Chapter 5:

Stroll Around The City

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Makoto arrives downtown and then something hits him.

"Wait...I still haven't eaten today! I need to get some food."

Makoto walks around the town seeing a lot of regular shops and restaurants, but doesn't want anything big because he still wants to eat dinner. After walking for 8 minutes he finally finds a small ramen shop and goes in.

"Hey, how's it going?"

The female owner turns around.

"I'm doing fine. What can I get you today."

"I'd like some miso ramen please."

She goes to start the ramen and someone from the back comes out.

"Aoi come help me with this."

Someone who seems to be the owners daughter starts to help out her mother. Makoto stares in anticipation waiting to eat his ramen. Some time passes and the owner's daughter Aoi places the ramen in front of Makoto.

"Here you go. Enjoy."


Makoto goes to take his first bite and is surprised on how good it is. He is enjoying his ramen but time is passing and no one seems to enter.

'Weird, am I really the only one that's here?'

Makoto puts his thoughts away and went back to his ramen.

-10 minutes later-

" that was good. I'm definitely coming back here."

"Thank you for your feedback."

"Woah you scared me. But yes it was very delicious."

Aoi had come up to collect the bowl that Makoto left and to receive the money.

"Here you go ¥1000 right."

"Yes. Have a nice day."

Makoto had left the ramen shop and continued to walk around seeing a lot of shops but not any that interested him until...

"A manga store!"

"Makoto entered the store ecstatic now knowing that there was a manga store nearby. He browses around looking for the new volume of manga he has been reading.

"Here it is! Now to go pay for it."

Makoto heads to the cashier counter and places his manga down.

"I'd like to buy this please."

Makoto leaves the store and decides it's time to head home not because he's tired but because he wants to read his newly purchased manga as fast as possible.

-35 minutes later Makoto arrives home-

"I'm home."

"Welcome home big brother."

"Hey Himari. Is dinner almost ready?"


Makoto heads toward the kitchen and sees his mom cooking and his dad reading a magazine at the table.

"Makoto you've finally arrived home. Dinner will almost be ready so sit down on the table."

As he is sitting down he turns to his little sister.

"So Himari how was your first day of junior high school?"

"It was good. I made a lot of new friends. What about you?"

"The same except I only made 2 new friends."

Makoto's dad turns to him and sees the bag that Makoto had on the floor.

"Looks like you went to explore am I right?"

"Yes I did."

"Did you like the area?"

"It was cool now knowing that there is a manga store I can shop at. Oh, and there was a ramen shop that served delicious ramen."

His mom turned around fast.

"Are you saying that you already ate?"

"No, I'm still hungry from the fact I didn't eat breakfast or lunch today."

Finally after waiting for a while the dinner is served and Makoto chows down on the food and heads to his room. He jumps onto his bed and takes out the purchased manga volume from his bag.

"Finally I can just read this."

Makoto reads the manga and the night goes on and does his necessities. Then he goes to sleep ending his first day of his new life in a new city and a new school.