Chapter 25:

Heaven Chasers


Another day, another fight I'll have to win. Being in this war for the past few months can do something to a person. It can really get to me sometimes. I thank God I have some friends to help me. Speaking off, I leave my tent to the cloudy Arizona day. It might be red sky soon, I can see the gray turn to a red tint. I walk over to Kyle, sitting alone and drinking water. I sit with him and smile. He gives a smile back. Bookmark here

"You look tired," He says after looking out to the sandy town. "You should sleep."Bookmark here

I shake my head. "Nah. Just tired of the war. How do you even do it?"Bookmark here

He chuckles. "I've been thrust into war since I was a kid. I was only thirteen when the bombs dropped." Bookmark here

"You're young, eh? I couldn't tell. How did you survive at thirteen?"Bookmark here

"Yup. That's what they all say. I was alone in my bunker. I think I was in summer school when the alarms went off. I went my own way and just found this bunker that was open. I got in as they fell. I was alone for months, It does something to a kid. It taught me to survive alone, It taught me that up here..." He points to his head. "...Is your greatest weapon."Bookmark here

I lean back to soak in his story. "How did you join Miller Corps?"Bookmark here

"I joined at the start of the Intro Wars. I was in the middle of it, actually. I was getting shot at by all these bandit groups. It was Miller Corps that saved me. The general himself recruited me."Bookmark here

"Wow. I see. Crazy story. You came out to be a great man."Bookmark here

Kyle smiled and shook his hand. "You too. All the stories you told me, it's about time I open up myself."Bookmark here

I laugh, sharing my joy with him. Bookmark here

It was mid-afternoon, the perfect time to strike. I was with my team hiking over to the outskirts of the factory, using the sand as cover. It was red sky, so thunder was booming. Once was saw explorations go off, we charge in. Fisher loaded his rifle, clearing his throat. "Don't take all the kills, yeah?" Bookmark here

I scoff. "Don't be slow then, partner."Bookmark here

Sera shakes her head. "You two just watch how a real sharpshooter gets things done."Bookmark here

After a few quiet moments, the bombs went off. We charge in as Kyle's group barges in. Fisher hangs back, picking off three from afar. Sera strongarms one and kills three with her massive revolver. She mercy kills the one gasping for air after her clothesline. I slice and dice two and blast three with my shotgun. Fisher was able to keep us covered as we took out a chunk of the forces, but it wasn't sweet for long. One of the NRF men threw a pipe bomb, hitting most of the army, including me. The shrapnel hit my hand and my cheek. I was dazed, confused. I saw us quickly losing this fight. Our men dying, Sera and Fisher getting quickly outnumbered. Something snapped. I pulled out the pieces of metal with no effort and charged, filled with this urge to kill. I whipped out my arm blade. I sliced, dodged punches, and cut heads off. I then pulled out my SMG to shoot at the men with deadly precision. I was at seventeen kills. I hopped off a wall, did a flip, and sprayed at the remaining three hiding behind makeshift cover. Twenty.  Bookmark here

When I landed, I felt this pain in my leg. I got shot in the leg back there. Before I could even try to fix it, I got it into the brick walls of the factory. I was groaning, struggling to stand. I was shaking, trying to feel my arm again. A large man stepped out. He had to be seven feet tall. He had blonde hair, and he was angry. "I'll crush you, freak!" He yelled as he picked me up, planing to break my back. I pull my arm blade out to stab him in the spine as he had me up, he yelled and dropped to his knees. I recovered and aimed my shotgun at his face. "You can't stop freedom-"Bookmark here

I pulled the trigger, letting half his face free. Twenty-one. I walked back into the factory, looking at the army clean-up the rest of the NRF. I walked to find Kyle. As I started to walk, I limped. I felt the pain of the bullet in my leg as I headed over to Kyle. "We found the scientists?" I asked, not seeing the thing he was looking at. I looked at the dead men in lab coats. they were all shot in the forehead or back, sprawled across the floor. There was a blood-smeared door, closed. Bookmark here

Kyle points at the door, then starts to walk over, kneeling down. "This door is locked. For a reason, I hope." He pulls out a spare pipe bomb and sticks it to the door. As I load in non-lethal shots, Kyle aims his gun at the bomb and shoots, blowing the door into pieces. I charge into the smoke, seeing an old-looking man. I shoot him right in the chest. The blow knocks him to the floor, he's out. Bookmark here

"Got him!" I yelled!Bookmark here

"Good," Tann says as he looks at the old man. "Let's head into phase two."Bookmark here

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