Chapter 4:

Greatest in The Worst

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

This was about four years ago on a Spring day. Jon was spending time alone, under a shade of tree feeling the blow of wind, watching the sky and clouds, melting into the melodies of some song coming through earphones to his ear. 

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Then Someone from behind takes out the earphone from one side and whispers, "What are you doing here alone, Jon?"Bookmark here

He panics, looks back, and says, "Oh! So it is you, Ashya. You took my breath away."

She asserted, "If that's the case, I have no problem sharing my breath with you, Jon." She ends by sitting next to Jon.Bookmark here

That Jon and Ashya had a different kind of relationship.

Jon didn't reply as he was deep in the tune of whatever he was listening to.There was silence for a while but it breaks down when Jon asks, "What are you doing here?"Bookmark here

"It's unfair. I ask first, then you answer. What are you doing here alone apart from the group?" she says

Instead of Answering, He gives one side of the earphone, Ashya sticks it in her ear.Bookmark here

Then he asks, "How's it?"

"It's good but I don't understand the lyrics." she says,Bookmark here

"Try with an empty mind and listen to them clearly," he suggests.

She tried it and said, "Still, the only thing I can hear is the synchronization of these two sounds - di and dah."Bookmark here

"What are they?" she asks

He explains, "They are Morse code sounds. They are used in giving information by signals. Di is one unit long and Dah is three units long — you can also say them like this — Di as dots and Dah as dashes. Each letter and number has its own Morse code, For example ,the sound of 5 is di di di di di and the sound of F is di di dah di. Apart from this, there are three more sounds,i.e.dit, didy, and didit."Bookmark here

"You sure know a lot?" she says
He denies saying, "No! I had to know to understand this song."

"You haven't written it?" she asksBookmark here

"No! It was given by a person with a handwritten manual of morse code," he replies

He then divulged, "I never shared this with anyone but I guess I'm not an orphan. I used to live with a man, and that day he left me outside the orphanage with this. It was raining, so I fell down and was found by the mother of the orphanage. She took me inside and when I woke up I had only hazy memories about that day or any day I spent with that man."Bookmark here

"Actually! Everything's gone over my head but do you want to remember what happened that day or who that person was?" she asks.

"No! I love my life this way, I don't want to open the pages of some misery and make it worse," he answersBookmark here

She asks, "Okay! But why did you share it with me?"

He moves closer to her face and says, "Consider You're special!"Bookmark here

She blushes and replies, "Don't say such things outright. It's embarrassing." as punching on his face.

He shouts but then stands up and says, "That's why we're even now."Bookmark here

"Hmph! Whatever,"she exclaims. Jon gave his hand, But she stood on her own.

They left from there. Now in the present time.Bookmark here

Jon was asking Kyora about her. Ashya came from behind Jon and said, "Thank you, Jon."

"Why? If you have to do something, give me something to eat,"he demands.Bookmark here

"Okay! But just a rice ball,"she offered,she didn't forget that Jon drinked all the cola.

"Huh! Why? What did I do? Means from when did it become a sin to drink all cola." he asks.Bookmark here

"It's not all about drinking cola. If you were feeling so thirsty, you should have told us, you want our cola too. Shouldn't have drunk it from ours behind,"Germon says

Germon explains the facts, "We have one person now, so we have to adjust, Jon."Bookmark here

"Why only me?"Jon asks

They all sat around Kyora as they could neither break the chain on her leg nor release her.Bookmark here

Germon shares to Kyora about the trains, games and all other details.
Kyora was shocked after listening to all that, she asked, "Um... will you sacrifice me on this stage? If you all fail."

Ashya replies, "It won't happen."Bookmark here

"Don't get yourself high after clearing a stage." Jon drawls,

"Did you say something, Jon?" Ashya looked at him smiling and asked.Bookmark here

"No!" He answers. Germon was sitting to the left of Jon,he came to Jon's ear and said, "What happened to her?"

Jon said,"I have no idea."Bookmark here

In it, Ashya asks Kyora about her - where she is from, what she does and why she is on this train.

As we all know Kyora is shy to talk to anyone but still she tries. At first she stuttered, "Um..I a-a-am from Ikebukuro l-l-like you. A s-s-student at R-r-rikkyo University and a p-p-part - timer."Bookmark here

"Me too. Kyora-sis. " Ashya says
"When did she become your sister?" Jon asks suspiciously

"Because she's older than us.We should respect her." Ashya repliedBookmark here

Germon was reading his flashcards, so he said, "Let them talk, Jon."

Jon looks at him and says, "You had this too?"Bookmark here

"Yes! Everything is in the bag except our smartphone." Germon tells

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" said Jon happily and checked his bag.Bookmark here

He shouted, "Where's my manga?"

Ashya replies, "Oh! I threw them before boarding the train."Bookmark here

"Why did you do this, Ashya?" Jon asked in desperation

Ashya replies "Why not, otherwise you won't let us enjoy the journey better."Bookmark here

"Um...You t-two will b-become a good c-couple in F-future,"Kyora stuttered.
Both say in denial, "Never,"

"I don't want someone who steals the shares of others." Ashya saysBookmark here

"I also don't want someone who throws others things without telling them."Jon says

Germon stops reading his flashcard and asks, "By the way, why are you on this train, Kyora-sis?"Bookmark here

Kyora stutters, "A-Actually, I was going to v-visit my old f-friend in Shimbashi, we had another p-plan from there but i think it's all r-ruined now."

