Chapter 0:


The Maid of a Princess

      The warm air of the forest embraced my lungs with open arms as I darted through the vast unknown. I had just stolen the princess’s most valued possession, and I was now on the run. Arrows of all lengths penetrated the world around me, but I was untouchable. Bookmark here

Unlike all the other demihumans of this world, I, Keiko Hiro, am able to wield even the most powerful magic known to man. Bookmark here

The sound of a dozen men on horseback chasing me through the forest brought joy to my dry, empty soul. I couldn’t help but laugh. The excitement of being on the chase brought tears of joy to this poor orphans face. You see, even though my name stands for lucky child, I was anything but lucky. Mother was disgusted to have given birth to a demihuman. Bookmark here

In the land of Geatree, giving birth to a demihuman was considered a curse from the gods for committing some sort of sin, hence why there aren't many demihumans around. Bookmark here

When I was born, Mother had tossed me into the world, leaving me to rot. I was found by an old man who went by the name of Mist. He took me in and raised me until the age of seventeen. I considered him to be my grandfather. I learned all about thieving from him. From pickpocketing, to bank robberies, we did it all to help us survive. Until one day, when he was caught by the royal guards and thrown in the dungeon. Bookmark here

After his trial, he was given a five year sentence. Our plan was to wait until he was released to attempt our biggest heist yet, stealing the princess’s amethyst necklace, but that didn't last very long. Bookmark here

King Bowatani, ruler of the Zaria Kingdom, was not too happy with grandpa's sentence. In the end, the king had him beheaded in front of the whole kingdom. They humiliated him. Bookmark here

I swore to myself on that day, that I would steal the princess’s necklace and complete the heist, not just for grandpa, but for the both of us. That's how I ended up here, in the forest, being chased by the royal guards. Bookmark here

Up ahead, about one hundred feet away from me, was a large gorge that stretched fifty feet in width. Unlike the guards, I was able to wield jumping magic. Bookmark here

As adrenaline rushed through my veins, my eyes began to widen with excitement at the thought of the jump. I pointed my wolf-like ears backwards to achieve the best aerodynamic figure that I possibly could. With every step closer to the gorge, my heart began pounding heavier. The light, which was now shining through the trees, exposed my eyes to the other side. With every ounce of might and magic in my body, I jumped. Bookmark here

Time suddenly slowed down. I began to look back over my shoulder, only to see thirty wooden arrows following my journey to the other side. I whispered the word tempest into my palm, then with a closed fist, I placed my hand on my lips and blew all the air from my lungs into the center of my palm. Bookmark here

In the blink of an eye, all the arrows began to change direction, spinning in a tornado like figure. The guards began to run as all the arrows started to fling back towards them. Bookmark here

I was invincible, a god in disguise! That was, until I landed on the other side. A chuckle broke free from my lips. “See you later losers!” Bookmark here

Ding!Bookmark here

And just like that… I blacked out. Bookmark here

When I woke, I found myself surrounded by steel bars. I glanced to the left, then back to the right. What in the world, where am I? A smooth, alluring voice made its way into the tips of my ears.Bookmark here

“Oh good, you’re awake.” I glanced over past the steel bars towards the soft voice. Bookmark here

In front of me stood a short womanly figure, who happened to be wearing a large, clearly expensive sun hat. I was still dizzy from the sudden blackout, and unable to see clearly. “Who are you, and why am I locked inside this cage?” I said. Bookmark here

“Look, I get it. I stole something valuable to the princess, but to be fair, you guys did leave it out in the open!”Bookmark here

“Silence!” The figure shouted. Bookmark here

My ears perked in sudden shock. Within a few seconds, a sudden pain made an appearance on the back of my head. “Ouch, what the heck?” Bookmark here

I reached my arm behind my ears and placed my hand on the acing spot. The woman laughed.Bookmark here

“About that, it might have something to do with this.” She said, as she took her hand out from behind her back, exposing a frying pan. Bookmark here

“Wait, what?” I shouted. “You mean to tell me that you clubbed me with a frying pan?”Bookmark here

She smiled, causing the seal on her lips to break, revealing her perfect white teeth. “Look, you seem like a nice girl, but I don’t have time for this. Just take the necklace and return it to the princess so I can be on my way.” Bookmark here

The woman took her hand and brushed her long, thick golden hair back behind her ear. “Don’t worry, the necklace has already been returned to the princess.” She said. Bookmark here

I sat there in confusion. “What do you mean? You’re the one who’s holding the…”Bookmark here

And that’s when it hit me. The princess had been in front of me this whole time. “…wait, you mean…”Bookmark here

“Mhm. Yes, it is me, Princess Valentina.”Bookmark here

I grabbed the steel bars of the cage and directed my attention over to the butler, who had been watching from a distance. He chuckled in my direction. Fear ran through my body. Was I about to fall victim to the kingdom and suffer the same fate as grandpa? No, I shall not let someone else determine my fate! Or so I thought. Bookmark here

“Listen princess, I have somewhere to be, so can we get this over with. A buddy of mine said that there were some hot babes down at the local bar, so I’d like to go now.” I put on my best smile, while doing my best to give off a hint of seduction in my eyes. Bookmark here

“Yeah, no.” She said.Bookmark here

I pointed my ears downwards and began to speak in a soft tone. “Please?” I asked. Bookmark here

