Chapter 10:

Diary of Sakichi Sougo Part 2

Train is Lost in a Loop of Track

Chairman Ryochi Sougo continues to read the diary written by his father from the page left from the last time and this time he really has to complete this diary and see how it is going to find out what's behind it. How it will help him in finding those passengers. Many questions but the answer is only in that diary.Bookmark here

So he continues to read the diary while taking the first sip of coffee, "Then five days passed and I heard the great news about Rongi Tarahashi becoming a father, a boy born in his family and his Wife was also in good condition."Bookmark here

Being in a happy mood, he also signed a contract for funding to build a new rail line for us. Tsukasa and I were also in a really good mood, so we immediately got to work after getting permission from the government . That was difficult but I managed to get the permission. First we had to break that Well, so we started with that. We booked several excavators and machines to break that Well. But there was not a single scratch on it. We were all confused how tough that Well could be.Bookmark here

"How could this old Well be so hard?" Tsukasa says.Bookmark here

An unknown man came from behind in a very casual dress. He lives far away from his family, they are living in Shimbashi. He says, "We're thinking the same thing, Mr. Tsukasa."Bookmark here

Tsukasa turns back and replies, "Mr. Nakamura, it's been a while. How are you?"Bookmark here

"I'm great! What about you, Mr. Tsukasa? I heard you become a father." Mr. Nakamura saysBookmark here

Mitsu Nakamura is a very decent man who is working for Tsukasa as his partner but they are not more like a partner than a college friend. He always works in different places because of his financial condition which is sometimes low or high but he wants to keep earning for his daughter's better future. Tsukasa is a very good friend of his, so he keeps giving him work and he always stays away from his family living in Shimbashi. After the death of his first wife, he married another woman, who was his employee in some company where he used to work, so someone could look after his two-year-old daughter.Bookmark here

They shook hands. They started talking about the situation. Bookmark here

"I was good until this well made me unwell." Tsukasa says.Bookmark here

Mitsu laughs and says, "That well is quite interesting. But how could this well still be so hard, despite being so old, Mr. Tsukasa, do you know any reason?"Bookmark here

"Not at present, and I think only Mr. Eiji can answer that." he answersBookmark here

On the other hand, Rongi was accusing the workers that they are not using their machines to their full strength and he will not pay if they didn't do it properly. Finally, Eiji and Sakichi were drinking their beer inside the open car.Bookmark here

Eiji and Sakichi heard Rongi yelling at the workers, so they got out of the car and went there. Sakichi asked, "What happened, Rongi?"Bookmark here

Rongi replies, "These guys aren't working at all. That old Well can't be that hard."Bookmark here

To that Eiji replies, "Once Rai mentioned that this Well is very old and ancient. Built by his ancestors and they were like watchers." Eiji didn't like the Man like Rongi, so he wasn't talking by looking at him.Bookmark here

"I don't give a shit about it. If this Well isn't removed, the rail line won't start, you should know that. I don't want my money to waste on something like this." Rongi saysBookmark here

Then Sakichi suggested, "First you go and calm yourself down, Rongi. Until then, I and Eiji will think about what to do with it."Bookmark here

"Needless to tell. I was planning to do that." He says.Bookmark here

We went to where Tsukasa and others were, we talked about the situation, then we called it a day. After that we planned to stay at the nearby inn. But as the night draws closer, I and Eiji reach the Well location to have a view of the star because once he mentioned that the star view from there is amazing, hiding from everyone.Bookmark here

We sat on the well and were talking about our college days with a bottle of beer in hand. We were also looking at the stars.Bookmark here

We both got excited because we were drunk. Then an accident happened, Eiji slipped his leg and he was about to fall into the well, but I grabbed his hand at the last minute. We were both drunk, so I didn't have the strength to lift him as he was literally heavy. I tried many ways, in the end I was standing on the well trying to pull him up. But this could not happen too and we both fell down.Bookmark here

I think we were not unconscious for long but were safe, our eyes opened and we found ourselves falling deep inside the well.Bookmark here

