Chapter 10:

Welcome New Members of The Art Club

Why Is This Girl So Shy Around Me?!

Sakuri and Aoki both looked up from their painting interested in hearing Makoto's decision. Then Makoto turned to look at Sakuri and said.Bookmark here

"I've decided I want to join the Art Club so if I could, I'd like to join Sakuri-san."Bookmark here

"What a surprise Makoto. I was sure you were going to pick the Anime & Manga Appreciation Club."Bookmark here

"I wanted to try something different. Can't go through my whole life doing only things I'm used to.Bookmark here

Sakuri was astonished that Makoto chose her club over something that involved his main interests.Bookmark here

"I see what you mean Makoto then that means I'll also join the club if I can."Bookmark here

"I thought you didn't want to join a club Kota?"Bookmark here

"Well you changed my mind based on what you said."Bookmark here

Both Makoto and Kota turn to look at Sakuri.Bookmark here

"So, Sakuri-san can we both join?"Bookmark here

"O-Of course!"Bookmark here

"Thank you Sakuri-san or should I say club president."Bookmark here

Aoki then called for their attention.Bookmark here

"That makes us four but we still need another member."Bookmark here

Sakuri began to shake nervously and get anxiety because she forgot about having to have 5 members in order to run a club. She didn't want to lose her club. Then Makoto grabbed her shoulder.Bookmark here

"Don't panic me and Kota are here now. We'll help in finding someone else it shouldn't be that hard."Bookmark here

"T-Thank you H-Haku-san."Bookmark here

"For now we should just head home and think about it tomorrow." Kota suggested.Bookmark here

"Yeah you're right Kota."Bookmark here

Everyone heads out the club room and goes home. Sakuri while walking home is thinking about how happy she is that her club is not close to being shut down and that Makoto is also in the same club as her. Maybe she can get closer with him now.Bookmark here

-The Next Day-
-Lunch Break-Bookmark here

"Kota how do we go about finding someone who wants to join the club?"Bookmark here

"Maybe we should make another poster that catches people's attention."Bookmark here

"I don't know...Sakuri-san said that no one is interested in it based off of everyone leaving in the first week."Bookmark here

Both of them then sighed in unison.Bookmark here

After school ends Makoto and Kota head to the club room to see that Sakuri and Aoki are already painting.Bookmark here

"Oh, hello Nakahara-senpai and Haku-senpai come sit down over here."Bookmark here

"But we don't really know how to paint that well."Bookmark here

"Then I can help Nakahara-senpai and Sakuri-senpai can aid Haku-senpai."Bookmark here

Sakuri tenses up and starts to blush.Bookmark here

"I-I don't think Haku-san should need my h-help."Bookmark here

"Of course I do. Sakuri-san you would be a great help."Bookmark here

"B-But I'm not r-really that good."Bookmark here

"That's not true your art is amazing."Bookmark here

Aoki walks behind Sakuri and whispers in her ear.Bookmark here

"Just do it. It's a great opportunity to get closer with him as well."Bookmark here

"Aahh!"Bookmark here

Sakuri gets embarrassed finding out that Aoki found out about her feelings toward Makoto. This caused her to accidentally bump into her canvas which then fell and caused the paint to get all over the floor.Bookmark here

"Oh no! I r-really messed up."Bookmark here

"It's okay Sakuri-senpai it was an accident."Bookmark here

"We should quickly clean it up before it permanently stains the floor." Kota suggested.Bookmark here

"Haku-senpai you can go get new paint and canvas for Sakuri-senpai. Me and Nakahara-senpai can get the cleaning supplies. Sakuri-senpai you can stay here and clean up what you can."Bookmark here

Everyone goes to do their job. Sakuri picks up the canvas that fell and gets sad that her painting got ruined. While in deep thought the door opens and someone steps in.Bookmark here

"Are you guys back alrea-..."Bookmark here

"So this is where you were Sakuri-me."Bookmark here

"F-Futaba-san?"Bookmark here

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