Chapter 7:

Say But Not as Crow Flies - Part 2

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Germon was finally able to call Ashya this time. "Ah! You finally picked up." Germon says as sighing.Bookmark here

Ashya replied with a lot of questions, "Oh! I just spoke to Kyora-sis. What about you? What kind of room are you in? Tell me something about it."Bookmark here

"Living room," he said straight away, regardless of the rule. So now his room shrank.Bookmark here

"Huh! Stupid! You broke the rules, you did it on purpose." said Ashya.Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. This is only the second time, we can take that much risk. You tell me about yours too." He says with some serious tone.Bookmark here

Ashya wonders what she should do and finally says "Arghh! the bedroom," herself breaking the rules, then her room also shrank.Bookmark here

"So I was right, I mean." Germon says but the two minutes run out and their line is cut.Bookmark here

Germon was still putting the telephone back in its place, but it rang again.Bookmark here

So he picked it up.Bookmark here

Jon says, "Don't say anything, just listen."Bookmark here

"Ok!" Germon says quietly.Bookmark here

"Even if you've got the gist of it, it's still not what you're thinking. Even if you catch it, it's not where it should be. In the end, all you have to do is, see who the black sheep is." Jon says something like a riddle and immediately disconnects the phone.Bookmark here

Confused, Germon said, "Huh! What did you say, say it again?" Hello! Hey!"Bookmark here

Jon was thinking, "I have riddles with the help of that, I will tell Germon about how to get code numbers and about Ashya, she did well in Morse code. But saying all that sound in morse code won't work, so I will tell her by riddle too but I don't know how I will tell Kyora before this one hour has passed because I don't know anything about her."Bookmark here

Meanwhile, Kyora was roaming around the kitchen and looking for a place where she can find the code number, when she saw something on the dining table and remembered something.Bookmark here

This is when she was eight years old, living with her ghastly stepmother and father who rarely came home because of his work, which is sometimes temporary. At that time she was living in Shimbashi with that stepmother.Bookmark here

It was summer vacation, she was playing outside her house. A woman came out from inside, she grabbed Kyora's ears very tightly and took her to the kitchen. Kyora says, "What happened mom?"Bookmark here

Inari Nakamura, Kyora's stepmother. An employee but has a very contemptuous personality and cold demeanor towards Kyora in particular. She doesn't consider Kyora as her daughter and always lies to her about things such as naming her father. Bookmark here

She squeezes Kyora's ear very hard, then says, "Look around you."Bookmark here

Kyora noticed that the entire kitchen was in disarray. The utensils were not in the right place. Then Kyora replies, "I see, Mom. The Kitchen needs to be clean."Bookmark here

She shouts in anger, "Just don't say that? It's you who's going to clean up here."Bookmark here

"But mom I was playing now. I'll do it later." she says.Bookmark here

"What did you say?. Just remember, if me and your father keep working so that we don't live like some beggars, but live a normal life, you'll also have to pay somehow. Without saying anything, get to work. And this is what your father told me to tell you." she says.Bookmark here

"You're lying! Dad would never say that." Kyora gets angered and shout.Bookmark here

Inari gets very angry before saying anything, she bends over and reels the skin on Kyora's Right hand, it starts bleeding, Kyora wants to cry but Inari covers her mouth with her hand and says, "Don't cry. It won't hurt that much. If you clean up without saying anything, then I will give you a bandage."Bookmark here

Kyora didn't say anything and not even cried, she nodded that she would do that.Bookmark here

"Okay, now I'm going out for some shopping. I want you to keep this kitchen clean until I come." she says and leaves from there.Bookmark here

Despite Kyora's hand dripping with blood, she cleans the kitchen. When an hour has passed, a soccer ball comes through the window into the kitchen. She looked and was terrified.Bookmark here

Just then a boy came in a shirt with mud all around him and his left eye was covered with his hair. He took the ball and then came towards Kyora and apologized for breaking the window glass.Bookmark here

He sees that Kyora's hand was bleeding so he says, "What's the matter? Where's your focus? You're hurt, don't you know?"Bookmark here

Kyora didn't say anything because Inari forbade her to speak. But the boy could not see it. Then he searched every room for a first aid kit and when he found it, he came back to the kitchen.Bookmark here

He then bandaged Kyora's wound. Even though she didn't want to, she let him do it. Then she opens her mouth and stutters, "W-Who are y-you? And W-why are you doing this?"Bookmark here

"Why are you stuttering? And I'm a Hinro from the neighborhood. I don't even know why I'm doing this, but I thought it would be the right thing to do." He saysBookmark here

