Chapter 6:

Say But not as Crow Flies - Part 1

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

After releasing Kyora, they went on to the next stage. As they enter the compartment as requested, Jon finds cola bottles in polyethylene on the surface as he requested from Zel. He took them and further they were surprised to see the four doors in different colors.

Kyora stutters, "W-what's t-this?"

"Even I don't know. The only one who can tell us about this is the host of this stage." Germon says.

"I don't want a strange host this time," says Ashya.

"I'm looking at you too, Jon." Ashya caught Jon drinking the cola.

"Love! Love! Love! Bow down, children against our love." Say a man and woman in a cloak at the same time.

"Look. I knew it," says Ashya.

"Who are you?" Germon asks them.

This time the host showed their face, that the man and woman were above that door, holding hands and introducing each other differently.

The woman introduces her man, "Meet my only love - Yura. You'll never get tired of his lines, which is always for me."

The man introduces his women, "My only love that I have and will be - Yuma. Her love is as charismatic as the stars around the moon." "Lame!" says Jon while drinking the cola.

Yura asks with vex in his eyes, "Did my ear ring wrong or I heard someone call my love lame? I dare you to say it again if you have."

"If it's your wish I'll say it again your love is lame, Asuna and Kirito were so much better than you." Jon said it again.

"Who are they?" Yura asks.

"I won't tell you but your love is lame, that's all I know?" Jon answers as whistling, he sat down on the surface.

Yura gets very angry and says, "What did you say, brat?"

Then Yuma calms him down with a smooch on his cheeks and says, "Leave them, dear. That child will never understand our love. Our love is unexpected."

"They will know once the game starts. After that they will pay if they lose." Then she says.

Then Germon says, "I was about to ask the same. Why don't you tell us about this game?"

"Of course. We'll both tell you about this step." Yura says.

Yuma begins the explanation, "So first of all this game is going to be played by all of you. So the name of the game is - say but not as the crow flies. As you can see, four doors in different colors. They are all connected by a room of some house - Yura begins to say from there, "It's made out of our love. You have to choose a door. When you enter the door, you will know what kind of room you are in. No one will know which room they are in. Yuma picks up, "Then you'll find a telephone there with three colored buttons on it, representing the remaining door. So what you have to do is call each of your friends, tell them about your room and ask them about their room,but you can only call ten times and you can't call the same person consecutively. You also have to get information but not directly, with some hidden meaning. You'll have two minutes for that," Yura takes it from there" If you accidentally tell them straight, your room will start shrinking. Your room will shrink even if the friend you're calling has a busy line."

At the end both of them say together, "So now you are wondering how to get out of there. When you will say information about your room or get information about another room. At that time you will get one code number of your room that you have to figure it out by yourself. But you can't come alone. The main door will open only if it has a four digit code number. So you have to wait for your other friends to find out their code number. You have two hours for the whole game "

"It's a little scary, isn't it?" Kyora stutters

"Yeah, but still we'll clear this," says Germon.

After that all of them stand in front of the door and reach inside the door of their choice. Kyora chose a blue color door, Jon black, Germon green and Ashya red.

"So, now you've chosen the door and enjoy the game till then we go." Yura and Yuma both say so.

First Room – Blue color door chosen by Kyora. A spacious kitchen with fewer items. Neat but pristine, with a telephone on the dining table.

"Hmm. Amazing!" Kyora says that now she is not with anyone so her stutter has stopped.

Second Room - Black color door chosen by Jon. A small and bright toilet with a telephone on a side table. "Huh! What's the matter, why am I in the washroom?" Surprised Jon.

Third room - Green door chosen by Germon. A huge and surprisingly queer living room. Germon sat down on the sofa, with the telephone on the table on the opposite side with a magazine next to it. "Good! Magazine." Germon says. Pick it up and start reading.

"Whoa! Wow! I thought I'd never feel this vibe. Finally! I'm lying on this bed, if it wasn't for the game I'd fall asleep. That fish pot. Oh! The telephone is on the desk." Ashya says.

"That's not right. I'm going to ask for a swap. Hmm! Whom should I call?" Jon says in his washroom.

Then he presses the green button. In his mind, "Germon chose Green if I remember."

The telephone in the living room rang, a Germon pickup and a terrifying sound came out.

