Chapter 5:

Diary of Sakichi Sougo

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

In the East Japan Railway Company, The Chairman Ryochi Sougo again went into his secret room, and this time he was ready to face what was written in his father's diary.Bookmark here

Earlier he told Rasya not to let anyone come till morning and he is going to spend the whole night in the office.Bookmark here

He changed his clothes by wearing a more subtle green T-shirt with a maroon animated boxer. He sat on the chair, took out the diary from the drawer and put it on his desk.Bookmark here

He starts reading, "I'm Sakichi Sougo, today I'm writing this diary to share my joyful day that I spent , no one knows about that except me."Bookmark here

Sakichi Sougo - Father of Ryochi Sougo and Former Chairman of East Japan Railway Company. A Very Amusing person with a passion for doing something for the people's sake.Bookmark here

That day I was travelling inside my mind and found a very interesting project which made me want to complete it when I saw that map. So,I met the best engineer for it - Tsukasa Nahira who has just been blessed with a baby girl. And today I'm going to show him my idea.Bookmark here

"He's here, Sir," says Sakichi Sougo's Assistant Neera Kyousuke, a glamorous beauty who should be a model but working as Assistant in the East Japan Railway Company.Bookmark here

Smoking a cigar, he asks, "Then everything is ready or not!"Bookmark here

"Yes,Sir" she replied as she went to get the thing.Bookmark here

Tsukasa entered the office room and said, "Always smoking at the wrong time, Mr. Sougo".Bookmark here

Sakichi laughs and puts his cigar aside. "Welcome Tsukasa and congratulations - you're a father now too." he saysBookmark here

"Yes, sir. Then why have I been called?" he asksBookmark here

Before Sakichi replies, assistant Neera says, "Sir, the chart and file is all here. Now I'll go get some tea for you two."Bookmark here

Just then Tsukasa asked, "Can you bring me some apples?"Bookmark here

Tsukasa Nahira is an engineer who worked in the railway department. He is very close to Sakichi and he considers him as master. He has just been blessed by a daughter in his life. So he was very happy.Bookmark here

"That habit still hasn't gone," laughs Sakichi.Bookmark here

Tsukasa felt a little embarrassed but when the assistant Neera left, the two began to discuss the project that Sakichi had thought up.Bookmark here

"That's very interesting, sir." He says. Then he pointed his finger at the chart and said, "If we remove this well, we can build very short rail lines between Ikebukuro and any distant stations, easily connecting from here. It will benefit us also, considering the surrounding residence."Bookmark here

"Yes and the plus point is that the land is owned by my old college friend Eiji Mikawa." Sakichi mentioned.Bookmark here

"What about other things like who will invest the money?" he asks.Bookmark here

Sakichi replied, "I've already found a suitable person for this, but he is also short-tempered and moody. He just became a businessman but lives in Yokohama. His name is Rongi Tarahashi. We have a meeting with him tomorrow, so now we will talk further tomorrow. And Eiji will also be there."Bookmark here

"Okay! See you tomorrow. Looks like I'll have to go back to babysitting." He says.Bookmark here

"Oh!Good luck with that, Mr. Tsukasa." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

I then scheduled two meetings, the first with Eiji at his home with Tsukasa and the second with Rongi and Tsukasa at the office at dinner time.Bookmark here

Inside the car, Tsukasa asks, "Why can't we have a single meeting with everyone?"Bookmark here

"The thing is, Eiji used to be a senior in college but we became friends due to our passion to do something. Eiji and Rongi characters are polar opposites. So we shouldn't let them see each other." Sakichi answers.Bookmark here

The car stopped in front of Mikawa House. Sakichi and Tsukasa got out of the car and entered the house.Bookmark here

He was welcomed by Eiji with a seven-month-old baby sleeping in his arms in the foyer.Bookmark here

"Looks like you're already at important work." Sakichi teases.Bookmark here

"His mom went to do some shopping and then after a while he woke up. So I was just singing some lullabies to him so he could sleep." Eiji says.Bookmark here