Then he asks, "Now tell me where was your attention?"Bookmark here

"I don't e-even know ." She stutters.Bookmark here

"What the hell is this answer?" He says dissatisfied.Bookmark here

Then Kyora stopped her stuttering and shared something like, "I don't know but I feel like I don't want to live life this way. Alone, it's really awful and empty from inside. After having a stepmother like that, I want to go back to the place where my real mom is."Bookmark here

Hinro was a very outspoken boy, he put his hand over Kyora's neck and said, "If that's the case, I'll be your friend, but only when you want to live. If you want to die, I'm leaving, goodbye." "Bookmark here

"Wait! Really? But what if you're not here." She asked.Bookmark here

Then he smiles and replies, "Yes! Look at that time, put your hand towards your heart and say to your heart - I am always with you, we will face together whatever is in front of us so don't worry."Bookmark here

Hinro then tells her to try it. She puts her hand on her heart and says, "I am always with you, we will face together whatever is in front of us so don't worry." She felt better.Bookmark here

Hinro then helped Kyora clean up.Bookmark here

As they were leaving Hinro shouted, "Oh! We must not leave that here."Bookmark here

"What?" Kyora asks.Bookmark here

"That first aid kit. It doesn't belong in the kitchen." He answers. Then he picked up that first aid kit and gave it to Kyora. So that she could put it in the right place.Bookmark here

"By the way, you are stinking. You should go and have shower" Kyora says.Bookmark here

Hinro makes the Weirdest face,"Really? Why didn't I notice?"Bookmark here

They both laugh, she walks him out to the door and says,"See you tomorrow, Friend."Bookmark here

He says,"Yess, Goodbye!"Bookmark here

In the present day, Kyora saw the same first aid kit but seven. That's why she doubts why Seven- First Aid Kits are doing here. So she gambled, went to the screen and wrote the number seven - it started showing the green light.Bookmark here

Then she got the call and she picked it up and happily said, "I cleared it.",Bookmark here

The one who called was Jon, he wondered, "Really! You figured out the code number."Bookmark here

"No! It's just someone who helped me." she answers,Bookmark here

Jon then tells her everything she needs to do next and a plan.Bookmark here

The telephone in the bedroom rang and Ashya picked it up. Jon says something unusual that she didn't understand, "What you need to find is what shouldn't be there."Bookmark here

"What are you saying, say it again?" She askedBookmark here

Jon repeats, "What you need to find is what shouldn't be there."Bookmark here

After that he hung up the phone. Ashya was still confused as to what he was trying to say. On the other hand, Kyora wastes her time talking with Germon.Bookmark here

Germon picks up when the telephone rings, "Kyora told me everything, so what's the riddle?"Bookmark here

"It's the last time I'm telling you this. Even if you get the gist of it, it's still not what you're thinking. Even if you get a hold of it, So it's not where it should be. In the end, all you have to do is see who the black sheep is." he saysBookmark here

Germon listens intently and replies, "Okay! I memorized it. Now you can hang up."Bookmark here

Jon disconnects the telephone while Kyora gives Ashya some hints so that Ashya can also understand that and find the code number.Bookmark here

Germon begins his search of the living room, summarizing the puzzle given by Jon.Bookmark here

At first he starts looking under the couch, "Even if you get the gist of it, it's still not what you're thinking - it means I'm thinking something wrong, something odd or even we don't have to search."Bookmark here

Then he began to look at each wall, he saw a couple of vases on the table containing dried flowers, "Even if you hold it, it's not where it should be - which means I have to find unusual materials. Which shouldn't be here. Because it's a black sheep - it means code number."Bookmark here

Germon went to the screen and wrote number two, then the green light flashes.Bookmark here

Now only Ashya was left to find the code number. She was remembering the puzzle she got from Kyora so she could get the code number, "If you're there, it shouldn't be there. If it is, it's not needed in that place."Bookmark here

She was rolling over in bed trying to figure out what it might be.Bookmark here

Then she looked at the back door where she saw three wet clothes hanging and then she wondered what they were doing here.Bookmark here

She remembered the riddle again, then she understood what it meant. She runs to the screen and writes number three. The door opens, and everyone comes out.Bookmark here

In Shimbashi city, a boy in a leather jacket with hair covering his left eye says, "I hope you're okay, Kyora. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Just remember the words that I taught you to say and you will never feel alone."Bookmark here

Yura turns back and says, "I think our love is defeated, Honey. That faded-haired guy was right."Bookmark here

"That's not true, darling. We'll fall in love again and come back stronger."She encouraged Yura.Bookmark here

Everyone comes out, makes a group circle, and starts enjoying their victory. After that, they move on to the next stage.Bookmark here

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