Chapter 29:

Balance (Part Six)

From University Graduate to Soldier in an Interstellar Conflict: I Got Isekaied to an Alien World at War

Is party the right descriptor? These beings are clearly Gloup, with their variations in size, shape and colour giving them distinct movements from what humans would perform.Bookmark here

Red, black, blue, green.Bookmark here

Short, tall, big, small.Bookmark here

Boils, claws, spots, tendrils.Bookmark here

These were the features of the mysterious Gloup in groove to the odd sounds emanating from bending wavelengths that would wiggle without end below a hole. But even with the discovery of another sinkhole to flee from this network of tunnels, and a large space below it, aghast I was from the remaining sight; to not be would be problematic, for even if my impressions of what’s taking place are incorrect, to witness this is unique. This is the kind of fun I never thought these aliens would develop.Bookmark here

Then, it came to a halt. Those tall stood still, tendrils paused their creepy mannerisms, and their hues created, through non-intention, an arrangement both mismatched and purposeful.Bookmark here

Their attention went towards the cave entrance. I retreat for fear I was discovered. Gettin' jiggy with it was over. My lungs pooled, paranoia not allowing a breath to leave my lips, for a supernatural force and those who seem to be at its source being able to dance away while my colleagues are brainwashed and myself becoming weaker by the minute, two things were clear: they are immune to the effects of the balance and they are aligned with the one who jumped me.Bookmark here

Soft clanks were increasing. I change my view to see what it is.Bookmark here

It was them - all five single-file, moving in sync towards the stares on the other side. To save or not to save: this conflict of the conscience got me. I wasn’t in the best condition to enact an escape, but I couldn’t leave them to be a part of their festivities or whatever they were doing.Bookmark here

They are up to no good. As a decision came, they already passed. I wait for them to resume with their new guests, silence, however, came to my confusion. Standing here for all this time is grating. Couldn’t they restart their boogies-woogies and the shaking of their tail feathers? Instead, they are rather hushed.Bookmark here

I had to poke out my head to see what they are doing, and a face met me - a Makupuu named Delume. This spooked me out of my skin. She utilised the arch to hold herself up for our visions to be level. While regaining my bravery from a distance, she went back to her regular stance and walked backwards to the rest of the research team and their hosts. A semi-circle was formed and she fell into place between Haibul and the big heap of black tendrils near the right tip of the formation.Bookmark here

They found me out! Fighting is all there’s left. The being that ran over me is with them. Displaying their forms to me without their eccentric sways and twirls made it discernible. This lifeform was at an angle from where I stood - about thirty-five degrees.Bookmark here

It had the tone of withered iris petals, sacks of flesh that held it up and a body or an oval… or an eggplant… or a cucumber… It’s hard to tell while looking from the front.Bookmark here

I want it dead in one swift motion. Activating my feet boosters meant doing so would take pressure off my limp leg. My HUD locked onto my target, making it blink red. The chance they are giving me is shocking. They should be ganging up on me by now. But, if they want to die, I will be happy to take it while it's hot. It was strange to let me aim my concentrated laser blaster. But that was unimportant to me at the moment. They have to be eviscerated.Bookmark here

But… Maybe I am too hasty. Maybe I am letting my emotions run amok. I should at least find out why all of this is happening if they are not willing to attack despite having the advantage in numbers. My laser will remain out and active in case this goes bad.Bookmark here

I come closer so they can’t mistake what I would like to ask of them. They remain in position even with a live weapon… except for one.Bookmark here

The articulate Fruisolp latched onto my back growling as it attempts to bite my head off with its fangs covered by its helmet. Hapless crap like this is why I am willing to go back to the surface the same way I got in. They all came at me after this. I get away using my boosters. To not be scribbled by claws or stained by bursting boils showed the pace they took me. Most of them were unable to keep up until I couldn’t. The boosters were sputtering out. My decreasing speed and detachment from the ground gave way to a smack from tendrils, tumbles and a crash onto a rock face.Bookmark here

