, and also those that oppose you.”Bookmark here

The tall and thin one said with frustration that it is not yet done.Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry. I get deceived by your long pauses. I always think you’re done, and out of nowhere, a thousand more come from you. Speak as you intend.” The Knife’s edge retreated, giving it the floor.Bookmark here

“Thank you.” There is one to watch out for: Paltouh, a high ranking Gloup leader. It is spearheading the order to have you restrained. They want it to be forever, only letting you out to fight. They won’t kill you because it would lead to many dead and wounded in protest. Your strength prevents your execution.Bookmark here

“Can’t I just keep doing this? If they can’t kill me, I would prefer to test my luck.”Bookmark here

“They will be holding back knowing they do not want to kill you. The lifeform in question means killer translated in your language. That should tell you the type of beings coming for you if you test your luck.”Bookmark here

“Well, if true, your eavesdropping may have saved me.”Bookmark here

“It is and it will. Kawlt is in contact with Wacabo, Kouk, Cobusu and several others in person.”Bookmark here

“Are they planning something?”Bookmark here

“I cannot answer that. But what I should say is to be careful. Plenty of organisms want to do you harm. I can’t state that enough. Please promise us you will not continue.”Bookmark here

“I won’t”Bookmark here

The big-headed one didn’t believe us.Bookmark here

Just like that. How could they tell?Bookmark here

“We are ordered to follow you so none of you can sneak off.”Bookmark here

“Can I refuse? I will not betray what Kawlt wants me to do.”Bookmark here

“By this point, no. You are under constant watch for the foreseeable future.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They weren’t kidding with their constant watching. I couldn’t eat, poop, or sleep without being surveyed once we got back. This is not how life should be lived, alien or otherwise. Bookmark here

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