Chapter 6:

Weekend Plan

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"Hey Makoto do you have any plans this weekend?"

"No why?"

"Well Zombie Predator 2 is coming out this Saturday and I wondered if you've heard of it and wanted to accompany me."

"So Kota, what you're telling me is that Zombie Predator one of my favorite video games is coming out with a sequel and I didn't know?"


Makoto had stood up ecstatic.

"Of course I'll go!"

The week goes by and Makoto has become comfortable with his new school and has now made plans to go with Kota to buy one of his favorite video games sequel. It is now Saturday and Makoto has gotten ready and headed to where they had originally planned to meet up but Makoto had been waiting for 15 minutes but Kota was nowhere to be found.

"Could he have forgotten about today? Maybe I should call him."

ring ring ring


"Kota where are you?"

"I'm lined up outside of GamePause."

"Wait what?! What happened with meeting up at the fountain?"

"Oh, hehe sorry I forgot about that. I decided to go here and forgot to tell you."

"Alright send me the location and I'll be on my way."

Makoto received the location and left toward the store. While walking he bumped into someone and had caused the person to fall.

"Ah, I'm sorry I wasn't looking."

As Makoto goes to help the person up he recognizes her.



Makoto had accidentally bumped into Sakuri. He continues to help her up and holds her hand which causes her to blush.

"So Sakuri-san what are you doing around here?"

"I-I was just- I d-decided to walk around town today. What are you here for?"

"I was supposed to meet up with Kota at the fountain and head to GamePause to buy Zombie Predator 2 but he messed up the meeting and now I have to meet up with him at the store."

"Oh, o-ok. I-I'll see you later."

Sakuri walks away quickly not because she doesn't like Makoto but because she became to nervous around him and didn't want to embarrass herself. As she is heading away Makoto thinks to himself, 'I wonder why she left in such a hurry?'

-10 minutes later-

"Finally I'm her- Ah."

Makoto had cut himself off in surprise because of what he saw. The line to enter the store was so long he couldn't even see where it ended.

"Oh no I don't see Kota don't tell me."

Makoto runs up the line and while he's going up he see's Kota.

"Hey Makoto I'm over here! Makoto?"

Makoto had gone up to where Kota was and had a blank stare.

"So Kota, you're telling me we have to wait outside in this line?"

"Yes why?"

"And this is the spot you arrived at?"


Kota had began to look at Makoto with a nervous grin by the way Makoto was talking.

"What the hell man you didn't tell me we had to line up!"

"I didn't know either. I was told by the workers earlier that only people who had pre ordered the game could go in and out, but people like us have to wait outside to buy the game from what's left."


Makoto had turned away in disapproval which made Kota feel bad. An hour had now passed and they have only moved up twice in that amount of time which made the both of them feel despair.

"Are you sure were even going to be able to buy the game at this point?"

"I don't know Makoto."


An hour and half later. Makoto and Kota had been sitting down now.

"Kota I think we have only moved once this time around."


-20 minutes later-

"Hey Makoto wake up the line is starting to move rapidly."

"Huh what?"

"Come on the line is moving!"

Makoto and Kota had started to celebrate and had now got closer to inside the store. They were now behind 10 people but as they were waiting overjoyed at the thought of playing it later. Then someone started to come out.

"Wait who's that guy?" Makoto had noticed the guy coming out.

"I don't know but it looks like he's going to say something."

"We are sorry everyone but we have ran out of Zombie Predator 2 so can you please get out of line and go home. I repeat we have ran out of Zombie Predator 2."

"What!?" Makoto and Kota had screamed in unison.

"No are you kidding me!" Kota had put up his arms in the air.

"All that time we wasted waiting in that line. We can't take it back." Makoto cried crouching surrounded with gloominess.

The door then opened up and someone came out. Makoto had turned to look at who it was and then.

"Sakuri-san Again?!"

Sakuri had turned around slowly with a nervous and shy face seeing Makoto.


Makoto had looked to see what was in her hand and it was none other than a copy of Zombie Predator 2.

"Sakuri-san you were the last person to buy that?"

"N-no I had p-pre ordered it. I got here a l-little late but the cashier saved one copy for m-me."


"I'm sorry."

sigh "Don't worry it's okay. I'm not sad about it or anything." Makoto had began to have tears come out.

"I-I'm r-really sorry."

"Anyways I didn't think you were the kind of person to play this sort of thing."

"I'm a b-big fan of these k-kind of games."

Makoto clasps her hand.

"Really, me too!"


Sakuri had started to stutter badly and blushed from Makoto holding her hands.

"Sorry about that. Come on Kota let's go. Se ya later Sakuri-san."

"Yeah se ya tomorrow." Kota had added too.

"W-wait Haku-san."


"I-I can l-let you borrow it w-whenever you want. If y-you'd like."

"Really thank you!"

"Can I also borrow it?" Kota had chimed in.


Makoto, Kota, and Sakuri had then gone their separate ways, but their was something on Makoto's mind.

'Was her face actually that red? And why was she so shy around me? Whatever at least I am able to borrow it whenever she's done with it.'