Chapter 8:

If it's Within My Power

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

“Woah, all that and you were only, what, eight years old?”Bookmark here

‘Twas but the life of a Hall. No ordinary man would have sufficed in this line of living.Bookmark here

“Hey tell me about that brother of yours. What happened between you two for him to want to off you?”Bookmark here

Guy had found himself a girl. Other than her name, information on her was unbeknownst to even me. He knew he wasn’t strong enough to continue living the life of a Hall so he thought it would be best to leave it all behind and take Mildred with him. Fear is a helluva thing. Though no one was stopping him from leaving, Guy feared that which you have called a curse.Bookmark here

“What does your family curse have to do with him trying to kill you?”Bookmark here

As cowardly as he was, I have to admit, he dreamed big. It was incredible how foolish he led himself to be. In all his great judgment, Guy had believed that the only way he could escape the curse would be to rid himself of the family that follows it.Bookmark here

“How did that go for him?”Bookmark here

Well seeing as the last Hall stands before you, it didn’t go very well.Bookmark here

“Last Hall? Did Guy do in you folk too?”Bookmark here

Guy? Ha, you give him too much credit. No, it wasn’t him who killed them.

Bookmark here

“It wasn’t you, was it?”Bookmark here

There was a bit of a complication between us. If you believe that it was in cold blood, I will not ask you to curb any malice you hold toward me.Bookmark here

“Nem, why would you do such a thing?”Bookmark here

At the time, I still considered Guy to be my brother, even after he had lashed out against our family name. My father wasn’t as kind as I. to protect him I had to put an end to their quarreling. Sure enough, things soon got too out of hand and I ended up killing both my parents. I helped Guy leave with Mil but he still felt that I posed a threat to the life he sought. Bookmark here

“He believed the curse was still there since you were alive.”Bookmark here

Likely so.Bookmark here

“Did Mil also believe in the curse?”Bookmark here

I can’t say with full certainty, but I wouldn’t bet against it.Bookmark here

“Then I guess we’re caught up with your story.”Bookmark here

Just about. Some details have been left out, but I’ve given you the heart of it. Pardon, but I can’t seem to remember your name.Bookmark here

“That’s because I never told you it.”Bookmark here

Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to me?Bookmark here

“Sure thing, my name is Caderousse.”Bookmark here

Caderousse, what a strange name.Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t be talking, Nem.”Bookmark here

Yes, yes. Well, I do believe that sets us even.Bookmark here

“Even? What do you mean?”Bookmark here

A favor for a favor, we are even.Bookmark here

“Sorry I don’t follow, what exactly did I do?”Bookmark here

You’ve told me your name.Bookmark here

“That’s all? Wait, if we’re even then can I ask another favor of you?”Bookmark here

I don’t see why not. As long as it is within my power, it will be done.Bookmark here

“Then I’ll keep that in mind. There's nothing I really need or want at the moment.”Bookmark here

Oh? Don’t you wish to escape?Bookmark here

“I did but I’m not going to be here for much longer. They picked me off the streets for public intoxication.”Bookmark here

Very well, then I do believe it is time for me to leave.Bookmark here

“Hey wait! You’re leaving?”Bookmark here

But of course, I’ve got plans that can no longer be postponed.Bookmark here

“Then I guess I’ll ask you for that favor before you go. My daughter had run off with somebody she met in a bar. It’s been well over two years now and I haven’t heard from her since.”Bookmark here

To find your daughter. Such a task is simple enough. Should you not hear from me within a week, know that she no longer is among the realm of the living.Bookmark here

“Don’t you need to know her name? Or anything about how she looks?”Bookmark here

It won’t be necessary, but if it were to quell your worries then I will not stop you from telling me what you will.Bookmark here

“Her name is Eugenie. Last I saw her she had long blonde hair, but for how long I’ve gone without seeing my little girl, she may no longer look the same. If- when you find her, please tell her that daddy misses her.”Bookmark here

It shall be done.Bookmark here

“Do you know where to find me?”Bookmark here

I’ll just look in all the bars, I’m sure you’re bound to turn up.Bookmark here

“How do you plan on escaping? Maybe I can learn a thing or two from you.”Bookmark here

I do dislike repeating myself.Bookmark here

“Right, then how are you going to leave? These doors are pretty tough and I doubt they let you in here without first checking to see if you had anything on you.”Bookmark here

This door can not hold me back. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t even a door in front of me.Bookmark here

“That’s a lot of talk but I don’t see you doing anything.”Bookmark here

Caderousse, close your eyes and don’t open them until I say otherwise.

“Okay but I still don’t believe you can just waltz on out of here.”Bookmark here

Open your-Bookmark here

“Jesus! How did you get into my cell? I didn’t even hear the doors open.”Bookmark here

Doors like these could never hold back a true Hall such as myself. I suppose I can have you pay off your debt to me now.Bookmark here

“You want me to help you leave?”Bookmark here

It would be appreciable. Bookmark here

“Sure thing, what do you need me to do?”Bookmark here

I want you to yell for an officer. Once he sees that were are in the same cell, I’ll need you to follow along for a bit. If you can do that, then I can assure you that staying here will become an option for you. Leaving will be solely your decision.Bookmark here

“I’ll do what I can. All you need is for me to get someone over here?”Bookmark here

For now, that will do.Bookmark here


How ill-mannered.Bookmark here

“Hey, it worked. I can hear footsteps.”Bookmark here

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