Chapter 28:

Balance (Part Five)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Something, something powerful compelled me to rise from my slumber. Something was off. I couldn’t formulate what it was, but it was strange and powerful. Ignoring it didn’t help. I could never gain comfort with this feeling. My eyes had to open to determine what it is. And they did.Bookmark here

A sparkling green haze got me in its spell. This had to be it. No matter which part of the ship – whether the cockpit, the cargo hold, the storage room, the medical area or anywhere else – it was there in fleeting amounts. It filters through my fingers to no effect, retaining its qualities.Bookmark here

I stop to stare at my palm to see twinkles form and vanish, making me stare with real longing. Regaining my senses from this short distraction, I contact Waityuix about this marvel. There’s no doubt it has showcased itself in a visible form.Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

I try to call Fruisolp.Bookmark here

No response.Bookmark here

Delume, Haibul and Braltui ended in the same way. Their silence was concerning. I wonder if this haze is impacting their ability to reply. If this is what the balance can do, then it has to be the source of why we cannot communicate with those on the surface. Bookmark here

Taking note of this, I go outside to see no one there – just a thicker haze from before. Full permeation has been achieved. Did the balance have the capability to erase lifeforms from existence? It is a grim possibility, but all options must be laid bare for examination. I would struggle to survive and escape this place if that were the case. One can say it’s an exaggeration, but without them, it would be impossible. For me to eat, I had to rely on them to test if my food is safe. That example should prove my dependence on them.Bookmark here

Plus, I really do like them. They were supposed to be home helping to rebuild by now, but this whole controversy become so overblown so quick, none of us could’ve expected we would end up in a sinkhole cut off from the rest of the planet. The trouble they would receive for this will be massive, but the severity is knowledge I lack. It could be fifty lashes or being barred from coming here for six months. That is something I never had the privy of learning.Bookmark here

I follow the cave, leaving rays hitting the ship to signify a new day - one that has begun with strangeness. The haze was consistent as I gawked to the very limits of the light I generate. But besides me and the balance, they were not to be found, not even a clue.Bookmark here

An hour, two hours, three hours – I keep going and going with the belief I will find them even if it takes me days, but what I discovered was an opening. I walk through it to see two snaking paths.Bookmark here

Looking left, Something caught my eye. It was moving and had a pronounced red that stuck out too well even in this haze.Bookmark here

"Haibul!”Bookmark here

It keeps up its zombie walk.Bookmark here

“Haibul, is that you?! If so, please respond! Just make sure to not use anything but your voice. Short-range communications don’t work now because of this haze!”Bookmark here

Did I really need to tell her that last part? It should be aware of that. But even without seeing this front, I could tell something is not right. Some of its cringy dialogue would be a major alleviation, but it kept going, not turning to look me in the eye.Bookmark here

Running past it, I stand in its way. Spreading my limbs as far as I can, I was a wall… and Haibul went around me, continuing its trek. I grab the area just before its legs and attempt to lift it up. This prompted it to wriggle out of my hold, but I remain firm. I need it to tell me about the location of the others. They have to be close by.Bookmark here

The aggression was intense. As soon as I was beginning to slip, I increased my wrap around its frame to keep it in place. There are questions that have to be asked and for it to run away would be poor on my end.Bookmark here

Twinkles were appearing around me. They were bright, but being a bother is not what they were. Their intensity then multiplied. None of them phased me despite the wealth of energy produced.Bookmark here

But one formed and flared up right in front of my face. That wasn’t good. It blinded me, releasing my arms to hold my face in pain. Haibul was free, but I couldn’t see, so what can I do?Bookmark here

All I can hope is that it comes back to normal before I lose it. I rub my helmet as compensation for not being able to rub my eyes as it began to come back. I check to see if Haibul is there still, but there remained a blurriness that made it hard to deduce anything with certainty. Fifteen more seconds had to pass before it returned.Bookmark here

I was glad. Now I check if Haibul is there. Staring ahead in full focus, I can say without a doubt that I lost it.Bookmark here

My speed tripled. I zipped through the corridor hoping to meet once more, pushing strong until four paths presented themselves, but that didn’t break the pace. I went straight through the one that aligned with my haste. There was no indecision or patience in play, this was desperation – one of concern for beings that I have grown to care about.Bookmark here

To my misfortune, a fit of dizziness got me. My steps lumbered; a departure from their once brisk nature. Even with a mounting heaviness, I have to push. This haze, this balance, is the worst enemy yet: everywhere, mystical, and unbearable.Bookmark here

To yield to its intoxication I won’t do. Fight I must, even if my legs were to drag like anchors at the bottom of the deepest sea. A multi-second loop of metal over rock happens with each inch covered.Bookmark here

A being came into sight – Delume. Flagrant calls did not avert the cold shoulder. The strength to stop her wasn’t there, so I followed her instead. As long as I do this, I will never be alone. To run away will not occur, for I will shoot if she does.Bookmark here

More distance was covered, so much so I no longer cared about the number of steps my HUD displayed on the upper left corner in blue.Bookmark here

“Can I do this for much more?” is what I asked myself. With a limp leg, a dismayed consciousness, no communications, and hypnotised allies, the odds betted against me.Bookmark here

As I place my hands to pull it forward, faint melodies were heard.Bookmark here

Somehow, I dashed past her and made it to an exit. This wasn’t the way to freedom; from taking a peek, this wasn’t the case. Rather, astonishment came. The view before me was unnerving and interesting. I couldn’t look away from this party.Bookmark here

That’s what it looked like to me, at least. Bookmark here

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