Chapter 8:

Club Searching: Anime & Manga Appreciation Club

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

"So Makoto what do you think about the club so far?"Bookmark here

"It's awesome! I mean look at all this manga and anime dvd's! This is like heaven!" Makoto had been running around looking at all the shelves overjoyed.Bookmark here

"I know right! I'm even thinking about joining too!"Bookmark here

Kota had then joined Makoto in jumping around looking at all the shelves. Ando the club president was just staring with laughter in seeing how they were acting.Bookmark here

"You guys really like manga and anime."Bookmark here

"Of course we do. It's the best form of entertainment out there."Bookmark here

Makoto then calmed down and went to the other members separately to talk to them about the club while Kota sat down near the shelf reading. He went up to the vice president first.Bookmark here

"Excuse me Aikawa-san?"Bookmark here

"Yes what do you want?"Bookmark here

"Sorry to bother you but I had a question. So is this whole club just about reading manga and watching anime?"Bookmark here

"Yeah but since the teachers would get mad about us just doing that. We write about what we read and submit it to our advisor."Bookmark here

"Oh, so there is basically another set of homework that comes with this club."Bookmark here

"Not really we all collectively write it."Bookmark here

"Ok thanks for answering my question."Bookmark here

Makoto walks away from Aikawa and tries to see who isn't busy that can talk to him. Fueki and Ando are busy talking with each other. He sees that Fukuda is talking with Kota about manga and giving him a lot of recommendations. The only person who isn't doing anything important is Sasaki who is reading manga on the table. As Makoto walks up to him he feels someone grab his shirt.Bookmark here

"Who are you?" Bookmark here

It was Midori Gato the sleeping girl had woke up and was talking in a monotone voice.Bookmark here

"I'm Makoto Haku and I came to your club to experience it and decide if I want to join."Bookmark here

"Oh, ok look around as much as you want. It would be fun to have a new member."Bookmark here

She smiled in a weird way which made Makoto get nervous thinking of what her personality could be. But he also saw her eyes which he thought were pretty and made him think she was cute but he shook it off. She then went back to sleep. Makoto sat down next to Sasaki who looked up from his manga and saw Makoto.Bookmark here

"What you reading Sasaki-san?"Bookmark here

"Huh I'm not reading anything." He still seemed very shy which made Makoto think that it was actually apart of his personality.Bookmark here

"Then what's that in your hands?"Bookmark here

"Oh, I-uh...aahhh!"Bookmark here

Makoto began to laugh from seeing how Sasaki was reacting but then calmed him down.Bookmark here

"So anyways is Gato-san really asleep all the time?"Bookmark here

"Y-yeah she rarely ever wakes up which is weird how she woke up and talked to you just now."Bookmark here

"Really? That's weird."Bookmark here

" what do you think about our club Haku-san?"Bookmark here

"It's really cool and it seems like I would enjoy myself a lot here, but I'm not making my decision yet."Bookmark here

"Why is that?"Bookmark here

"I still want to look at the Art Club. Believe me it would be amazing to be apart of this club but it would be unfair no to at least give it a chance. Unlike the video game club hehe."Bookmark here

"I understand. If you don't end up joining the club I hope you can still be friends with us."Bookmark here

"Of course. You all seem like really nice people."Bookmark here

Kota comes up behind Makoto and taps him on the shoulder.Bookmark here

"Hey Makoto you still need to check out the Art Club right. You can't spend the whole day here."Bookmark here

"Your right. Alright Sasaki-san see ya later."Bookmark here

"Bye."Bookmark here

Makoto and Kota leave the club room saying bye to everyone and head off to the Art Club.Bookmark here

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