Chapter 10:

Summon And Wishes

The Netherworld : Awakening

"You have to go back to the human world."Bookmark here

"Huh?"(*2)Bookmark here

Both Satori and I express it at the same time.

"But that's--I don't think it's--"Bookmark here

"Yes, it's impossible for a human who entered the netherworld to go back to the human world."

"Then why did you even suggested that?"Bookmark here

He could have just said no. End of the topic.

"Because you can go to the human world."Bookmark here

"Wait, I can? But didn't you just said that I can't go to the human world?"

"I never mentioned that you can't go to the human world. I only said that a human can't go back to the human world. Let me say it again, with a bit of clarity. I said a human can't go back to the human world once he enters the netherworld."Bookmark here

Why is he making this conversation longer when a 'no' can end this useless, no destination chit-chat?

"Doe--"Bookmark here

Before I could even finish saying my first word, he continues.Bookmark here

"But...Can you consider yourself a human? I doubt that. The being you are now is neither a human nor a demon, and you don't even fall in the demi-human category."

"Okay...So, you mean I can go to the human world."Bookmark here

"Yes. That's what I am saying."

"Then why I--"Bookmark here

Again he interrupts me in between. So this is what Vassago feels when being interrupted while you are saying something.Bookmark here

"But it doesn't mean you can go back to the human and start living your life there as nothing happened. You will still meet the same fate."Bookmark here

"Then what do you mean by I can go back to the human world?"

"It's simple. Let me explain to you from the point where you can understand better."Bookmark here

He closes the book in front of him and places it on his right side.

"Since you already know that demons can't go to the human world, but what if I say they can, and they are? What is your thought on this?"Bookmark here

"You demons are contradicting yourselves."

"Hehe--contradicting you say. You certainly are not wrong. We demons are a type of beings who contradict ourselves. Not because we want to or it's in our nature or blood. No, it's nothing of that sort, but it's because that's the only way for us to survive. We survive by contradicting ourselves. That's how we live. I think the same goes for you humans too."Bookmark here

Well, what he just said is not wrong. We, humans, contradict ourselves on numerous occasions to benefit ourselves or to escape from our guilt.Bookmark here

"Since you know a little about the netherworld. Let me also tell you a little. We demons can go to the human realm but only through few methods. Let me tell you one of those. And that is evocation."

"Evocation?"Bookmark here

I murmur, but Dagon hears me.Bookmark here

"Looks like you don't know about evocation. That's weird. Then let me explain it to you. Evocation is a practice through which you can summon eudemon, the good spirits, cacodemon, the bad spirits and demons."

"Why do humans summon them?" Bookmark here

Before he could start with his explanation, I ask him something stupid.

Dagon gives me a long face then after a moment of silence he takes a deep sigh and then continues.Bookmark here

"It's because some humans want their wish to be granted. Wishes which one can't fulfil just with hard work, patience or are beyond one's reach or aren't realistic in the first place. Eudemons don't grant wishes, but they help humans in different ways. Cacodemons also don't grant wishes, but they are mischievous spirits. They either harm humans or bring misery upon them. Cacodemons are considered one of us, but they are evil spirits of humans who died and had their souls corrupted. While Eudemons are spirits sent by gods themselves on the human realm."

"Why do humans summon these spirits when they don't grant wishes? What's the benefit in summoning them?"Bookmark here

"Maybe I should give an example, then you will understand it properly. Imagine you are an ordinary human, but you are constantly getting in difficult situations because of your atrocious neighbor. At first, the problems weren't much to deal with but as time passes by the trouble caused by him also escalates and then he starts crossing his limits. It becomes too much of a hassle to deal with. In that case, when you summon a Cacodemon, it will not appear in front of you but will possess the thing you place in a summoning circle, like a doll, painting or anything. After the cacodemon posses the object, then all you have to do is pass that object to your atrocious neighbor. The cacodemon will get rid of that atrocious neighbor for you."

Oh! So it's real. I always thought that they were fake.Bookmark here

"But if you fail to pass that object to your atrocious neighbor and keep it in your house or near you, then it will get rid of you. Because Cacodemons can only be used for revenge or with evil intentions."

This can't be said as wish-granting. This isn't wish granting, it's playing with fire--no, death actually.Bookmark here

"You get rid of your neighbor because you passed that possessed object to your neighbor. But if you forget to pass it on then you will get rid of yourself. Is that what you are saying."

I asked Dagon to confirm if what I heard is right or not. Bookmark here

"Well, yes. It's a double-edged sword you can say. It depends on the wielder of the sword Whether he cuts his enemy or himself."