She ignored me. Bookmark here

She called over one of her servants and had him place the necklace around her neck. What happened next was something I thought only existed in fairytales. Little bright orbs of all colors surrounded her body. It was visible magic. Bookmark here

You see, in the land of Geatree, even though magic existed, it was rare for it to be visible. Up until this point in my life, I thought I was the only being in the kingdom who was able to wield visible magic. Bookmark here

I didn’t notice until now, but the little orbs highlighted her womanly figure. She was curvy, from head to toe. Her baby blue eyes sparkled off the bright purple cloth that made up her dress. The silver chain outlined her neck, and the amethyst crystals hung lower towards her breast. I started to drool, but I caught myself in the action. Forget the women at the bar… this is where I needed to be. Bookmark here

The orbs disappeared one by one, and as they did, the princess removed her large hat and handed it off to her butler. Bookmark here

“Do you know why I had you locked up in this cage?” She asked.Bookmark here

“Because I stole your necklace?” I said, in a blatant tone. Bookmark here

“No silly. Well, yes… but that's not all.” I sat there confused. What does she mean that's not all?Bookmark here

“I heard from my royal guards that you are capable of using visible magic. Is that true?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I can use it.” I said, while trying to figure out why she was asking me. Bookmark here

The sudden change in her body behavior told me that she seemed oddly happy at my answer, even though she didn't want to show it.“Good. As of today, you, Keiko Hiro -”Bookmark here

“Wait… how do you know my name?” I asked. Bookmark here

She chuckled. “I have my ways. As I was saying. As of today, you, Keiko Hiro, have now been assigned the role of my personal, royal maid.”Bookmark here

Everybody in the room stopped what they were doing and directed their attention towards Princess Valentina. Glasses hit the floor as butlers and maids dropped their trays in shock. Bookmark here

“Princess! This is absurd.” One of the butlers shouted.Bookmark here

“This thief, as your personal maid! My lady, are you feeling okay?” Asked one of the cooks.Bookmark here

“Enough!” She said. “As a gift for my seventeenth birthday, my father, who is your king, said that I could have anything I wanted. And I want him to be my personal maid!”Bookmark here

Spit flung from my mouth as I dropped to my knees and began to laugh. “Oh princess, you’re real funny. Okay, jokes over, let me out now.”Bookmark here

“I was being serious.”Bookmark here

A moment of silence went by. I blinked twice. “What?” The sound of my shouting could be heard echoing throughout the halls of the palace. The king came rushing in with his royal guards. “Is everything okay?” He asked. Bookmark here

“I will never do as you say!” I exclaimed. Bookmark here

The king walked towards me and opened the cage. He was a very short, muscular man with a large, curly mustache. Just looking at him made my blood boil. I wanted to kill him on the spot for what he did to grandpa, but if I did that, the royal guards would kill me for sure. Now’s my chance to escape. As I began to run out from the cage, he reached his arm out and grabbed me by the face. “Guards, get the collar.” He said. Collar, what collar? Bookmark here

Before I knew it, the royal guards placed a cold metal collar around my neck. The frozen texture of the collar sent shivers down my spine. “What the heck is th-” Bookmark here

“Quiet!” The king shouted. Bookmark here

“Jeez, okay I get it.” I said, while slowly walking backwards. Bookmark here

Princess Valentina then placed a similar looking bracelet onto her arm and began to walk towards me. The guards grabbed my arms and held me in an unmovable position. Why is she getting so close? I thought. Bookmark here

Within a few seconds, the princess’s face was a mere inch from mine. Sweat rolled down the side of my cheek, and my heart began pounding. She smelled like lillys. Was this some kind of perfume, or her natural scent? I couldn’t tell. She licked her lips, then looked me in the eyes. “Hey, do you want to tell me why you’re so cl-” Bookmark here

Before I knew it, our lips were sealed in an oddly romantic kiss. Her lips were soft, maybe even the softest I had ever felt. I could feel the warmth of her body entering mine through the cracks in her lip gloss. Bookmark here

After a few seconds, she finally released her grips on me. As my body began to heat up, I shouted. “What the heck was that?” Bookmark here

She giggled. The collar around my neck, as well as the bracelet around her arm, both began to glow blue. Bookmark here

“The contract has successfully been created.” The king said. I sat there in utter confusion. Bookmark here

“You see boy, these metal rings have my daughters magic infused in them. Whoever she kisses while wearing those rings becomes bound to her soul. In other words, you are now officially my daughter's maid. If she asks anything of you, the collar around your neck will glow blue, just as it did, and your body will complete the task commanded to you without hesitation.” Bookmark here

“Wait just a minute. Aren’t maids normally female? And why choose me? You're probably better off getting a woman to assist you.” I said while laughing uneasily.Bookmark here

“Don’t look at me, I wanted to kill you.” The king said.Bookmark here

What…Bookmark here

“It was my daughter that spared your life by making you her maid. You should be thankful.” Bookmark here

She looked over at me. “Sit.” She said. Bookmark here

Without hesitation, my body dropped to the floor. Bookmark here

“Waaah!” What the heck is happening right now?Bookmark here

I looked over towards the princess. Her face began to turn red as she sat there quietly smiling. And that is how I ended up becoming, The Maid of a Princess.
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