Chapter 28:

Call Me If You Get Lost (Or Captured)


Another week passed with the weather finally clearing up. I've been surviving off rations and water I always keep to my hip in emergency situations. Other than that, I've been thinking of the past. I hated my act of violence. It was unnecessary, I already killed the ones who killed Dani. I just had that bloodlust, similar to what I felt in the factory. I always try to keep myself light-hearted, but it gets hard when your back is against the wall. Bookmark here

I step out into the sunlight, looking at the Arizona wasteland clearly for the very first time. Compared to Nevada, there's a lot more stone and green than sand, but don't be mistaken. This is a desert. I can tell by the immense heat. I started to walk in a direction I felt could take me to some sort of civilization. Not the most hopeful I'll even find anything, but I had to at least try. Hours passed, I started to doubt I was even going anywhere. I looked at the sky, was the sun even moving? I don't know where the hell I am. I soon start the feel the first signs of fatigue, losing feeling in my legs and falling down a sand dune. I shook the sand off and downed the last of my water. This was it, wasn't it? I accepted my fate and collapsed next to a rock as the sun went down, accepting anything to come.Bookmark here

Ahh...Bookmark here

FInally. The sweet release. I can feel it coming. Bookmark here

"Hey!" I suddenly hear.  Bookmark here

I open my eyes, It's Sera. I tilt my head in confusion. Bookmark here

"Who told you to die? Not me!"Bookmark here

''Sera...I'm so tired. I can't go on."Bookmark here

"Yes, you can. Dopeman, You're stronger than that. I know this."Bookmark here

"Sera..."Bookmark here

"Wake up!"Bookmark here

I snap awake to gunshots. After stumbling a bit, I run over to see a group of NRF soldiers executing Miller Corps soldiers. This is bad. I load in regular shells and made a plan. I looked to be three. It would be easy, but I'm dehydrated and limping. As long as the men had time to run, I could easily distract them and go in for the kill. With a quick breath, I yell. "Hey! Dopeman here!" I aim and fire at one of the men, hitting them in the shoulder. Their armor blocked most of it, of course. The Miller Corps men run as fast as they could,  As I waste my last few shots on the other two men to no success. As one of the three attempted to punch me, I dodge and stab him in the neck with the arm blade. He falls, but I'm not quick enough for a kick to the chest. I fall down the dune, coughing. He kicked me down and aimed his gun at me. Surprisingly, He captures me, putting me in bidings and knocking me out. Bookmark here

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