Chapter 7:

Club Searching

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Makoto had been thinking about something that has been in his mind for awhile throughout class. During the small break in switching periods he poked Kota for his attention.

"Hey Kota how do I go about joining a club?"

"Hmm? So you interested in joining a club now?"

"Yes, but that didn't answer my question."

"Well all you have to do is find something you're interested in and test it out."

"I know I've asked you this before but Kota have you ever thought about joining a club?"

"No I never found joining a club interesting, but if you join one I might think about it."

The next teacher came in so Makoto went back to paying attention, but on the back of his mind he thought of what kind of club would interest him. 

Bell ring

School has now ended and Makoto left the class with Kota to look at the bulletin board to look at the available clubs.

"So Makoto do any of these interest you?"

"We're going to be here for a while until I read all of them."

After Makoto had looked through all of them he had found three clubs that interested him. The video game club, anime & manga appreciation club, and one that was the tiniest poster on the board the art club.

"Alright Kota let's go look at these."

"You sure did pick your interests but what's with the art club. Do you like to paint?"

"I occasionally draw sometimes."

"Makoto I got to ask what made you want to join a club?"

"I just want to see if being in a club would be fun."

They finally arrived at the first stop; the video game club. Makoto goes up to the door and knocks on it. Someone can be heard coming to the door quickly and then opens it in one swoop.

"What do you want!"

A male student with an angry look had appeared in front of Makoto and Kota which had startled them from his demeanor. Makoto then spoke up.

"Uhh...I wanted to check out the video game club and possibly join it."

"We're not accepting any members!"

He then shuts the door loudly which leaves Makoto with a confused face and Kota staring blankly at the scene that had unfolded.

"What just happened Kota?"

"I have no idea Makoto."

Makoto and Kota now left for the anime & manga appreciation club hoping that the same thing from the previous club wouldn't happen again. Makoto knocked on the door and people can be heard telling someone to open the door. The door then opens and a female with glasses appears normally.

"Hello, what can I do for you?"

"I was thinking about joining a club and this one was a possible choice. I was also hoping I can check it out."

"Sure come on in."

Makoto and Kota had entered the club room and saw shelves filled with manga and a tv with anime playing. He also saw people that he didn't recognize reading the manga on the table and others watching anime. The female had then called for everyone's attention.

"Everyone we have a possible member that is interested in our club. Please introduce yourself possible member."

"My name is Makoto Haku and I am interested in joining your club. Nice to meet you all."

"Who is that?" Someone from the table had pointed at Kota.

"I'm Kota Nakahara. I'm just accompanying my friend here."

"Ok now we should introduce ourselves. My name is Aiko Ando and I'm the club president."

"The name is Daichi Aikawa and I am the vice club president." a boy with long black hair had spoke up with a lazy tone.

"I'm Megumi Fueki and I really enjoy manga and making new friends. I hope you're willing to join us." She was very energetic and over friendly.

"Touma Fukuda is what they call me and I am the most knowledgeable one here about manga and anime so you can just call me the anime/manga master." The boy looked very nerdy with circle rimmed glasses and a bowl cut.

There was no one next who talked which Makoto then noticed that there was a girl sleeping on her chair which made him surprised to see someone sleeping with everything that is around her. 

"Her name is Midori Gato and she mostly sleeps during club activities but whenever she wakes up she is a nice person." Ando the club president had turned to Makoto to explain her sleeping habit.

"My name is Benjiro Sasaki and it would be nice for you to join us." He then quickly hid behind his manga. Makoto had noticed he was very shy and had long hair covering his eyes. It reminded him of someone else he knew.

"Ok that's everyone so Haku-san and Nakahara-san have a look around the club room and ask any questions you have."

Makoto and Kota started to walk around the club room looking at everything they had.