Chapter 26:

When The Righteous Fight Back


I was leaning on a wall, patching my leg up and calming down after what happened. I looked shaken, not being used to that feeling of blood lust. Fisher walked up and helped me wrap my leg up. "You alright?" He asked. "You looked like a different man out there."Bookmark here

I nod slowly. "I'll be fine. Something just snapped in me. It felt like I could hunt anything down. It brought me joy to end these men's lives, Fisher. That wasn't me."Bookmark here

He sighed as he finished up my bandages. "Sounds like this war is affecting you more than you realize. You have to chill, Dopeman."Bookmark here

"I can't. I won't let Kyle down. I can't let you or Sera down. We have to end this war quickly."Bookmark here

"You know that's not gonna happen. They've been at it for quite a while. Who knows when the war is gonna stop?"Bookmark here

I stand, testing my leg. I can walk a little better now. "Maybe. I'll need to help get info from that guy. Thanks, Fisher."Bookmark here

Fisher smiles and taps my shoulder. "No problem, handsome. Stay safe." Bookmark here

I walk in the room to see the scientist bloody, panting. Kyle punches him with his human hand. Bookmark here

The scientist spits out blood. "Amerikanischer Hund!" Bookmark here

I walk up next to Kyle. He sighs. "He's not talking. He's been speaking in nothing but German for the past twenty minutes."
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I look at him and shake my head. "Can he even speak English?" Bookmark here

"Yeah. He's just being difficult, is that right, Becker?"Bookmark here

Becker laughs, then suddenly snaps his attention to me. "Dopeman?"Bookmark here

I scoff. Guess I've finally shed that old nickname. "Yeah, why? You're gonna finally speak my language?"Bookmark here

He frowns. "You've been the topic all the NRF conversations after the Last Chance fight."Bookmark here

"You say this like you aren't a part of that group."Bookmark here

Becker shakes his head, looking at me with his eye that wasn't beaten shut. "No. They just enlisted my services."Bookmark here

"And what are these services?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I'll say... If that dog promises me freedom from whatever crimes their little group has me on."Bookmark here

I turn to Kyle. He rolls his eyes and nods, agreeing. "Deal. Now tell us what you know."Bookmark here

"I assume you speak of the Angel Waste. Angel Waste was a German creation. We had planned to drop it on the American populace. I was one of the lead scientists on the project." Becker smiled like he was proud of his actions. "The material is so unstable, so dynamic. It's almost like it's supernatural! It's just science!"Bookmark here

"Whatever. What do you mean by dynamic? You can't get rid of it?" 
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"Not at all. It was made to assimilate with any and everything designed to destroy it. If you tried to burn it, the waste forms into the fire. And when you fools tried to blow it up it transformed into the bomb!"Bookmark here

I scratch my chin, taking in the information. "And then it mixed into the sky because the rain and lighting were attempting to get rid of it."Bookmark here

"Correct! Such a perfect design!" He starts laughing like a mad man. Kyle gets upset and punches him with his metal arm, knocking Becker out. "He was annoying me."Bookmark here

"So what now?" I ask.Bookmark here

"I had orders before we head back to Nevada, but I'll let you rest, you need it."Bookmark here

I agree. I'm exhausted. "Thanks, Tann. I'll see you later."Bookmark here

I decide to walk out of the factory and sit next to a wall on the far side of the entrance. I closed my eyes, hearing the lighting strike the ground, but I was unfazed. I was too tired to care about anything. I don't know how much more my body can take. I feel the pain, the discomfort. I just had to keep it pushing. For my team. Sera finds me in my moment. She sits next to me silently. I lie my head on her shoulder. I didn't even say anything and she could tell I was in pain. "No matter what, Dopeman. I will take of you."Bookmark here

It was there I saw Dani again. She looked at me and tilted her head.Bookmark here

"Why are you looking at me?" She saidBookmark here

"Dani..." I started to feel the tears in my eyes. I shook my head. Bookmark here

"I need you to let me go. Say it to her. I know you want to say it."Bookmark here

I opened my eyes to look at Sera. "I like you, Sera."Bookmark here

She smiles and kissed me. "I like you too, Dopeman."Bookmark here

We then took a nap, in harmony. Bookmark here

That is until I hear a massive explosion, Snapping me awake. I was still confused, we slept so hard we ignored the strong winds and the sudden thunder. I helped Sera up and ran to see NRF rushing up, shooting everyone. I wanted to find Fisher and Kyle, but Sera was too exposed. A guy had his gun trained at her, going to fire. I quickly ran to take the bullet in the upper chest, thankfully missing vital organs. I pulled out my SMG and killed him. All I could hear is the thunder and wind, I was too shocked to hear Sera screaming my name as she dragged me to safety. Through sheer will, I picked myself up and grit my teeth. Sera looked shocked. "Dopeman!"Bookmark here

"Let's-Gah! Let's go!" I lean on Sera's arm and walk over to the exit of the factory, avoiding the losing battle. By the time we headed outside, the sandstorm started. The storm was bad, I could hardly see in front of me. We barely see the surviving group, grouping up to retreat. As we reached it, the NRF notice, having them shoot at us. At the same time, lighting struck the middle of the group, causing us to go flying due to the blast. I was tumbling down a hill, hitting my head, knocking me out when I was done. Bookmark here

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