Chapter 9:

I Must Take My Leave

A Man Bound By Nothing Isn't Free

The hell is going on in here?”Bookmark here

Evening officers, you don’t have to worry much about us for very long. We’re just about getting ready to leave.Bookmark here

“Like hell you are! What are you doing in his cell?”Bookmark here

It’s a lot easier to understand one another when you’re not having to converse across two metal gates, wouldn’t you agree?Bookmark here

“Quit messin’ around. Johnny, keep your gun pointed at him while I go in and separate them.”Bookmark here

“Yes sir.”Bookmark here

Now, there’s no need to get so violent. I’ll leave by my own accord. Bookmark here

“Where do you think you’re going?”Bookmark here

The exit. Bookmark here

“No, you ain’t. Either get back in your cell or we’ll open fire.”Bookmark here

Caderousse, you’re going to have to make a decision. Will you stay here?Bookmark here

“Other than a few bars, there aren’t too many places where I can go.”Bookmark here

I see, then I’ll take my leave. Your daughter will be found. Dead or alive, you’ll know in a week’s time.Bookmark here

“Quit talking. Get in your cell now!”Bookmark here

Caderousse, do you remember the rest of the plan?Bookmark here

“Not really, you just told me to follow along.”Bookmark here

Well, it would be best for you to DO IT NOW!Bookmark here

“What?!”Bookmark here

“Johnny turn around.”Bookmark here

Never take your eyes off of an enemy, especially not me. Now I would rather not stain these clothes of mine, and I’m sure you two would rather keep both your lives. Let’s see, how about we have ourselves a deal?Bookmark here

“What is it you want?”Bookmark here

There isn’t anything in particular that I am in need of, so how about you bring back my cane, and I’ll let both of you be.Bookmark here

“Sir what should we do?”Bookmark here

“It’s alright. Just go and grab it. I’ll be fine here, just hurry up.”Bookmark here

We’ll be waiting right here. Don’t worry about your pattern, if you didn’t know, I’m a man of my word.Bookmark here

“Here, take your cane.”Bookmark here

Why thank you. I suppose you can have this man back. But before anything…Bookmark here

“Ow, dammit.”Bookmark here

“Johnny! Are you alright?”Bookmark here

You must forgive me but I can’t simply have you shooting at me as I’m leaving. Bookmark here

“Yeah, I’m fine. He only shot my gun.”Bookmark here

Well Caderouuse, it was a pleasure meeting you. Sadly I must be making my leave now.Bookmark here

“See you in a week Nem, I hope.”Bookmark here

“Johnny, call it in. have everyone know the Nem Hall is loose.”Bookmark here

It’s been a while since I’ve had something to entertain me. While I should hurry to keep my end of the deal, there is someone I need to meet with. Bookmark here

“Hey mister, it’s been a while since I last saw you.”Bookmark here

Oh, you’re the man who brought me into town, you have my gratitude.Bookmark here

“Need a ride somewhere, I’ve got some spare time if you need to be somewhere.”Bookmark here

It won’t be necessary, I’m meeting with someone nearby.Bookmark here

“Well ain’t that a shame. It’s not every day you can ride alongside a wanted man.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“What? Cat got your tongue. Mr. Hall?”Bookmark here

So you know who I am. This proves to be rather unexpected.Bookmark here

“Well, it shouldn’t be too surprising, especially considering how loudly you’ve been moving recently. Oh don’t let it get to you, I’m not after you, yet.”Bookmark here

If I were only a few years younger, such gloatful words would have meant your head.Bookmark here

“Hey hey, calm down now Nem. As I said, I’m not here for you. It would be undesirable for us to make a scene out here in public. Wouldn’t you agree?”Bookmark here

Hmph.Bookmark here

“Well, I best be on my way. I’ve got a job to do, and these boxes won’t deliver themselves. I will warn you of this, I’m not the only one who knows that you’ve made your way here. If you’re going to stay, watch your back.”Bookmark here

‘Watch my back’? How laughable. Hell would freeze over before man conceives someone powerful enough to best me. Bookmark here

“Where I can’t attest to who strong you are, I surely can see that your independence will be your downfall. I wish you luck, goodbye.”Bookmark here

It seems as though entertainment won’t be much of an issue soon. This brief exchange does put a damper on things though. I can’t risk having my targets getting caught in the crossfire. Bah, no need to worry, I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it. You’d expect for the town to be teaming with police seeing as though one of the most dangerous men to ever exist has broken free. What am I saying? Of course, no sane man would ever willingly walk into certain death. Now that my name is well known it’s no wonder the world’s gone quiet. Perhaps my age has taken a toll on my mind.Bookmark here

“Welcome, what can I do ya for this afternoon?”Bookmark here

I’ve grown weary, could you please provide me with a room to stay in? Is something the matter? You seem as though you’ve seen a ghost.Bookmark here

“You, you’re the wanted man everyone’s been looking for.”Bookmark here

I suppose that is one thing I’m known for but I would much rather you address me by my name. Before we do anything rash, I would advise against calling the police this time around. I willing let myself in previously. I can not guarantee there won’t be any casualties this time around.Bookmark here

“You expect me to just give you a room?”Bookmark here

Of course not, I am a paying customer after all.Bookmark here

"I don't know what you did but I don't want any part of it. You wanted men are nothing but trouble."Bookmark here

I find it I'm not welcome here?Bookmark here

"Yeah, that's right. Now get on out of here."Bookmark here

Very well, how about we strike a deal.Bookmark here

"There's no way I'm making a deal with a devil."Bookmark here

A devil you say? Well I'm flattered you find me so charming.Bookmark here

"Just who do you think you are?"Bookmark here

I am Nem Hall, the last of my family.Bookmark here

"The Hell's that supposed to mean?"Bookmark here

It means as it sounds. I am the last remaining member of the hall family.Bookmark here

"Well you better scram before your family loses its last member."Bookmark here

I am a very generous man so I'll allow for that remark to slide. However, any further threats and I can no longer guarantee you no harm.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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