Chapter 26:

Balance (Part Three)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Who ratted us out? The lifeforms we met while hunting for stowaway Caxhels are the most probable culprits. I wouldn’t expect less. But, if that’s my conclusion, then I should’ve been more secretive. Bookmark here

None of them was aware of our personal search. The previous behaviour of those who preserve the balance should’ve taught me to not be that reckless. It could’ve cost us if these three beings hadn’t covered our backs. We were grateful for their warnings, but their intrusions were irritating. That was undeniable.Bookmark here

The three of them were watching us from windows since they do not have the appropriate breathing apparatuses to enter.Bookmark here

The one with the big head was tasked to keep me in its sights. If I leave, it fails. It had the voice of a coward, making its threats without weight. No wonder they had to exaggerate the message from Kawlt. They are a joke.Bookmark here

“How much longer will you be here?”Bookmark here

“As long as we need to be.” It replies through voice chat.Bookmark here

“I want to talk to Kawlt about his excessive oversight. I am not defenceless. Me, as well as those of the Tenkep Research Squad, can handle ourselves.”Bookmark here

“You can’t. Kawlt is busy making preparations.”Bookmark here

“That being could never be too busy for me. I want to have a talk.”Bookmark here

“As I just said, Kawlt can’t speak to you right now. This is for you in the end - all of this. Just hold out for a bit and you’ll be fine.”Bookmark here

They keep being suspicious. I would kick them out without a second guess regardless of affiliation. But I need some sort of verification to do that without the feeling that I betrayed Kawlt’s orders.Bookmark here

“Sato! I can’t take this anymore!” Delume came with aggression that I haven’t seen in a while. “I tried to go outside but the other two shoved me back in. So much disrespect! They can’t be serious that we can’t leave our ship.”Bookmark here

“I’m coming to my end as well. They are unbearable. Their gaze is so much they disturb my sleep. I can be a wreck without proper rest; I was lucky to get it last night.”Bookmark here

“Well, we have to go all out today. After this, we have to go back.”Bookmark here

“If you all were stationed here permanently, that wouldn’t be an issue.”Bookmark here

“When things get a bit better back home, maybe they will let us stay here for good.” Braltui placed itself in the chat. “Our species still has a lot of cleaning up to do.”Bookmark here

“Yep. There is a lot of replacing of infrastructure that requires our input.” Said Waityuix.Bookmark here

“Hopefully you don’t miss us as we won’t be visiting for some time.” Haibul came at me in a playful tone.Bookmark here

“I won’t. It’s not like you’ll be gone forever.”Bookmark here

“The earliest opportunity we will be able to come back is a year from now.” Fruisolp laid it out bare.Bookmark here

“In Me’blenxclan time?” I wasn’t liking what it was saying. The vibe from it was bad.Bookmark here

“No. Our time.”Bookmark here

That’s bad. It will basically take forever for them to return if they’re referring to their units of time.Bookmark here

“But we will do our best to cut down on that. If not, we should be able to sneak in a visit here and there.”Bookmark here

My fears weren’t alleviated, but they settled. My armour would be damaged from the Caxhels – that is inevitable, so to hear they will come by from time to time despite other obligations was good. I don’t want them to take too long. That would be far from ideal.Bookmark here

“Well then, let’s find a way ou…” The interference was massive but short. The cause, however, was a concerning one. “Someone is listening to this call. We’re being spied on.”Bookmark here

The one titled Metal Suit, come out and surrender! You are to be restrained and questioned as well as your colleagues!Bookmark here

They are here. I’ve been waiting for a reason to break free and look how it’s placed on my lap. Bookmark here

You have five seconds, you deplorable lifeform! Five, four, three, two, one. FIRE!!!Bookmark here

I crouch expecting a flurry to ruin my home. But this did not come. Instead, the slicing of air and metal was fluent for thirty seconds. I hear silence. They must think I’m dead. Using this gap of enemy inactivity, I managed to get to my suit. As I activate it, over half of the building collapsed. Some got me flush on my helmet, but I withstood it no problem.Bookmark here

Without my enclosed space as an inhibiter, I take off. They shot at me but I was too agile to be brought down.Bookmark here

Fruisolp calls me to rescue their peculiar situation. It tells me that their ship is stuck due to yellow gunk holding down their ship. They came prepared. However, they did not have a rebuttal for flight.Bookmark here

Zooming over them, I was able to come from the rear, lift the ship and fly away.Bookmark here

They followed in their hundreds.Bookmark here

Being a substantial distance from their front line didn’t mean I could let down my guard. They were trying to land a hit, and while avoiding them was easy, they were threatening enough to keep me active.Bookmark here

“Looks like those beings that said they were with Kawlt are gone.” More evidence to add to the list that they could be against us.Bookmark here

“Did you see them in the crowd?” inquired Fruisolp.Bookmark here

“No. They weren’t there. All were gone by the time I took to the sky.”Bookmark here

“I would think they would be amongst them if they were working together.”Bookmark here

“I don’t care where they are right now. We’re getting hunted down by heretics.”Bookmark here

Waityuix informed us that based on the digital signature, a lifeform far from Tememanda was the one who disrupted our communications.Bookmark here

I veered left. A second later, a boom ruptured the slimy ground, leaving a crater to be filled. “A magnetic round… They came with a flying being, didn’t they?”Bookmark here

“More up ahead, Sato.”Bookmark here

“How many?Bookmark here

“Two more.”Bookmark here

“There’s one more as well. It’s right above us.”Bookmark here

They keep appearing, don’t they?Bookmark here

“Another four just came within range of our sensors.”Bookmark here

Holy crap, they’re determined. I have no choice. From my altitude, it was close. Making it to the sinkhole, I guesstimate if the ship can fit.Bookmark here

“Give us a moment to scan the perimeter so we can evaluate if it can enter.”Bookmark here

We didn’t have that luxury. This was our only reprieve with them closing in.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I fly in, bringing them with me. The ship’s hull scraped the rocky face of its interior. It was able to squeeze through. The sparks were a genuine show as we went all the way to the bottom. Bookmark here

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