Chapter 1:

Vol. 1 ☆ Prologue: WORLD END

Scarlet Finale! (Demo)

Time stood still in a world that lost all sound.

A red curtain spread through the broken blue skies as the sun slowly descended in the horizon.

The moon and the stars could not be found in this world anymore.

That which was known as hope had ceased to exist.

The bridge that separated the concepts of life and death had fallen apart.

The core of the very earth had shattered.

“Who are you?”

The final actor had left the stage.

“Who am I?”

The answer had blurred away into a fading mirage.

In this world without miracles or dreams, there was only one word to describe this scene: Misfortune.

There was nothing else to be said.

There was nothing else to be done.

The story had come to an end.

                                                            SCARLET FINALE!

The moon and the stars that illuminated the night sky were nowhere to be found anymore.

All that remained was a shattered world.

In the midst of the dark void, silence was abruptly broken.

A powerful gust of cold wind ran by as if it was trying to escape from this world.

The eerie sound of old bells colliding against each other echoed in the darkness.

They could not tell where the sound was coming from.

A single person stood high atop the steel structure of a broken building.

The scenery around them continued to spin, but all of their senses had already shut down.

Their blurry sight couldn’t see how the tower before them rapidly begun to collapse.

Their tattered body couldn’t feel how the wind had carried them high into the skies.

Their lips slowly moved as they whispered their last words.

The bells continued to resound as they descended in the person’s direction, and abruptly stopped with a shattering noise.

They could not feel where the leftovers of their soul were anymore.

Silence had engulfed the world once again.

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