I opened my mouth in confusion then closed it, seeing that there is no point in saying anything further.Bookmark here

Dagon continues after seeing that I have nothing to ask.

"So, this was the case for Cacodemon. And for Eudemon, just leave it. There is no need to learn about them. But let me tell you this. Neither Cacodemons nor Eudemons grant wishes. They just respond to the call of humans." Bookmark here

"If not eudemon and cacodemon, then who grants wishes?"

I asked after listening to what he just said.Bookmark here

"It's demons and deities who grant wishes, but they don't grant wishes for free it's a give and takes procedure."

Can a human even give anything to demons and deities? Bookmark here

"Give and take? Can a human even give anything to demons and deities? If a human is capable of giving demons and deities something, then can't he fulfil his wish by himself?" 

Bookmark here

"Is that what you think? Demons and deities grant wishes which aren't possible for humans to achieve. In return, demons can ask for something which a human can give. An explanation will be faster. So imagine you are a king of certain land, but you are suffering from all sorts of crises, crops can't be grown on the land around your kingdom because the land is not fertile and floods keep on destructing them, you are suffering from a shortage of food, and you are at the risk of being attacked by another kingdom which is stronger than your kingdom in every aspect. In such a situation, you summon a demon and ask that demon for your kingdom's growth, the lands to become fertile, floods to stop and victory against the enemy kingdom. The demon will grant you your wish but in return, he may ask you for the fair share of production of food, lands you own, or even lives of several humans, well that depends on your wish, according to that the demon asks for lives of humans or he can even ask you for your own life. But the wish granted is not for eternity but for a fixed amount of time."
"What will happen if the time runs out?"

"It's simple. The kingdom will fall in the condition as it was before..."Bookmark here

Then it's for a short period. The kingdom will perish anyway, if not now, then in the future. It is doomed from whichever perspective you look at it.

"...if only the king doesn't change the fate of his kingdom. If he continues to live his life in luxury without taking any beneficial steps, then his kingdom will end. If he takes proper measurements and does what needs to be done, then he can save his kingdom. This is how demons grant wishes. But for deities it's different. Summon can only work for cacodemons, eudemons and demons. when it comes to deities, then it doesn't mean you can summon deities through some evocation or any ritual."Bookmark here

"Then how are you supposed to summon deities?"

There has to be a way to summon them. After all, they grant wishes.Bookmark here

"You can't summon deities. It's impossible to summon one with any mean."

"Then how are they supposed to grant wishes when you can't even summon them?"Bookmark here

"Deities can't be summoned, but instead of that, the deities choose a human to whose wish they want to grant."

"Choose a human?"Bookmark here

Well, that's something I have never heard of. Although what he explained about demons and cacodemons were a bit similar to what I have heard. "Yes. Unlike we demons, they can't be summoned. We demons grant wishes than take something from that human. But in the case of deities, it is the opposite. The deities take first then grant wishes."
Seeing me confused, he continues.

"Well, there is no need to know about deities. It's not beneficial, so just leave it."Bookmark here

He literally pressed the skip button when he was supposed to explain about eudemons and deities.

"Okay. But what you explained about Cacodemons and Demons--how any of that is connected with how I can go back to the human realm?"Bookmark here

"You can go back to the human realm. Through evocation, that is. But since you aren't a proper demon and can't grant wishes, then you are left with only one choice and that is to go to the human world as the underling of one those demons who grant wishes."

"Wait, is that even possible?"Bookmark here

"I can't say it's possible but I can say this, that it's not impossible. That's why I explained to you about the wish granting demons. But for someone like you, who don't even have any demonic ability, it will be a bit complicated."

Well, that's obvious. There is no way I can get my way through easily in the netherworld. Even back when I was at home it was difficult for me to get any work done.Bookmark here

"I will try. Maybe some demon will be there who will let me become his underling. That's the only thing I can do if I have to achieve my goal. I will become an underling of a demon."Bookmark here

It's too embarrassing when you are talking about becoming someone's underling. Seriously, how did I say such a thing with this much confidence?

"You think you will be able to make a demon agree on that. How can you be so sure?"Bookmark here

"Because being stubborn and persistent is one of my traits after all."

I can't just give up without trying. I have to try--no, I have to become an underling of a demon to go back home because I refuse to accept my end like this. Not when it's not even my fault. Even if it was, then also I wouldn't accept such fate.Bookmark here

"Well, I don't want to ruin your moment, but before you become an underling, you have to get permissions of at least two rulers of the netherworld."

Another shock.Bookmark here

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