Chapter 3:

A New Friend

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

The students in the classroom were starting to look away since the argument ended and went back to their own conversations. Kota noticed Makoto was clenching his fists and still looked angry.

"Makoto don't think about that guy anymore. He's not worth getting all worked up for."

"Yeah I know. Don't worry about me."

Makoto turns to look at Sakuri still drenched in food from her bento box.

"Are you okay?"

Sakuri looks at Makoto startled by hearing someone call her. She looked at Makoto in a different way. In her perspective she saw his hair flow in the air and his question came out soft. She seemed to start to develop some feelings for Makoto.

"Y-yes I'm okay."
She was fidgeting not being able to make eye contact with Makoto.

"You should get cleaned up. Don't want to have your hair be covered in rice." Makoto said in a jokingly way.

Sakuri left to go to the restroom and get cleaned up. Kota poked Makoto to get his attention and made a funny face to go with what he was about to say.

"Hey Makoto guess what?"


"I ended up getting the same sandwich as you."
Makoto stared at him with a blank stare but slowly started to smile and ended up with both of them laughing.

"Wow, I can't believe it you went through all that trouble of not knowing what to get and you end up getting the same thing as me." Makoto said while laughing.

"I know right."
As they're slowly getting out of their laugh attack they sit back down on their desks and Kota begins to eat his sandwich. Makoto thinks back to seeing the girls bento box being ruined. He looks at his sandwich as decides to hold onto it for a little while longer.

"Kota, who were those people?"

"Oh, the dude is Itsuki Kaneko. He's in the baseball team and is the ace pitcher. Kaneko acts like a douchebag all the time and is just a pain in the neck."

"I can tell."

Makoto's response causes Kota to release a small laugh.
"The girl is Meinu Futaba and is Kaneko's girlfriend."

Makoto starts to laugh and Kota looks at him confused wondering why he's laughing by hearing her name.

"Do you know what Meinu means?"

"Doesn't it refer to a pretty woman?"

"No, it can also mean a female dog also known as a b*tch."

"That name really goes hand in hand with her personality."

They both start to have a laugh attack. While they're laughing Sakuri makes her way into the room and sits in her desk. Makoto stops laughing and turns to her. He saw she got cleaned up but her uniform still has some stains on it.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Huh? Oh...y-yes I'm doing okay." 

She said that even though she was blushing madly looking at Makoto and thinking back to what he did for her. Makoto holds his sandwich up to Sakuri's face.

"Here you can have my sandwich since that guy ruined your bento box."

"N-no it's okay. It's yours you should eat it. I-i'm not really hungry anyways."

Stomach Growl

Sakuri's stomach growled enough for Makoto to hear it and start to lightly laugh. She begins to blush madly from embarrassment.

"It's fine don't worry about me. Here." 

Sakuri takes it and starts to eat it.

"So what's your name?"

"My name? I-it's Yasu Sakuri. W-what's yours?"

"The name's Makoto Haku. Nice to meet you. Sakuri-san."

"And my name's Kota Nakahara."

Kota chimed in joining the conversation. And with that the three of them became friends.