Chapter 1:

The First Meet

The Noble & The Assassin

Mizushima High School.
“Welcome, First-years!”
It is a very fine day, student are chatting and sit under a tree before the ceremony. And then, a girl stepped in. All students are look at the girl and gasping.
“Hey,hey, who is she?”
“Wow! She’s so fabulous!”
“She’s so cool!”
My name is Kirishima Kimiko. First year girl. I’m a noble. I don’t know why students are talking about me. But really, do I look fabulous? I don’t know. I have short white and black ombre hair with black XX hair pin on my bangs.
The ceremony is about to start. We’re going to the sport hall. Sit and chat again. I hear there’s a cool, smart, handsome guy in this school. I’m not very interested but we’ll see about that.
After the ceremony was end,I’m selected to sit in Year 1-Class 1. Girls are fangirling very noisy so I wear my headphones and turn on the music. I select Unstoppable by Sia.
‘I’m unstoppable
I’m a Porsche with no brakes
I’m invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I’m so powerful
I don’t need batteries to play
I’m so confident, yeah, I’m unstoppable’
A girl suddenly talk to me with her sparkling eyes.
“What’s your name? I’m Fujisaki Mayu.”
“Kirishima Kimiko.”
“Nice to meet you! Let’s be friends!”
“Yeah. Um.. Can I ask you something?”
“Yes?” eyes sparkling.
“Why are they talking about me?”
“Why? Because you’re so fabulous!”
What so fabulous about me,anyways? My hair? My hair pin? Suddenly, a teacher came to the class. Everyone is back to their own seat. I sat on my seat long time ago. The teacher greets us. He’s an old man. He seems nice.
“Good morning, students. My name is Miyamoto Takeshi. From now on, I will be your homeroom teacher. Please stand in front of the class and introduce yourselves.”
The boy that the girls talked about stands up and introduce himself in front of the class.
“Good morning, minna-san. My name is Kurosawa Katsuo. Nice to meet you all.” He bowed.
The girls eyes are very sparkling, except me. Even Mayu’s eyes sparkles. He’s not interesting for me.
“Kyaaa~~~! Katsuo-kun!!”
“Kimiko-chan! He’s handsome, right?!”
After he bowed, his eyes met mine. I look away. I didn’t realize that he smiles at me. It’s lunch time now. Me and Mayu decided to go to the tree and eat there.
“So, how is your family? Do you live near here?”
“Not very far from here. And.. about my family. We’re nobles. But unfortunately, they’re died.”
“That means you have a mansion?!”
“Yes.” I aswer it calmly.
“I’m very sorry for that. My parents are passed away too. So I live alone in an apartment.”
The bell rings and it means lunch time is over. We hurried up back to the school. At the hallway, Katsuo walking to the class. With his fangirls behind him. Mayu followed them and fangirling. I followed her with a sigh.
At night, I decided to go for a walk. I grab my black jacket with white embellishments. My butler advised me to be careful. I bought my twin bladed fan for protection. Its my own weapon. My family also had they’re own weapons. The city is very colorful.
“Hey, cute girl! Give me your money.”
I hear a thug’s voice in the dark hallway beside me. But there’s a girl. Who is she? She looks like Mayu. Wait! It’s definately Mayu! She’s still wearing the school uniform.
“Come on! Give me your money or I’ll punch you!”
“Heh! I told you. I don’t have a money,you bastard.” She smirks.
“Damn you!”
He’s about to punch her. I have to get rid of them!
The thug paused his punch. It’s so near to Mayu’s nose. The other thugs are staring at me. They’re holding a baseball bat. Also,smoking. She’s very surprised to see me.
“Kimiko! What are you doing here?! Run! This is dangerous!”
“Do not say that like I’m a kid.”
“Well,well,well. Look what we’ve got here.”
“Attack me if you can.”
My scarlet-red eyes shining. And that makes the thug a little bit scared. He told his friends to attack me. Two thugs attacking me with 2 bats. I quickly take my twin bladed fan and slice their nape. All thugs are terrified and attacked me. I moved forward and attacking them. Slashing chest, nape, hand. All thugs are down and there’s only the boss. He took his bat and attacking me. I hold this bat with my hand.
“Ugh! Let go!”
“W-what are you?”
“I’m a noble, you bastard. Go to hell.”
I slashed his neck and died. Mayu also surprised that I killed him. She’s fine now.
“Are you okay?”
“Y-yeah. I’m fine.”
You’re beaten up. Let’s go to my mansion.”
We’re on the way to the mansion. Mayu was very surprised to the mansion. It’s very big. I knocked the door and my butler open it.
“Ah! Lady Kimiko!”
“Satou. Tell the maids to take care of her. I need to change my outfit.”
“Okay. Maids!”
The maids took her to another room. I changed my outfit. An elegant black attire with white emblems. Satou knocked the door and came in.
“Lady Kimiko. Who is she?”
“She’s my friend. She’s beaten up by the thugs. I killed them all.”
“So that’s why.”
“Lady Kimiko. Lady Mayu wants to talk to you.” One of the maid tell me.
“Let her in.”
Mayu came to my room. She’s to amazed to my dress. Satou is out of my room. I told her to have a seat.
“Woah. You have a really big mansion.”
“Yes. Mayu. I want to ask you something. How did they got you?”
“Oh, that. So, I walked to the city. And then, someone covered my nose and my mouth with a napkin. I passed out. After I woke up, There’s them. Luckily,I don’t have a money. And then, you came.”
“I see. Guess I have to tell you the truth. Nobles had their own weapon. My father was a long katana and my mother was guns. And me. A twin bladed fan. And here it is.”
“Wow! It’s so pretty.”
“You think?”
“Mhm. I have to tell you my truth too. I’m an assassin.”