Chapter 9:

Chapter Nine

Weeb Boy meets Emo Girl in suburban Australia

Cid and Gwen laid in bed on a lazy Saturday morning.
They laid there as the sun peeked into the room from behind the blinds.Bookmark here

"I don't suppose we can just lay in bed all day?" Cid asked
"As much as I would enjoy just laying here all day, I'm getting kind of hungry so we should probably get up and have breakfast" Gwen responded
"Alright" Cid said resignedBookmark here

Cid rolled out of bed, picked his robe off of the floor and walked out to the kitchen.
Gwen followed close behind and sat at the bench to watch Cid make breakfast.
Cid prepared toast and coffee for the both of them.
Bookmark here

They ate breakfast on the couch in the living room whilst they watched ABC News.Bookmark here

"Not much as has changed since yesterday" commented Cid
"No it hasn't, which reminds me I didn't get to ask have you been" responded Gwen
"Well aside from Thursday my week was simply quiet and relatively uneventful, how about you"
"Mine was the same aside from the annoyance of that wedding yesterday, what happened on Thursday?"
"My ex walked into the bookstore where I work with the guy she cheated on me with who she's now dating"
"Damn, so did you do"
"Conducted myself like a mature adult and pretended not to know her before subsequently roasting her when she suggested that I was still bitter about her dumping me, the new guy actually turned out to be rather nice, I assured him that the problems I had with the ex would not be relevant in his relationship with her"Bookmark here

Gwen turned the TV off before turning to face Cid eager to hear more.Bookmark here

"What problems did you have with your Ex aside from the cheating?" Gwen asked
"My relationship with her was held together by physical attraction, alcohol and constantly doing stuff together, there was no substance"
"Do we have substance?"
"Yes, our relationship has more substance than border patrol has ever confiscated"Bookmark here

Gwen busted out laughing at that comment almost rolling onto the floor in hysterics.Bookmark here

"Yeah we have substance" admitted Gwen when she finally calmed down
"hell yeah we do, do you want to watch something on stream?"
"Yeah, I just learned Soylent Green is on Netflix want to watch it together?"
"A woman who like Sci-Fi B-movies could you be any more perfect"Bookmark here

Cid took the plates up to the sink and left them in there to watch later for now he was going to watch Soylent Green with the coolest girl in the world.
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