What I and Eiji saw after that was a door and a screen right in front of us. We went there and saw a riddle written on that screen,we thought it might be a way to destroy this well.Bookmark here

"What do you say, Eiji? Want to solve it." Sakichi askedBookmark here

Eiji replies, "Yes! Let's see what happens if we answer correctly."Bookmark here

Then I read the riddle that was, "If they're two, it's always called different even though they're the same way. Tell me what it is."Bookmark here

Sakichi asked, "What could it be?"Bookmark here

Then Eiji replies, "Perhaps, Another - this is something that is called differently even when called in the same way."Bookmark here

We wrote the answer on the screen, then a blue light appeared on us from the sky and it fell on us. Bookmark here

After that blue light falls on us, we disappear as if we are being teleported somewhere. We fell somewhere again but this time from the sky above and then went unconscious. I was the first whose eyes opened and the landscape I saw was very different from our Earth.Bookmark here

First, what I saw was The two parallel aligned suns were like pure silver or it can be sun or moons aligned, with a fragrant sky and cloud which were like a mixture of orange and yellow. Then I looked around, the grass was as delicate as our Earth. The soil of the land was the same as ours but looked a bit brownish. I took some in my hand and it was very aromatic. Two headed birds were flying, the trees were like living beings in different forms. Unknown creatures, landscapes and environments. It was as if I had entered another world. Then Eiji wakes up.Bookmark here

He opens his eyes very slowly when he looks around he starts panicking, don't know why. Then he asks me where we are. As I too was in a blank space, I had no answer to tell him but still I told him what I saw and understood. Then I said, "Let's go and see some nearby town."Bookmark here

"Yeah! That would be better than being blank out." Eiji answersBookmark here

I hand him to stand, then we start walking in the right direction - straight up. Seeing all as separate beings or creatures but also with some known like we saw a tiger but then a giraffe whose neck was not that long like in our earth. Then he and I encountered a woman who was trying to rebuild her house with her own hands. Wood was coming out of her hand, then she had a bracelet with some crystals on it around her wrist.Bookmark here

She had a human appearance but still I and Eji were afraid to ask her anything. But still we were two means she was outnumbered, so we started walking towards her. That woman also saw us coming towards her. But she didn't attack us, yet she bows down and says, "Welcome, I'm Yula. Are you a traveller?"Bookmark here

I whispered in Eiji's ears, "It looks like she thinks we're from this planet and owns a tavern. Let's stay here for a while."Bookmark here

Eiji thought and replied, "Okay!"Bookmark here

After that she let us stay there for a while and we thought she was very nice. Until she called some guards from the palace to catch us.Bookmark here

At the same time, chairman Ryochi was getting some sleep, so he got up from the chair and went to the washroom. First he refreshes himself, after coming out, he makes another coffee because today was the day he was going to complete that diary no matter what happens. Even if it means skipping sleep. He sat on the chair instead of reading. He laughs and says, "You told me about it when I was ten years old but I was thinking of it as some fairy tale. But you are a really amazing father. Let's see what you experienced there."Bookmark here

After sipping coffee, Chairman Ryoichi read again, "That bitch called the guard. They caught us because we didn't know that they were coming. They take us to the palace where His Majesty is holding a meeting with his various subordinates about us, when he got informed by that bitch."Bookmark here

The palace was really big from the outside and inside it was really dazzling and huge . When we reached where His Majesty was, atop His throne was a crystal with a sphere inside but its color and structure similar to that of our Earth.Bookmark here

Then he had four subordinates, Each two on both sides. A man with a fancy cap on his head, then a woman with fierce eyes and that too giving a bitch vibe. The man called himself Zel and the woman called herself Reina.Bookmark here

In front of them was another man in a well-tailored suit with a little girl hiding on his back, who called himself the little girl's butler because she was His Majesty's child. Then another woman who was not paying attention to us, so I wasn't able to see her.  But her aroma was nice and eyes were shining like making me fall for her.Bookmark here

Both of us were also confused, we could not say because our mouths were closed. Then his majesty came out with one of his ministers. His Majesty says, "Welcome to Etsuchi, you humans."Bookmark here

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