"It seems like." Germon saysBookmark here

Ashya interrupted, "Well no one has come yet to tell us about the game like every stage."

"I was also thinking the same." Germon tellsBookmark here

Suddenly a horn sounded and A voice came from somewhere,"Sorry for being late, brats." 

Everyone started looking here and there. Germon asks, "Who?"Bookmark here

"I'm Kyle, the host and maker of this stage. I think you all had a lot of fun but now it's over because it's my stage time - Greatest in the worst. " he says
Everyone stands up except Kyora but Jon doesn't seem to be in a good mood after hearing about his manga.

In which the Germon says, "This is not the time to black out."Bookmark here

"Yes!" he answers sadly

Ashya, "Kyle, right? Tell us about this stage game."Bookmark here

Kyle says, "Okay! Then,"changing his tone in a Boaster Character,he continues, "Welcome to the Greatest in the worst. The game isn't too hard for people like me, but I don't know about you brats. This one is a tag game, the game is divided into two parts. The first part, the person using any of the four of their body parts to guess what those materials are but you can't use eyes in them. In the second part, the other person one has to find the greatest in those worst things."

Germon says, "Unique game as always." Bookmark here

Ashya,"What about other rules like time limits or anything?"

"There's none! Because I know you won't be able to clear it. There's no time limit either. If you clear this stage, you can release that girl and get the key. Because this is the first checkpoint if you guys remember." he says confidentlyBookmark here

"Okay! So let's decide who will play it." Germon says.

Ashya suggested, "I don't want to play, I just played. You and Jon go."Bookmark here

"But do you really think Jon will be able to go on like this?" Germon asks
Ashya and Germon wonder how they can change Jon's mood.

Then Ashya went to confirm him, "Jon, you're going to play this game, won't you?"Bookmark here

He starts yelling, "Do you understand what you did or didn't, Ashya? That was the last piece of my one piece manga. I bought them by saving money and you threw them away."

Ashya immediately said, "Excuse me! I didn't throw them away, I hid them inside my pillow when we were packing up at my house. and Sorry for lying!"Bookmark here

"Really?" Getting his hope again, he asks

"Yeah! Now get ready for the game before I thunder at you." she saysBookmark here

"Ok!" He says

Then Germon informs Kyle, "Hey, Bragger! Me and this guy who just got better are ready."Bookmark here

"Did you call me bragger? Whatever! After failing in this stage, you will even lose your voice . Part one is on the blue line side and the other part is on the red line side." Kyle says

"You will play the first part. I don't want to start ." Jon requestBookmark here

Germon says, "Okay!"

Four things under the stage come in a variety of sizes and shapes inside that Blue Surface.Bookmark here

"What are they?" Kyora asks

"Materials. Without using your eyes and any body parts at once. You have to guess what they are." Kyle answers.Bookmark here

Kyle ordered, "You girl with midi hair, cover his eyes with that black scarf."

At the end of the box was a black scarf. Ashya went there, picked it up and closed Germons eyes with it.Bookmark here

The game begins, in stride Germon reaches a box that was small as if it was only up to his knees. He put his foot in and felt stiffness and cold.

He figured out what it was and said, "Slush."Bookmark here

"Right! But remember you can no longer set foot on the other." Kyle laughs and says

He moves side by side thinking he will find another. Where He found another that was shaped like a bowl. He was confused as to which physiology he should use to find out.Bookmark here

"Slush! Hmm" says Ashya

"Will he be okay?" Kyora asked AshyaBookmark here

"Don't worry he will be." Ashya replies. Assuming even if you use your arm, leg. After that How will you find out the others, Germon?

He takes the bowl in his hand and smells it. Then he went inside his head to find what this smell could be.Bookmark here

Then something comes to his mind that was very unexpected, so he replies, "Corpse Flower, isn't it?"

Kyle says, "Correct! Now nose out."Bookmark here

Being blindfolded, sometimes he was falling down and struggling to find the other but this time he collided with it. It was like a container.

He stabilizes himself, after that he puts his hand inside that container and feels very slippery as he is finding it difficult to understand what it is.Bookmark here

Then he noticed that it was not slippery, it was just soft and hard to move.
So he replies, "Ooze, isn't it?"

Kyle says, "Correct! Now you can't use your arms."Bookmark here

As only the last one was left, he found out earlier, it was in the shape of a rectangular box. Hands, feet and nose he already uses. Now he can't use them.
Kyle says, "What will you do, brats?"
"He's in trouble, isn't he?" Kyora asks
"He has to find a way to know the final material." Ashya replied

Then Germon turns himself upside down on the rectangular box. And poured out his head but only up to his forehead. Then he understood what it was because of its sucking nature. Bookmark here

So he replies, "Mud if you count the forehead as physiology, isn't it?"
Kyle said, "Tsk! Right! Well done, brat. Your part is now done."

Jon was calmly watching everything closely. That's when Kyle called to him, "Now it's your time, another brat. From these things — Mud, Slush, Corpse Flower and Ooze — tell me where is the greatest in these worst."Bookmark here

"Huh! That's all?" he asks

"Yeah! And you only have ten minutes for that. Now I'll come to see you fail." Kyle answers as soon as he leaves.Bookmark here

"What the hell is this Game? Everything's the worst. How do I find the greatest of them all." Jon tells himself
On the Other hand,In east Japan Railway Company, The chairman was ready to face whatever was written in his father's diary.

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