Chapter 7:

Vol. 1 ☆ Interlude: GAME START

Scarlet Finale! (Demo)

An image appeared in a screen, it showed Caroline, Eri and Ryuusei descending at a slow speed.

This screen was high atop a wall surrounded by many more screens. All of them showed different areas throughout the city from many different angles.

A person was sitting before the screen in a large and comfortable chair.

They were wearing headphones but weren’t too focused on the audio.

The light bulb on the ceiling was turned off, but the lights from the screens were enough to dimly light the small and messy room.

There were many bottles and cans of water, soda, coffee, juice and energy drinks lying around. It looked like they’d usually be piled up but they had scattered all around the room because of the quake. In fact, two of the screens at the very top had fallen by one of the corners and broken down. 

 The room was relatively silent aside from the sounds of fingers rapidly typing on a keyboard every now and then.

“I wasn’t expecting them to get there so early.”

A short and blonde boy scratched his neck.

His appearance was almost as messy as his room. His short hair looked like a bad morning hair after waking up, there were a few bags under his eyes. His white shirt was full of wrinkles and it wasn't even buttoned up properly.

His light blue eyes were locked in the screen that showed Caroline’s group. The three people in the image had begun to slowly descend right after he did something on his keyboard.

“The silver memories are intriguing, I have to admit that.” He played with a small, blue metallic ball on his left hand while taking a moment to think. “No, they are not what I need, not at the moment.”

The blonde boy yawned and stretched out his arms.

“It doesn’t matter right now. I didn’t want them to go there so early, but it doesn’t matter. They will be busy for long enough in there. Even if they were to find out, they aren’t important, not right now.”

His eyes then moved towards two different screens, each with a different image.

“Yes, you are right. What matters right now is this.”

The first screen to the left of him showed the image of a black haired boy with red eyes. He was standing just outside a tall building with his arms crossed. He continued to stare at the street, as if waiting for someone to come through there.

The second screen, to his right, showed a girl with blonde hair, her left eye was of green color, and her right eye was light blue. She was sitting behind a table at the main building of the police station. She continued to stare at her necklace, which showed the image of a crescent moon crossed out, while lost in thought.

“Yes. What matters is to let the actors into the stage! To let the protagonists be heroes!! Now then, which one should I choose?”

The boy took off his headphones while smiling to himself. He grabbed an old pair of glasses that were lying just next to his keyboard and put them on. He took a few moments to button up his shirt properly, and then put up a long white lab coat on top.  

"Let the game start." 

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