Tsukasa says, "I can understand it, sir. I am also going through this."Bookmark here

Eiji asks, "If I'm not mistaken, you're Tsukasa - Engineered by Apple Bite."Bookmark here

Tsukasa laughs, "I didn't know, I have a title like that."Bookmark here

They enter the living room and Eiji places the baby in a crib with lots of animated characters on it.Bookmark here

Eiji poured some tea on cups then Sakichi and Tsukasa explained everything about the project.Bookmark here

"Hmm! That's really interesting, Sakichi.I never ever notice this even if the land is mine." Eiji says.Bookmark here

"So, what do you say, Eiji." Sakichi asks.Bookmark here

Eiji pretends he's thinking very seriously but then he replies, "Sakichi you should never have come here for permission and anything. If it's for the sake of the people, that land is already yours, you can do whatever you want to do."Bookmark here

"But Eiji, from the very beginning it was your son-in-law's land." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. After his death, he handed over all his property to his son." He says.Bookmark here

“We will finish this project and I will help you in any way I can,” says Eiji.Bookmark here

"Thank you, sir." Tsukasa farms happily.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Eiji. You really took the stress off me." Sakichi says.Bookmark here

"So where do I have to sign?" Eiji asksBookmark here

Tsukasa took out the file and said, "Here, sir."Bookmark here

After we get that file signed, we leave because we had to prepare for another meeting.Bookmark here

So it was time to meet Rongi. In his place came his subordinate,Bookmark here

"Who are you?" Tsukasa asksBookmark here

"I am Sento Kadokawa, a worker of Sir Tarahashi. He sent me here with this message." Sento saysBookmark here

Tsukasa replied, "Then read it."Bookmark here

"Sorry, Mr. Sougo. I wanted to meet you, but currently my wife's condition is critical. So I have to stay by her side. And about the project, we'll talk later until my wife gets well. That's why I want you to hold it till then." Subordinate dictated.Bookmark here

Sakichi also wrote a letter - " No problem! Rongi. I understand that and I can wait for one week but after that I don't know" - and gave it to Sento then he left.Bookmark here

"Then I'm also going" Tsukasa says. he too is goneBookmark here

Then - Ryochi was still reading the next page when his smartphone rang.Bookmark here

He picked up as rubbing his eyes,"Hello, who?"Bookmark here

The call was from Rasya, "Sir, Mr. Tarahashi has come and is waiting for you."Bookmark here

"This morning?" he asks.Bookmark here

He then comes out of the secret room, changes clothes and opens the door.Bookmark here

Mr.Tarahashi was already at the door - looks like waiting for him then he enters. "I'll shorten it. So tell me anything you got or not?" Mr. Tarahashi asks.Bookmark here

"I didn't know you meant next time by now?" he asks.Bookmark here

Mr. Tarahashi replies, "No! I was just passing by, so I thought why not meet with you?"Bookmark here

"I will certainly give you a proper answer. If you let me do what I want." he saysBookmark here

"Okay! So now I'll be back in a week. that will be fine, right?" Mr. Tarahashi replies.Bookmark here

After that he leaves, the chairman feeling tired, instead of sleeping he went to take a shower.Bookmark here

Now let's see how Jon is clearing the first checkpoint.Bookmark here

Jon was murmuring one sentence incessantly, "What could be the greatest thing in this — mud, slush, flower corpse and ooze."Bookmark here

At the same time Germon says, "Jon, keep calm and think, surely you will get something."Bookmark here

Ashya also says, "Yeah, and don't let Germon's hard work go in vain."Bookmark here

"But how can one be the greatest of these?" Kyora asks.Bookmark here

Ashya replies, "I am also thinking the same. But let's see how Jon overcomes this."Bookmark here