Turning them on pushed a message to my HUD stating they could not work. I was open to more hits. The levitation cables had to be brought out. I regained the aerial speed I thought I lost. Swipes and downward strikes were thrown at them, but they either brushed them off at full force or dodged accordingly.Bookmark here

The crumbling of stone was not the satisfactory sound I was looking for; the whacking of wire against their frames is what’s desired, but they were slippery in their evasions.Bookmark here

A glow drove me to look to the far left, where claws drowned in the same colour and sparkle of the haze launched a slash. I jump left, avoiding it. But this was when the fury came. A barrage tested my speed. I had to keep ahead of concern that my cables will be sliced.Bookmark here

The situation evolved to the spamming of energy attacks, including the Tenkep Research Squad. But within this chaos, there looked to be a way out. While moving about, the image of a machine seems to be behind the cluster of wavelengths. Gaining some altitude, it was clear that it was a flying saucer with cracked panes of glass, and above it was the sinkhole directly out of here. If I follow it, we should be out of here. A tantalising proposition forms because of this, but I couldn’t go for it without the research squad.Bookmark here

They had to come with me.Bookmark here

I plucked Haibul from performing a supercharged headbutt and scooped up Braltui while in a sequence of massive flying palms. Three left, with two fighting for freedom wrapped in my midst.Bookmark here

Fruisolp’s exploding body slams were useless from my height, so a tall one with tendrils got resting on it. It follows my flight patterns as I near the gathering of Waityuix. Its energy breath - while powerful and fast - took a while to charge, providing an ample gap for me to exploit.Bookmark here

With three now captured, something fizzed right by me, causing a raucous boom. I make a U-turn to save Fruisolp from its fall. Now, I have four. All I need is Delume and we can get out.Bookmark here

The swelling mouth of Waityuix could no longer hold it in. I pull back my right cable from the beam, but a quarter was cut. Moving it showed that it can still be used, but the consequences were evident already. I notice that we are descending. The suit informed me that due to this loss, flight cannot be maintained for much more.Bookmark here

I have to make this count. Failure cannot be afforded.Bookmark here

She marks where I am about to land and rotates to become a top. The others were readying their moves as well. You can see the power they were radiating. To screw with their aim, I make a series of curves in the form of a large S. Claws came at my first curve, weaving through most.Bookmark here

Another energy breath was fired. The timely move of raising myself above it means while I was not damaged, the explosion kicked me out of my trajectory and into a gyre. Control is imperative. We were coming up on Delume.Bookmark here

We were bound to collide. That has to be avoided at all cost, for to go down would be the end of me.Bookmark here

My timing had to be perfect.Bookmark here

The cables were stretched out. With this, I swing them from left to right putting me in an upright spin.Bookmark here

In this position, I have a better chance to get her.Bookmark here

She launched herself from her stationary increase in revolutions to strike me.Bookmark here

I have her. My legs managed to place themselves between her for me to fling her out with the idea of getting her to crash through the glass, giving us free access to slip inside.Bookmark here

We phased through the wavelengths, and from there, shattering and thuds within an enclosed space occur.Bookmark here

It worked! We did it. I make sure to tighten my cables around all four of them, but one wasn’t accounted for.Bookmark here

She had to be left behind. I didn’t want to sink into depression just yet.Bookmark here

I look for the controls but there weren’t any. There was just dust and the glow of the edges of a curved screen with upholstery all around  – it was in a good interior state besides that. It scans me and shows the body of a human. The ship shakes, taking me off balance. It happens again and again, tossing me about. Then I was flung up, hitting the ceiling.Bookmark here

This, in turn, causes an upward sensation, holding me in place. I withstood an increase in G-forces until it stopped.Bookmark here

The lack of gravity freed me; I can float now. And with that freedom, the view of space was clear.Bookmark here

Me’blenxclan’s seven moons were the most visible, with a segment of the planet and the blockade second. They were supported by the cascades of stars that gleamed from many a distance away.Bookmark here

It’s been a while since I’ve been off-world.Bookmark here

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