Chapter 11:

No-Destination Gate Have Destination

The Netherworld : Awakening

"Permission? For what?"Bookmark here

I asked Dagon, confused as to what he means by that.Bookmark here

"Since you aren't one of us, you need to get the permission of at least two rulers of the netherworld. That's necessary to become an underlying demon and go to the human world with them. It is also to show that two rulers are there in support of you. If something were to happen to you or because of you, then they will take the responsibility." 

Is he kidding me? Forget about taking the responsibility, no way a ruler of the netherworld will even support me. I am not one of them, so they have no reason to support me, even if I was one of them, then also they would need more than just me being one of their fellow demons to take responsibility by supporting me. Bookmark here

In the end, it all comes down to trust, which you can't earn within a few days or months. It takes years to get someone's trust. But I can't rely on that logic here because they are demons. They have a different life span than us humans. So, the time to get their trust will not be just one year or ten years but maybe hundred years. And I don't think I will be living that long.Bookmark here

While I was in a dilemma of what to do, Satori asks Dagon.

"I don't think the permission is necessary."Bookmark here

"Hmm...And may I ask why do you think so?"

Dagon questions Satori with a hint of surprise in his voice.Bookmark here

"His majesty has ordered me to assist him. I think you know what that means."

Dagon remains silent for a moment and then opens his mouth to speak.Bookmark here

"Yes, I know what that means. But we are talking about him sending to the human realm for which we can't use the common master servant pact to send him to the human realm. Now I think you know what that means. It means we have no choice but to send him with no-destination gate."
"Excuse me, but what is this no-destination gate?" 

Another stupid question for him. Bookmark here

"You should have learnt about the netherworld first before setting to an adventure."

I am also thinking the same right now.Bookmark here

"Before I explain to you about no-destination gate, let me tell you about this place. This place 'gate to infinite gates' is what the name suggests. It's a place with an infinite number of gates. Each gate in this place will lead you to a different place within the netherworld. It is limited to the netherworld, but there was a time when there were gates that led to places in the human realm. But after the incident when few demons left the netherworld and started living in the human realm, those gates were sealed."Bookmark here

"Wait, why did they sealed those gates and not destroyed them?"Bookmark here

"The reason they didn't destroy those gates was that they thought there would come a day when they would need it, so all they did was sealed those gates. And they also changed the routes in such a manner that it will take at least 50 hours to reach one of those sealed gates, and by the way, I am talking about the nearest one."Bookmark here


Looks like he is not going to let me ask another question.Bookmark here

"That's why you will take permission to use no-destination gate..."

Dagon takes a moment of break and then continues.Bookmark here

"...The no-destination gate is the gate that is used when a demon is not able to use teleport or isn't able to respond to his summon. In this, all you need is a little blood from your master and then drink it. When you pass through the gate, it will lead you to your master's location, doesn't matter if your master is in the netherworld or the human realm. But there is also this, if you pass through that gate without your master's blood or demonic ability, then you will reach a random location."
"Like where?"

I asked him to know whether those random locations are in the netherworld or are in the human world. If it turns out that it's in both then maybe I won't need to become an underling. Bookmark here

"Maybe in a black hole, the bottom of an ocean, on a different planet or a realm."

That's a no from me. Let's just drop this idea. It's way too risky. I quit.Bookmark here

"And to use the no-destination gate, you need the permission of at least two rulers."

"Do you think he can get permission of two rulers?"Bookmark here

Satori asks Dagon.Bookmark here

"Okay. Then how about this? One ruler and two captains."

"That's also impossible."Bookmark here

Satori rejects it too.Bookmark here

"Then this is the last I can recommend..."

" ruler and one captain."Bookmark here

Seriously Dagon is lowering the number of permissions needed. Is this some kind of bargain going on here?Bookmark here

"One ruler and one captain?"

Satori says it with a puzzled expression.Bookmark here

"Yes, one ruler and one legion captain."

Satori is looking down in deep thinking. After a moment of deep thinking, he speaks.Bookmark here

"Well, it's not bad but..."

He directs his gaze towards Dagon and then continues.Bookmark here

"...Is there any kind of special requirement in this?"

Satori's question brings a huge grin one Dagon's face.Bookmark here

"Hehehe. Yes, there is. A nearly impossible one."

Dagon says it with excitement in his voice.Bookmark here

"What is it? Is it that we have to take a certain someone's permission." 

"Yes. And I don't think I have to tell you her name. You might already have guessed that."Bookmark here

"Third division Omivias Captain. Right?"

Satori says it with hesitation and concern in his voice.Bookmark here

Who is this Third-whatever-Captain anyway? The way Satori said, it only sounded like trouble to me.

"Yes. So, now it's up to you whether you can get her permission or hehe."Bookmark here

Dagon ends his line with an evil laugh that only lasted for a second but had an impact on them.Bookmark here

Satori turns his face towards me and then continues.

"This will be tough. But it's up to you to make a decision..." Bookmark here

"...So, what are you planning to do?"

To be honest, I don't know. Not when I have no idea what kind of demon is this third-whate--Bookmark here

"Third division Omivias Captain."

Satori says it after reading my mind.Bookmark here

"Stop reading my mind. And you don't have to ask me about this. Let's go with it. After all, this is our only chance and only choice."

Changing fate sure will not be an easy task for me to accomplish. So, all I can do is try my best to change it. I will make sure that my fate changes. Bookmark here

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