Jon sits on the surface and says, "Okay let's see what I have. First - mud, second - slush, third - ooze, fourth - flower corpse and fifth - I don't know how the greatest of any of them is." Then he screams,"Arghhhhh!"Bookmark here

The clock was ticking and only six minutes were left.Bookmark here

Germon comes to where Ashya and Kyora were and watches Jon from there.Bookmark here

"How pathetic do you look, brat? All I'm saying is give up, there's nothing lying more to it than you all have failed." Kyle made fun of Jon.Bookmark here

"Hold your tongue, bragger. I still have four minutes left." jon answersBookmark here

"Hahahaha! You seem so confident. Then show it off before it's time." Kyle says.Bookmark here

Jon replies, "Well, that's not confidence. It's a will to get it done and then move on to the next with my friends."Bookmark here

"And you've already given a missing piece that I didn't see.So thanks for that" Jon says like he got the answer.Bookmark here

As frightened Kyle asks, "What do you mean, brat? Don't bluff. And I didn't even give you a clue"Bookmark here

"I'm not bluffing." He answers. and adds, "Ah! I know you didn't give straight away."Bookmark here

"Why don't you spit out before these two minutes pass?" He says.Bookmark here

"Okay! Then let's review what you've given. First - slush, which is snow that's been on the ground for a while and is now a dirty mixture of ice and water. Except for ruining one's shoes, it won't provide anything. So it's not the Greatest."Bookmark here

"Hahaha! Why are you telling me what that means?" Kyle says in relief.Bookmark here

Jon replies, "Wait! Let me finish."Bookmark here

Jon goes on to say, "Then mud, which is soil mixed with water. It doesn't even provide any greater than ruining shoes. Third - corpse flowers, they are also called stink flowers. They emit a smell like rotten flesh. Rather than a troubled nose, it's also not that great. Last - ooze, a green liquid that is very slick and soft. I don't know where it can be used. But it's not that great either. "Bookmark here

"Look, you just meant those things, didn't answer. I knew you were bluffing." Kyle says.Bookmark here

He denies, "No! You are right, the answer is none of them. But the reality is that the answer lies in them." "You asked for the greatest in these worst. In the worst of all, there is one thing that contains the greatest in them." He explained in detail.Bookmark here

"Argh! Argh! Brat, spit out the answer before this thirty seconds fades." Kyle screams.Bookmark here

"Of course! So the answer is - a lot of trouble usually serious - means - lotus. It is the only one that is the greatest of these and is rooted in the mud." he answersBookmark here

"You got me, brat. Correct answer." Kyle says. Then suddenly an old voice is heard there.Bookmark here

"Wonderful! Jon, you did it really well. Go back with this key for the chain and the first key for that wrap, where everyone is." praises Zel with applauding.Bookmark here

"It wasn't a big deal. But I want one more thing, if you can." Jon requested.Bookmark here

Zel laughs and asks, "I'm having a bad sensation from this but what do you want?"Bookmark here

"Cola from the catering compartment." He saysBookmark here

Zel replies, "Okay! You'll find them when you enter the fourth compartment."Bookmark here

"Thanks, Zel. I'm leaving now" he says then leaves to place where everyone was.Bookmark here

Zel sighs. "Looks like they cleared it up," says a woman in a cloak.Bookmark here

"Haha! Don't worry, honey. They won't be able to get out of our stage," says a man in a cloak.Bookmark here

The woman replies, "Of course, darling. They won't win against our love."Bookmark here

Jon reaches where everyone was and releases Kyora from that chain.Bookmark here

"That was wonderful! Jon," praises Germon.Bookmark here

"Yes! What do you say, Ashya? I cleared the stage too." Jon asks.Bookmark here

Ashya replied, "I won't praise you but next time you will get two rice balls."Bookmark here

Kyora thanks Jon for saving her.Bookmark here

"Okay so let's move on to the next stage. Now we have one more member, so it's going to be more interesting." Jon says.Bookmark here

Everyone says "yes". Now they went on to their next stage.Bookmark here

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