"Switch places with me, Germon." Jon shouted.

"What's wrong with you, Jon?" Germon asked.

"I don't want to be in the washroom. By the way, what kind of room are you in?" Jon asks.

Germon replied, "I won't tell you."

"Why?" asked Jon. Then he noticed that his room was shrinking.

"Oh shit! I forgot the rule." Jon says.

Germon teases, "That room is the best for you because after drinking all of that colas. Just take them out."

Two minutes is over and "Hello! Hello!.Tsk!. Looks like the line is off." says Jon

Ashya,"Let's call her - Kyora-sis."

Ashya pressed the purple button but Line was busy and so, her room shrank.

"Huh! Who is she talking to?" Ashya asked herself.

After talking with Jon, Germon gets a call from Kyora.

"Hello! Who?" Germon asks.

Kyora replied, "Me, hmm! Would you like to eat something?"

"No! Why did you ask?" He says.

"Right now I'm surrounded by food and its contents," Kyora says of her room but not like the crow flies.

"Oh! Well, Kyora-sister." Germon says in mind.

He then tells Kyora, "I'm also having fun with a printed paper on my hand and a puffy thing around my butt."

Two minutes over. After not being able to call Kyora. She presses the black button.

When Jon picked up and said something. Ashya asks, "Why are you saying so low?"

"Nothing! I don't want to drown. I don't want to die." He speaks in a very low voice.

"Stop your crap! Before I start yelling." Ashya answers.

Jon asks, "So why don't you share something about your room?"

"Mmm-hmm! The vibe is like I'm in my room." She answers.

He says, "Okay! Got it. Then bye." After that he hung up the telephone.
"Huh! What did you get?" She asked but he already hung up the phone.

Jon says as roaming from here to there, "Hmm! Ashya is in the bedroom."

Germon in his room, "So Jon is in the washroom and Kyora-sister in the kitchen, if I guess, maybe Ashya in the bedroom?"

On the other hand, someone was in trouble because she guessed wrongly, "Looks like Germon is in the bedroom." Kyora tells herself.

"Okay! Let's call Ashya to confirm." Germon says in his room.

When he called Ashya pressing the red button, he found that the line was busy, so his room began to shrink.

Then who was Ashya talking to? "Finally! You picked up, Kyora-sis." says Ashya

"Oh! I was talking with Germon at that time." she says.

"Hmm! I was also just pissed off by Jon but tell me about yours and Germon's room?"

Kyora says the same thing, she told Germon. And then she says, "Germon told me his butt is on bloated things."

Before that Ashya would say something. Line cut off.

Germon tried to call Ashya again but he got the call, so he picked it up. "Tell me something about your room, Germon." Jon says

"Oh! Jon again. A huge space - you might even call it the starting point of the house." Germon answers.

"OK bye now." He said and was going to hang up.

"Wait! First tell me something that's in your room like an odd or even thing, because if I'm not wrong we'll have to figure out the code number by that." Ask Germon.

Jon sees the washroom carefully and "everything is as usual but the light is too dim, so they-" before Jon says, he covers his mouth.

"Hey! what are you saying?" Germon says.

Two minutes over and Germon could not understand what Jon was going to say.

Jon in the washroom, "Why didn't I see this?"

"Bathrobe, what are they doing inside the washroom and not just one - four." Jon says.

As Jon finds out, "The way to get the code number is to not have any odd or even things in the room. It's to look for unusual stuff in the room."

Then there's applause, and Jon asked, "Who's there?"

"Wonderful! Brat I didn't expect you to be the first to figure it out. But well done!" Somebody said .

"Oh! You again, the person talking about fake love - Yura if I'm not mistaken." jon says

"Yeah! I was thinking of asking why are you calling my love fake?" he asks.
Jon replies, "I don't know but that's how I felt."

"Whatever, just go and write down your number." He says.

Jon went to the screen and wrote number four on it. Before leaving again, Yura says, "Don't ever think of directly telling your friends how to get the code number. Because now your room won't shrink, but if you tell them, their room will shrink by double the speed."

"Don't worry about it. I already have something on my mind." Jon says confidently.

Then Yura says," Okay!Show me how you will tell them. Now I'm taking my leave. Best of Luck!"

Yura says and leaves. Jon had some plan to tell everyone or not, let's see in the next chapter