Chapter 7:

Chapter 7 endgame

My new life in a death game from another world.

Emilia:This is the final place. Bookmark here

Hainley: The master of this game should be in that building. Bookmark here

Hainley: No enemies are around. Bookmark here

Emilia:That’s very strange. Bookmark here

Hainley: Also look around you as well these are all just trophies I assume of deceased players swords or staves. Bookmark here

Emilia:This is just really beyond sickening. Bookmark here

Hainley:Whats this over there. Bookmark here

Emilia:It’s a scarf. Bookmark here

Hainley: And also look over there I just noticed a bunch of roses placed on a pavement of some kind as well. Bookmark here

Emilia:that’s interesting as well. Bookmark here

Hainley:Must be a trophy that wasn’t displayed properly. Bookmark here

Hainley:Look at that door. Bookmark here

Emilia:That must lead to the main room I assume. Bookmark here

Hainley:Lets go in then. Bookmark here

????:So you finally have made it this far. Bookmark here

Emilia:Are you the master of this sick game!!? Bookmark here

????:I am Elyzandor I am the master of this game and you have been the only players in its history that you really reached it this far. Bookmark here

Emilia:Why did you even created such a terrible game on us!!!? Bookmark here

Elyzandor: The game was merely created to test how much you the players are worth a second chance in life. Simple as that and the world created well the populants here are all those who have lived mundane boring lives with nothing really interesting going on or even did just anything unique just repeat over and over again almost like it’s a hivemind of a singular monolith. Bookmark here

Case in point, players are chosen because of something that “drives” them even a single actual can lead to a domino effect of something much bigger thant themselves. Bookmark here

In this case one action that they choose may most likely lead to them ending up in the infinite domain. Bookmark here

Like you two players for example. Bookmark here

Hainley:So none of the gatekeepers were lying then? Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Not at all in the slightest of singlest bits.They were all honest in your dealings with them and none of them were lying about your circumstances here. Bookmark here

Emilia:Those girls circumstances I assume must be the same as well as ours? Bookmark here

Elyzandor: My harem, well they are really just vessels I've personally hand picked myself to serve as sources for my power as soon as they serve their purpose entertaining me I mearly take their sould to further inicrease my power. In this case its hostage players who will soon be doomed for execution for failing to follow the rules here which is really just survival but in this case they took the cowrards way out and spend the entire time hiding instead of defeating any of the gatekeepers. Bookmark here

Hainley: That’s just really low. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Couldn’t be any more lower than your bravado act. Its really just a guise for your own low self esteem and really I saw how you were running on your first day here and without that sword you couldn’t last a single day here in the infinite domain. Not even your partner as well who’s been clinging onto you could have lasted a single day either. Bookmark here

Hainley:This sword really was whats been helping me be kept alive. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: That sword was really just a trump card for the lucky player who could have made it this far and it was really the only thing that could have killed a gatekeeper as any other attack would have been a failure as its been given my blessed magic to end lives of any being in this realm including myself. As a part of my own life force lies in it. Bookmark here

Hainley: It was all just a coincidence really me being brought near that cave? Bookmark here

Elyzandor:Not exactly so I just really need a test subject to see who can really find that sword and well you have been the only to date that has found it. Bookmark here

Hainley:You pathetic rat. Bookmark here

Elyzandor:The more you insult the more you project how much of a coward you truly are. Bookmark here

Hainley: You’re the one who’s really the monster here. So insults are really just insults once you do mean it. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Ah the internet speak that doesn’t apply here in the infinite domain. You’ve already seen quite the bit of examples here and you won’t find such vulgar way of speaking in the realm. Bookmark here

Hainley:You’re really just playing games on something that most likely isn’t true. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Oh it is true you and your partner is really just in a form of denialism. And I have this one question in mind since you’re in such of a massive state of grand deluer. Bookmark here

So tell me do you believe in regrets in life? Bookmark here

Hainley: I would lie and say that I don’t but theres many I really wish things were different for in life. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: I see then. Now another question. Do you know how your own partner has died as she doesn’t know either. Bookmark here

Hainley:Not really no. Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Well she used to be like yourself another neet who loved browsing forums online and enjoying all sorts of pop culture related media but she died one day after a car accident while on her way home from her daily walks. Bookmark here

Emilia:That’s how I died? Bookmark here

Elyzandor: Every accident in the real world isn’t an accident here in the infinite domain. I intended it for it to happen. Also neither of your given names here are the same as is in the real world you know so in a way youv’e been living a delusional fantasy of what could have been real aside from the town of godfall you’ve visited in!!! Bookmark here

Hainley: You complete monster!!! Bookmark here

Elyzandor:Come face me or spend all eternity as a player in this realm. Bookmark here

(One by one his harem members eventually evaporate into souls and Elyzandor absorbs them all and he turns into one massive black dragon and immediately spouts dark red flames at Hainley and Hainley gets burned barely but manages to dodge it and Emilia tries casting a spell on him but the barrier is blocking it. Hainley then sees an opening and he slashes his leg and the barrier falls apart. Hainley then dodges flameballs from the snake heads of the harem of Elyzandor and then slices them off in sucessesion one by one and Elyzandor is greatly weakend by it. Soon Elyzandors weakpoint in his chest is exposed and Hainley and Emilia combine both spell and might to strike him down) Bookmark here

Elyzandor: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bookmark here

(Elyzandor then crumbles into dust. And suddenly a bright door opens leading the way to the real world) Bookmark here

Hainley: Well this is it. Bookmark here

Emilia: Yeah it looks like we’ve made it. Bookmark here

Hainley:See you in the next life. Bookmark here

Emilia:Likewise. Bookmark here

(A big white light flashes) Bookmark here

Blaine: Hello there. Bookmark here

Emily: Oh good day. Bookmark here

Blaine:Are you waiting on the bus as well? Bookmark here

Emily: Yes I am I'm due for a job interview. Bookmark here

Blaine: Same here as well. Bookmark here

Emily:Good luck on your hopeful job for a new life. Bookmark here

Blaine:Same here. Bookmark here

(It ends when the bus comes and they both head together for their upcoming job interview both happy and content with their lives) Bookmark here

The end. Bookmark here

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